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Chapter 1


I fumbled through my purse looking for my keys with a cup of coffee on one hand and a bag of donuts in my mouth. Music was blaring from the other side of the door. Even if I got a chainsaw and cut my way through my door, Rose and Alice would never notice. I live in an apartment in Seattle with my two dearest friends, Rose and Alice.

And of course, I was the one that had to go out in the pouring rain to get them some donuts to go with our "movie night".

I finally found my keys and walked into the room. It was a very large apartment in which we shared. it wasn't cheap but we had the money. Well, at least Rose and Alice did.

Rose works as a waitress in a club and when she can, will model. Just doing one modeling job can last us money to pay for rent, food, clothes, and whatever other things we want to buy for a month.

Alice works as a fashion designer, her dream come true. She is very good too but just started so she isn't very well known.

Once inside, Alice all but ripped the bag from my teeth and threw it to Rose. At first I thought she was hungry until I saw the expression on her face....

"Where have you been? We were about to eat the table because you were taking so long and-why is your hair wet?" Alice all but growled to me with her arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

Rose turned off the music and went into the kitchen.

"The line was so long and the guy mistaken my order for someone else's. Second, it was pouring so hard people could've easily thought the apocalypse was descending upon us!" I explained while rubbing my mouth that was still in pain from Alice ripping the bag from my teeth.

"Well next time, bring an umbrella!" yelled Rose from the refrigerator.

"I did" I answered as a matter-of-factly.

"What happened to it?" Rose asked.

"I told you, the apocalypse out there blew it away."

"Lets just watch our movie now." Alice said now frustrated. She was always the one that chose the movies, and I was always scared of her choices....

"What are we watching?" Rose asked while turning on the microwave for popcorn.

"Popcorn with donuts?" I asked her skeptically. Rose just rolled her eyes and nodded.

"We are watching 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'…. the remake!" Alice said with a wide smile. Oh great. Last time we watched a horror flick, I had nightmares for two weeks.

"Alice, I will not watch something that will give me nightmares" I told her while trying to give her my best glare. She just snorted and started to put the DVD in.

Rose took out the bag of popcorn and put it in three bowls and walked over to us and sat on the couch. I was on the floor so that I wouldn't fall off the couch while screaming.

"Hey, just so that you know, we will be getting some new neighbors tomorrow and they're moving next to us." Rose said while handing us our bowls of popcorn.

"I hope their not the noisy kind" I said while getting a pillow to clutch and hide my eyes in.

"What if they're cute? Oh, I hope so. This apartment is full of things they try to pass as humans" Alice said with a smile.

While the previews were playing, I heard Alice and Rose giggling and whispering behind me. It grew quiet, and when I turned around, they had on poker faces.

"You know Alice, I get really scared when you're quiet, it means you're getting ideas." I said while turning back to the screen.

Once the movie started, I grew tense knowing, not too soon, that the chainsaw guy will pop out somewhere.

Alice and Rose continued giggling and whispering again but I didn't really notice because the movie had my eyes glued to the screen and eating five popcorn kernels a second.

One of the characters was inside a house, exploring it. I was tense, and the music wasn't helping much, she got to a door, and started to open it slowly. I grew even tenser, eating faster, and my hair was rising on end. She was about to reveal what was inside when I felt two cold hands grab my neck. That was it.

I threw my popcorn bowl into the air, screaming not just any scream, but a blood curdling, hair rising, spine tingling scream as loud as I could, with popcorn flying everywhere.

Rose and Alice were already on the floor laughing so hard they were gasping for air. I glared at them and got one of Alice's popcorn bowls and dumped the kernels on her hair, smearing butter in it.

She gasped and grabbed Rose's bowl and started throwing popcorn at me. Rose was pointing and laughing at our little fight. Me and Alice stopped and started to walk towards Rose with smiles on our faces and fistfuls of popcorn.

"Aw, come on guys, you know I was kidding. Even though the look on Bella's face was pricele-"I threw my popcorn at her and Alice joined in and now we were laughing and throwing popcorn at each other.

When we ran out, and flopped onto the couch still laughing and decided to ditch the movie and take a shower to get rid of our buttery hair. Once I was refreshed and clean, I was getting tired so I decided to go to sleep.

"But why?" Alice whined. "Its not even midnight!"

"'Cause Alice, some people like to get sleep and because tomorrow is my job interview", I said as a matter-of-factly.

"At that journalist place?" Alice asked.

"Yes, at the Seattle Times, which is a very hard place to get a job at which means that I have to look very presentable in the morning, and not like I slept in cave."

"You will get that job hands down. You're very creative, have a smart mind, you can-" I interrupted Alice because well, I don't really like getting complimented because most of those things weren't true and I really did want to sleep.

"Thanks you Alice, but I need go to sleep to raise my chances of getting that job".

Mornings were always unpredictable for me. Alice and Rose would always surprise me. One time, I woke up and found suitcases full of clothes where right on the spot, Alice said we were going to L.A.

"By the way, our new neighbors will be here tomorrow around nine in the morning so if you hear noise, don't complain!" Rose yelled to Alice.

Our new neighbors are supposedly moving in to our right side.

When one of our neighbors moved in to the left of us, they came in at seven in the morning and made noise from unpacking and stuff so, being Alice, she got so furious she stormed out her room with a vase, knocked on their door and said 'here is your 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift' and threw the vase inside, shattering it everywhere. I quickly ran out to apologize to them, but they were nice enough not to report us.

I just hoped our new neighbors would be nice enough not to report us if they make Alice mad too, I really don't want to come home with cop cars surrounding the building and Alice in the backseat, or to find out that she went over the edge and is holding one hostage.....

I told them my goodnights and went under the covers. I was both excited and nervous for my job interview tomorrow, I've always wanted to be a journalist. As I drifted into darkness, I thought about my interview tomorrow and how I would get the job. But I was even more curious about meeting our new neighbors tomorrow.....

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