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Some people can handle anything.

Some people are able to go through mountains and rivers. Through life and death and come out unscathed. Some are even able to stare death in the face and not even flinch. Hell, instead of flinch, they'd probably smirk and shout, 'not this time!' and run off laughing.

But some people have to handle things even worse. Like me.

Nothing is worse than a screaming, out of control Alice. And right now, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. Me and Edward were perfectly fine, cuddling like some cheesy romance movie and doing some other things, but of course we had to be interrupted.

About an hour after Emmett left with Rose in that caveman fashion, Edward and I were perfectly fine, and god knows what Alice and Jasper were doing next door. Truthfully, I really didn't want to know. But, that all changed when I suddenly heard screams from next door.

"They're just…having fun!" Edward had said. "It's just the excitement, you know?" Edward had said with a wink. "It's Alice. You know how she is…" Edward had said, sighing.

But when a, "Damnit Jasper, kill it!" echoed through the wall, I knew something was wrong and I finally dragged a reluctant Edward next door to see what exactly Alice wanted to kill.

"Bella…" Edward whined as we reached the door to where Alice was planning to kill something. "This is Alice we're talking about!"

"Exactly. And knowing her…" I let the sentence hang as Edward took his keys out and unlocked it. His hand paused on the doorknob as he grimaced.

"I'm scared I'm going to see something that will scar me for the rest of my life." I rolled my eyes and pushed his hand away from the doorknob opening it.

"Unless Alice is disappointed with Jazz's 'pride', I really don't think we'll see anything that will disturb us." I pushed the door open all the way and walked inside, Edward trailing behind me.

Everything seemed normal, until we went into the living room.

My eyes grew wide as a book flew right next to me, nearly missing my head, followed by a shriek.

"Jasper! Kill it!" Edward was right behind me as another book flew and hit the wall next to us.

"Alice! Stop throwing things!" I could see Jazz in the living room, with no shirt on, trying to calm a frantic Alice. She was hopping up and down on the couch and I quickly ran behind Edward when I saw her grab another book.

"Edward! Bella! Thank god you're here!" Jazz quickly went over to us. "You gotta help me calm this mad woman!" I peeked over Edward's shoulder. "She's going crazy over a little thing!" Just as he finished, Jazz ducked his head as a book flew over him and hit Edward's chest. "See what I mean?"

"It's not my fault that…thing is right behind you guys!" I shrieked and pushed Edward into Jasper and turned around to see if what she said was true. Something bumped into the dresser, making the vase on top of it fall. I jumped nearly twenty feet, joining Alice on the couch.

"What was that?" I pointed to where Edward and Jazz were standing and they both turned to look.

"It's a beast!" Alice shouted, clutching my arm now.

"What exactly is it?" I asked her desperately.

"It was horrifying! Black, furry, red eyes-"

"Sounds like a….rat." My eyes grew big and I slowly turned my head to look at Alice. "Is it a rat?" Just as I said this, some creature showed up from the little table it was hiding from. It was just as she described it. Horrifying, black, red eyes, and most certainly a rat.

Me and Alice shrieked as the creature ran into the kitchen.

"Holy shit that thing's huge!" Edward shouted, staring at the entrance of the kitchen with wide eyes.

"Well don't just stand there looking at it!" Alice started, glaring at them.

"Kill it!" We both shouted. Both men scrambled into the kitchen and we followed them. I hid behind Edward, using him as a shield. Alice seemed to use my example since she was hiding behind Jasper. We just stood there for who knows how long, until Alice decided to act.

"Well what are you waiting for? Go find it and kill it!" She pushed Jasper further into the kitchen. He stumbled forwards and slammed against their little dining table, letting out a yelp of pain as he grabbed his knee.

"You'll kill me first before I can even find the thing!" He shouted at her, holding his leg off the floor. He limped towards a broom in the corner and reached out to grab it.

Today was neither of our day, but today was definitely not Jasper's.

The thing ran from behind the broom, knocking it off the wall and straight onto Jasper's shoulder. His eyes went wide and he lost his balance, falling onto the tile floor. The beast-thing ran out of the kitchen to where the bedrooms are located.

Jasper groaned and Alice gasped.

"Oh my god!" She ran over to where Jasper was. He smiled at her but to his surprise and not mine, she ran right past him to the threshold, pointing to Edward's bedroom. "It went in there!"

Of course, of all places, it would go in Edward's bedroom.

Jasper grunted and got up. "Gee, thanks. I feel so loved."

"That thing just went into my room!" Edward shouted, ignoring Jasper.

"Well, it's your fault you left the door open." Alice 'tsked' him and pushed both men out towards the bedroom door. "Now, go fix the problem you caused."

"Wait a minute, I didn't cause this-"

"Edward, you left the door open to your bedroom so you're going in there to kill that thing!" She ordered, glaring fiercely at him.

"But how does me leaving the door open cause-"

"Just do it!" She shouted.

"Why are you suddenly picking on Edward?" I retorted. She rolled her eyes.

"I just want to get rid of that beast-thing so unless Edward wants to keep it as a pet in his room…"

"I'll take care of it." He grabbed the broom from the floor and held it almost like a baseball bat, and marched into his room. A few moments passed and we anxiously waited by the kitchen, me and Alice hiding behind Jasper.

Just then, we heard glass break, things fall, Edward curse and more things breaking. I was slightly worried that Edward would get hurt, and maybe even get rabies from the thing.

"Damnit!" I heard Edward curse as the end of the broom was slapped onto the ground, barely missing the thing as it ran out of his room. "Don't let it get away!" He shouted, pointing at it as it ran back into the living room.

We all followed it and Edward tried to take a swing at it again but missed, hitting the corner of the wall instead as it turned. Me and Alice trailed behind both guys as they chased down the beast-thing and we exchanged looks when we heard them give out a triumphant cry.

"A-ha! No where to run now, huh little guy?" Jasper and Edward had it cornered and Edward menacingly held the broom as Jasper taunted the thing.

"Stop talking to it and actually kill it!" Alice shouted desperately.

"Don't worry Alice, this thing's not going anywhere now." Edward told her confidently. The thing in front of them hissed and Alice and I held onto each other.

"Fierce little thing now, aren't ya'?" Jasper mocked. Edward laughed and swung the broom from side to side.

"Edward, stop playing with it and get rid of it!" I finally shouted, desperate to get rid of the thing.

"Don't worry Bella, this thing will be gone soon-" Me and Alice shrieked as it ran in between Edward's legs and out the open, front door. Edward and Jasper ran towards the door and looked out in disbelief. They both cursed and Edward threw the broom onto the ground.

Me and Alice looked out the door to see the tail of the beast-thing disappear around the corner.

"You're right, Edward. That thing would be gone soon!" Alice told him sarcastically. "What if it comes back? You could've killed it while you had the chance!"

"It's not entirely my fault! I mean, who's smart idea was it to leave the front door open?"

"Uh, you guys-" Alice pointed to me and Edward. "-were the ones that came in and if I recall, I didn't hear the door close."

"How can you hear a door close if you were too busy screaming your head off over that thing!" Edward retorted, glaring at her.

"That's not-"

"Shut up you two! It's gone now and I don't think arguing over who's fault it was is going to solve this." Jasper interrupted, trying to bring peace. Alice huffed and Edward crossed his arms.

"Well then, Sherlock, how do we kill it?" Edward asked him.

"Kill it? Are you kidding me? That thing's gone now! I was hoping me and Alice could go back to where we were before we were interrupted." He gave Alice a smile and she rolled her eyes.

"Jazz, sorry but, that rat-thing was a turn off for me…" He groaned and I rolled my eyes. At least she and Edward weren't arguing anymore.

"Okay. Now that this is over and done with, can we just leave now?" I asked Alice.

"Yeah, I guess so…but if that thing comes back-"

"I better not hear screaming coming from there." Edward told them, wrinkling his nose.

"Don't worry Edward, if it comes back I can prevent Alice from screaming." Edward gave him an obvious look.

"That's not the type of screaming I was talking about." I muffled my laughed with a snort and covered my mouth. Alice looked ready to murder somebody and Jasper was glaring at him. "Okay, I think we're going to go now…" I grabbed Edward's arm and ran back inside my apartment, closing the door and locking it.

"Why are you locking it?"

"In case that beast-thing ever decides to come in here. And I don't' know about you, but it looks to me like it can knock down doors. Maybe even walls." I shuddered at the thought of it anywhere near my room.

"That's not the only thing we should keep out too." He gave the wall next to us a pointed look and I laughed. Alice can really knock down doors.

"Trust me. I know." Alice really can break down a door. A few years ago, the worst storm ever known to man came and me, Alice and Rose got to our apartment as fast as we could. Much to our dismay, I had left my keys in the car. Wet and angry, Alice growled and kicked the door inside, stomping towards the shower.

And we just put in a new lock that was supposed to be burglar proof. But it wasn't Alice proof. We didn't have to replace the door, just the lock.

"Well, not that that's over, we can just relax now…" He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards the couch. I giggled as he flipped us over and flopped down onto the sofa, burying his face into my neck and placed a kiss just below my ear. I sighed and pulled him closer.

Edward smiled and kissed up my jaw and just before he reached my lips, there was knock at the door. I growled in frustration and Edward groaned, burying his face in my neck again.

"Can't we just ignore whoever it is?" He pleaded.

"No…I'll just go answer it…" Truthfully, I didn't even want to get up.

"It's probably just Alice…"

"Bella! Open up!" Rose shouted from the door.

"Or Rose…" Edward continued. "Doesn't she have her own key?"

"Come on, Bells! I left my key in my room!"

"I stand corrected…" I laughed lightly and pushed Edward off me, making my way towards the door.

"I'm coming." As soon as I opened the door, Rose came bursting in.

"Geez what took you so long?" She saw Edward on the couch and gave me a knowing look. "Ah, I see. Well then, I think I know where Alice and Jasper are and truthfully, don't tell me what they're doing."

"Long story…" Edward muttered, turning the TV on. Emmett came in with a big smile, wrapping his arms around Rose from behind and whispering something in her ear.

"Please Rose, I've seen of that for today…" Edward pleaded. She rolled her eyes and Em pouted when she pulled away to sit on couch next to Edward. It was silent for a moment.

"So…" I started. Me and Edward exchanged knowing looks. "Does this mean that….you two, are, you know….together?" They both smiled, only Emmett's was a lot more devious.

"Oh yeah, we're together all right…" He put his arm around Rose.

"Please. Save the details for yourselves." Edward grimaced, wrapping his arms around my waist as I sat next to him.

"Don't worry. We will." Emmett smiled hugely. "By the way, can we go out to eat now? We're starving which was really the only reason why we came back. And the fact that we both left our wallets in our rooms."

"Yeah, sure, why not? Let's go-" I stopped. "I mean, why don't you guys go get Alice and Jasper? They're next door."

"I'm staying." Rose declared, settling in more on the couch.

"I'll go then." Emmett got up and left the room. It was silent and I think Rose knew why I sent Emmett in instead of us all going. Just then, screaming was heard and a loud 'sorry' was audible as well as a string of curses.

"Emmett!" I heard Alice shout his name through the wall and me and Rose started giggling as Edward smiled. There was another loud 'sorry' and a crash. "Emmett! You almost broke the picture frame!" Jasper shouted at him.

There was muffled sound and soon enough, Alice came into our apartment, glaring at me.

"Sure, send Emmett in to annoy us! That's mature…"

"Hey, I sent him in to see if you guys want to go out for dinner." She chuckled and crossed her arms.

"Okay. Just let me get my purse." She went into her room just as Jasper walked in with Emmett and a shirt on.

Ten minutes later, we were in the parking lot of a barbeque restaurant, and surprisingly, Rose and Alice didn't take long getting ready. And, lucky for us, our waiter was a man with a ring on his finger, so neither of us worried about flirtatious waiters or waitress'.

Of course, the only time during dinner that I actually became nervous was when we got our drinks and Alice had that 'look' on her face. A look that says 'I'm planning something'.

"I don't like that look, Alice. What are you planning?" She smiled innocently at me.

"What do you mean?" She folded her hands on the table, setting her chin on them as she bat her eyelashes at me. I glared.

"Spit it out, Alice. I know you." She laughed.

"Okay fine. Besides, it's already time to tell you all."

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Rose cut in, narrowing her eyes at Alice.

"Don't worry Rose, it's nothing bad….actually, it's going to be great!" She clapped her hands together and Jasper gave us all a knowing look.

"Hey, he knows what you're planning. Why only him?" I pointed to Jasper and he smiled.

"'Cause I'm her boyfriend so I get special attention."

"Okay, now I'm really interested. Spit it out, Alice." Emmett leaned forward.

"Why are you guys acting like I'm master planning or something?" She was stalling.

"Alice, come on! You're stalling!" She laughed loudly.

"It's fun having control over the conversation."

"Alice!" We all shouted at her.

"Okay, okay, fine. You guys are going to love this. Remember a few days ago or something when I said that I'm planning something? A trip?" We all cautiously nodded.

"A trip?" Rose asked.

"Oh yeah…" Alice smiled hugely, nodding.

"To where?" Edward asked. Soon we were all leaning forward, trying to find out what Alice was thinking.


"Yes…" Rose waved her hand in the air, signaling Alice to hurry.


"Yes…" We all said.


"Alice! Just spit it out already!" I shouted desperately.

"Alright. We are going to take a trip to a place we haven't been to since the dawn of time."

"The Dollar Store?" Rose guessed. We all laughed but it soon stopped as we waited for the actual answer.

"That's true, but no, this place is a lot better. In fact, it's going to be more than one place!"

"Okay, now I'm really, really interested." Emmett said as we all nodded in agreement.

"Well, the first stop is going to be sin city!"

"You're not saying what I think you're saying…" Edward narrowed his eyes and gave her a knowing look, and I had to agree. She can't be talking about what I think she's talking about.

"Oh yeah. I'm talking about the Sin City. The city of sins! Whatever you want to call it! And it's only the first stop."

"You mean…" I started, but Alice interrupted me with a sparkled in her eyes.

"Oh yeah. We're going Vegas!"

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