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Random Fact: Miyu (Multiple Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit) from Mai-HiME is in Mai-Otome (Obviously), but she is changed to Miyu (Merciful Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit). The kanji of Miyu's name when read together can be read as "deep", "extreme" or "gentleness".

Sorry, but this is going to be a really random and last chapter, also, there is a bit of a reference from the Mai-Otome manga here, anyhow, without any further ado, Arika's *normal* day.

"Queen Mashiro, STOP!"

"What? They've got ARIKA!" screamed Nina.

"W-what? Impossible!"

But there she was, Meister Arika Yumemiya was tied up and dragged along with the royal palace guard, which was in pursuit of their runaway Queen.

"Rem-*ahem* -ember Prisoner No. 17!" screamed Nina.

Prisoner No.17? Rem-ember? Rem? REM? Prisoner No.17 would be… Midori-chan! Leader of Aswad! Arika's eyes flashed open. The REM!

She quickly brought her tied hands together and slowly reached into her pocket as the palace guards gave confused looks to each other.

She took out a REM of the several that Midori had given her before they parted.

She quickly activated it.


All the guards started to look at her.

Unfortunately for them, they were all dispatched within the second.

(Imagine a black screen and with an interval of a second each, imagine a single slice each time.)

All the guards stood still, and then simultaneously fell to the ground.

The Aoi-chan who had just caught up fainted at the sight of the guards all being dispatched.

"Arika, Nina! Fly me to the sundae store!"



--- (o) ---

Soon afterwards, they left the vicinity of Windbloom, heading towards the Mountain of the Cat god.

"Yoo-hoo! Mai-chan!"

"Eh? Hi Arika-chan, Nina-chan, Mashiro-ohime."

"Hello, Meister Mai," said Nina.

"No need to be so formal! So come here for a sundae again?"

"Yes!" replied an excited Mashiro.

"Coming right up!"

Finally! My Ice-cream sundae! Nina thought.

Then, a screech was heard.


"But Mai! I was hungry!"

Mai was seen dragging an ice-cream covered Mikoto out and screaming at her all that time.

"Sorry everyone! You're going to have to wait a couple of hours! Mikoto ate all the ice-cream!"

Nina glared at Mikoto.

Mikoto just ignored her and subconsciously whacked away two flying bandits coming there way. (Remember them?)


--- (o) ---

After a couple of hours…

"Ice-cream sundae coming up!"


"Finally after a long day, we get our reward!" said a surprisingly super happy Nina.


--- (o) ---

On their way back…

"Hey, you three…"

The three looked up from talking and saw an angry Natsuki Kruger.


The three sweat dropped and started running away…


--- (o) ---

After 3 hours of chasing, the principal of Garderobe accidentally ran into a wall and fainted.

At the palace, they saw an army of troops patrolling the grounds, waiting for Mashiro-ohime to come back.

"Eh… This can't be good," said a nervous Mashiro-chan.

"Leave this to me!" said Arika.

What plan does she have now? Thought Nina.

She walked straight up to the guards and they started rushing towards her blowing the Mashiro Alarm.

Defiantly, she pointed to the sky and said: "LOOK! A DISTRACTION!"

All of the guards screamed in reply: "WHERE?"

They all started to look up and search for the "distraction" while the trio of escapees escaped past them.

"Whew, safe!" said Mashiro, or so she thought.


It was Aoi-chan.

"Come with me right now! You are getting to work and I'm not letting you out of the room until you're done!"


Mashiro's voice slowly faded away as she was dragged away.

"Eh… At least were safe, right Nina?" said Arika.

But Nina wasn't listening. She was staring behind Arika.

Arika slowly turned around, and she saw… Miss Maria.

"Meister Arika Yumemiya and Meister Nina Wang, you two are in trouble for skipping two of your classes!"

She dragged them away and threw them onto the track which surrounded the castle, which was built especially for them.

"100 laps, now! After this you are to inscribed "An Otome's Duty" by Yuki Kajiura in Japanese!"


Miss Maria let them go and they both started running at 100 miles per hour, much to the amusement of the Corals and Pearls watching.


--- (o) ---

What happened to the two bandits?

One got impaled by a swordfish and was hospitalized for 5 months.

The other well…

Windbloom News Report:

"Hello, this is Windbloom News, and today's biggest news is that something collided with the Master 1138 space shuttle, and it was forced to return to ground immediately, here is a photo from the Fuuka Space Exploration Laboratory. The object seemed to be alive with a completely broken body, and bruises in shapes of 2 different feet." (Natsuki's and Mahya's)

Photo: A human squished on the nose of the space shuttle.



End of Chapter 6 and Arika's *normal* day.

Author's note: THIS IS THE END! I KNOW YOU'RE SAD TOO! *Sniff*

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Natsuki: *sniff* I didn't get my sundae…

Arika: Now, now Principal! Go let it out on the person in charge!

Nina: Right! I've learnt that if you threaten the person in charge, you get what you want!

Natsuki: *sniff* Really?

Queen Mashiro: Right! Just don't let it out on me!

Natsuki: But you forgot!

Litome: … *sneaks out the door*

Arika: Just get the author over there! *points* Eh? Where'd he go?

Yukino: Over here! I've got him on the security cameras.

Mashiro: Otomes! Go!

Arika and Nina: Yes! My Master! *Chases after him in Robes*

Somewhere in the far distance…

Litome: AGHHHHHHH!!!

Arika: Got you!

Nina: Principal, here you go.

Natsuki: DURAN!

Duran: *howls*


Litome: Then get me my laptop!

*Mashiro passes the laptop over.*

Litome: *types fast* MUAHAHAA!

Natsuki: W-Wha?

*Duran disappears*

Litome: *types*

*Kagutsuchi appears and flies him away. Natsuki gives chase*

Litome: *types*

*Natsuki suddenly falls down as she loses her Otome powers. Arika carries Mashiro and Nina catches Natsuki*

Litome: I guess I better give it to her… *types*

*A sundae pops out above of Natsuki*

Natsuki: SUNDAE!


*Sundae falls on her head.*


--- (o) ---