Sonic and Silver searched up and down, and all around for Amy. Wherever she went, it was far, and for a such a small amount of time. Sonic couldn't help but wonder if she had super speed of her own.

It was well over an hour, and still no sign. Even Sonic, who had earlier said you needed to be mean to get your point across, was becoming worried. The two hedgehogs decided then to split up. Sonic searched the rest of the castle, while Silver went outside.

'It can't be... It just can't be...' Amy pondered to herself, as she sat on the ledge of a bridge, which stood far above a small but deep cliff leading to a river. 'All these years, all that dedication... I can't just give it up. How could Sonic not see me as any type of interest?'

She stared down at the cliff below into the river. She had done everything she could to get Sonic's attention, only to have him completely shun her and run into the arms of another woman... What was wrong with her? Did she have too much spirit? Dedication? Maybe she could've gone a little easier on the chasing and crushing...

No! That was who she was! If Sonic didn't like it, then it was his loss!


If that was the case, then all those attempts to get his attention, all those Sonic plushes she made, those pictures she collected... It was all in vain. Her whole life almost revolved around the blue hedgehog... If it turned out she couldn't be with him...

She gazed down at the cliff...



She will not do such a thing! No man, not even Sonic, was worth doing a stupid stunt. Even IF he was practically the reason she got up in the morning, and her goal in life was to be his wife.

Without him, though, what could she do..?

And who could possibly top him?


The pink hedgehog turned, seeing Silver running towards her. "Oh great!" she grumbled, "Not you again!"

"Amy, we've been looking all over for you. We need to talk."

"You are the last person I want to talk to!" she growled, "Get away from me!"

"But Amy-"

Amy pushed herself off the ledge to run off, forgetting that there was a narrow footing below the bridge. It only took a moment for her to lose her step, slip, and fall straight down the cliff.

NO! It can't end like this! All she wanted was to be with Sonic! Was that so bad? If she could only have a second chance, she could try to learn how to live without him. She didn't want to die!


Amy suddenly realized she wasn't falling anymore. "What..?" she looked around confused. Did someone above actually listen to her? She then noticed that the blue aura surrounding her was suddenly pulling her back up. She searched for the source, and found the white hedgehog standing at the bridge, his hand extended, also surrounded by the same blue aura. "Silver?"

Silver used his powers to bring Amy back up on the bridge and carefully set her back on her feet. Amy blinked, dumbfounded and unable to speak, so Silver spoke first. "Amy," he scolded, "Now I don't want you doing that."

Amy furrowed her eyebrows. "For your information, I only tripped!" she sneered, "I wasn't going to do anything!" She glared at Silver, momentarily her face changing to a frown, "But... I was thinking about it."

Silver took a hold of her hand. "Amy, listen," he said, "Maybe Sonic's with Blaze, and maybe he told you off. Maybe life feels like crap... But you're still here, and there's still too much to do. Nothing is ever worth killing yourself for." Silver's eyes darted to the side. "Believe me. I've been there."

Amy's eyes filled with tears. "How do you get through it?"

Silver looked back, his own eyes glazed. "You just try."

"But.. but..."

"I know. You love Sonic. But he shouldn't be the only thing in your life. You've got alot to think about. Your family..."

"I'm an orphan."

"... Your friends."

"I..." Amy looked away, "I don't have any."

Man this was a tough case. "Well..."

"Don't you see?" Amy cried, "All I have is Sonic! That's why I can't lose him!"

"I'm sorry to say it, but the more you push it, the more you WILL lose him."

"No!" Amy pulled away and covered her ears, "No no no! I don't want to hear it!"

Silver grabbed her arms and pulled them down so she could hear. "I know you don't want to hear it, but you have to face facts. You can't force Sonic to love you, and if you can't revolve your life around him-"


"AMY!" Silver shook the pink hedgehog wildly, "Get a hold of yourself! You weren't put on this planet to be Sonic's official stalker. Have some respect for yourself! Think about what's best for you!"

"But Sonic-"

"Forget Sonic! Think about yourself!"

Amy was silent... She couldn't think about herself. All she could think of was Sonic...

"Oh God... What have I become?" she cried, and buried herself into Silver's chest, weeping. "It's not fair! Why does he have to be with her? I love him! I love him so much! Why can't I be with him? He's all I have! If I can't have him, then I have nothing! " She wailed some more, "Oh Silver, I'm nothing! I'm nothing in this world! I have nothing! It's not fair! Why am I on this world if I don't have anything?" She began sobbing uncontrollably. Silver couldn't think of anything else to say, so he simply held onto her, and let her cry on him.

"It's okay, Amy... I'm right here..."

"I... I just love him so much..."

"I know..."

"... I want to go home now."

After along moment, Amy finally calmed down, but Silver could tell she was visibly upset, so he offered to take her home. Amy figured it was simply another 4 hour ride home, but was surprised when Silver suddenly swept her up and flew in the air using his psychokinesis, making her wish she had asked more about himself when they first met. But she didn't mind. The sooner she got home the better.

The ride home was a pleasant one. Flying through the air like Lois Lane being carried by Superman was a fun distraction from Sonic, but it still lingered in the back of her mind, preventing her from fully enjoying herself.

Silver landed on the balcony to Amy's apartment in Station Square and softly placed her back on her feet. "You going to be okay?"

Amy nodded slowly. "Yeah," she sighed, "I'll manage. Thank you."

"Anytime. Beats a 4 hour trip, right?"

"Yeah... I mean, no. I mean, thank you... for everything... You and I, we are on the same boat, huh?"

Silver smiled and stroked the young girl's cheek. "Anytime you need me, give me a buzz. I'll be here for you."

Amy smiled. "Thanks. I'll be here for you too."

And then Silver did something Amy never expected...

He kissed her cheek.

Amy was left stunned and speechless, not even able to blink. Silver cocked his head to the side, and simply shrugged. "Take care, Amy," he waved as he took off to the sky. "I gotta get back home. I report back to duty again tomorrow."

Amy silently watched as Silver flew away over the horizon is a beautiful blue glow. Once he disappeared, she finally snapped back to her senses, unlocked her door, and entered.

Returning home to a bunch load of Sonic things was not a warm welcome. She stared at all her Sonic paraphernalia, and after a moment, wondered what the heck they were all doing here. She approached a nearby Sonic plush, grabbed its arm, and ripped it right out of its socket. She then took the quilt with Sonic's face sewn in it and crumpled it into a heap. She then proceeded to rip off every picture of Sonic she had on the wall. She gathered all her Sonic-related things, approached her trash bin, and threw it all inside, then took the trash bag, tied it neatly, and hurled it out the window, ignoring the complaints of whoever's head it struck.

She clapped her hands up and down, and turned to face an empty apartment. Nothing left but the couch.

Boy did she have some redecorating to do.

Hm... How did Silver's face look again?

Silver didn't have to report to duty until the afternoon, so he took advantage of the morning to sleep in. Or so he would have liked, had there not been rude pounding on his door.


The white hedgehog muttered, then rolled himself out of bed, and then forced himself to the door, answering it in nothing but ducky-boxers.


"Dammit, I thought you dealt with Amy!" Sonic growled.

Silver rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "What're you talking about?"

"She's back!" Sonic shouted, "She's been hunting for me all over the castle. You said you took her home and she was finally over me!"

Silver sighed. Since when did Amy suddenly become his responsibility? "Okay, okay, gimme a second," he yawned as he closed his door. A second later, he opened it, wide awake, duckie-boxers replaced with gloves and boots, ready for the day. "Okay, let's go."

"Excuse me sir?" Amy asked one of Sol's soldiers, "But I'm looking for this hedgehog. He's about 3 feet, and he looks like-"


Amy glanced over to see Sonic walking down the corridor with Silver. "Okay Amy!" the blue hedgehog shouted, "I tried to be patient, I tried to be firm, but now it's time I got downright nasty!"

Amy looked over to Sonic's general direction, and suddenly squealed, dashing his way. Sonic raised his hands up. "Oh no you don't, Amy!" he shouted, "I swear, if you glomp me one more time-"



Sonic was perfectly still, stunned at the fact that Amy had not glomped him, but rather ran right past him and tackled Silver in a hug.

"There you are!" Amy squealed, hugging Silver tightly around the neck, "I was looking all over for you! I missed you so much! I hope you missed me too!"

Silver was almost as stunned as Sonic. "...What?"

Blaze approached Sonic, as the hedgehog watched the scene unfold in a stupefied faze.

"Oh Silver, you're the only one that cares for me! Will you take me out on a date? I know you have to report to duty today, but there's plenty of time for us to do something! Is there a burger shop around here? Maybe I could meet your mother! You definetely need to show me around Sol! We'll have a great time together! Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Silver wasn't sure how to respond... until he noticed Sonic's flabbergasted look. So with a devilish smirk, he wrapped an arm around Amy and nodded. "Sounds great, Ames!"

This caused Sonic's jaw to drop to the floor. Blaze smiled, and then picked up Sonic's jaw.

"GREAT!" Amy jumped to her feet, pulling Silver with her. "Let's go! I wanna see what the mall's like! Maybe I'll try out Sol's fashion sense! Then we can grab ice cream, and eat from the same dish! Ohhh, it'll be so romantic!"

Silver sweated slightly. Now HE was about to feel what Sonic had to go through. But when Amy took his arm and lovingly nuzzled against him, he couldn't help but feel a little warm inside. For once, somebody really seemed to care for him. Accept him. Love him.

Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.