Right. Completely overused, completely boring, but completely and utterly wonderful if done right. I am determined to do it right.


As I stood, waiting in the trees, watching the warm family picnic before me, I realized that to the McEwans, all of this must have felt right, must have been natural. Their idea of light magick must have been as utterly repulsing as my idea of dark. Except that light magick never hurt a thing, never killed anyone.

I watched as the daughter of the famous Ciaran McEwan sat laughing in the sun, Cal Blaire's arm wrapped around her shoulders. They made me even sicker than Ciaran, even. They repulsed me. How could they be so happy with each other while I stood here, watching in the dark trees silently, all alone, without a girlfriend, without a friend, without a prayer?

Nobody but my cousin cared even an ounce for me.

My job was harder than it sounded: get as much information about Morgan McEwan as possible. So far all I got was that she and Cal loved to exchange spit.

They kissed when Cal stopped by to pick up Morgan to bring to the picnic. They kissed in Morgan's room for a while. Then they kissed in a parking lot on the way, and now there they were, looking at each other as if they couldn't wait to continue their attempts at getting a cold. It made me want to throw up.

As Morgan and Cal put grapes in each other's mouths, Iona glared at them–she was a disgusting brat, too fat and cruel to get a boyfriend of her own–and Kyle was off practicing spells. Killian didn't show up for the heartwarming reunion, apparently he didn't like his father's lifestyle. Gee, I wonder why, I thought dryly to myself.

I couldn't watch this anymore. With a clenched jaw, I turned and stomped loudly into the woods, not even bothering to keep quiet.

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