Bella's POV

"And they lived happily ever after." I finished, closing the fairy tale book. I looked around my colorful kindergarten classroom, glancing at the children's tiny faces. Megan, Katie, Ashley, Sarah, Krista, and Joanna were all huddled up together braiding each others hair, Anna, Racquel, Mya, Arianna, Lexi, Erin, and Sammie were in awe probably thinking about becoming princesses themselves and a couple of my little guys were puffing up their chest pretending to be knights in shinning armor. I laughed quietly to myself, smiling.

"Ms. Bella," I heard Harlie's tiny voice call me "How did Sleeping Beauty sleep so long?" She asked me her eyes wide.

"Magic." I whispered, mysteriously.

"Oooh!" She giggled; her giggle piqued the interest of Laura and Kristiana. They turned my way.

"Do you believe in magic Ms. Bella?" They questioned, their deep blue eyes sparkling. I thought that over. Did I? After going through all the tough times in life, did I still believe in magic?

"I don't know." I answered honestly; by now the whole class was paying attention.

"How do you not know?" Brielle, Haley, Kayla said all at the same time.

"It's just that, once you get older things don't seem as magical as they used to be. You learn many things are just stories and things can't always be fixed with a magical wand." I told them.

"Like what?" Noah Michael asked, I stared at his 'innocent' smirk. He propped his knees under him and leaned closer. "We pinky swear we won't tell!" He held out his pinky for proof. I laughed; no way was I going to tell them all the problems in my life. I pushed his pinky back down.

"No way, José!" I mocked.

"Pretty pwease?" Amanda begged, her newly lost tooth turned her l's to w's.

"No, guys. Anyway you gotta pack up already; your parents are probably waiting in the Kiss 'N' Ride right now." I told them shooing them toward their cubbies. They squealed racing toward them. The rush to the cubbies caused Karen to trip sending her sprawling on the floor. Her eyes filled up with tears and spilled over, sending sobs of pain to me. I quickly ran over to her and scooped her up in my arms.

"Karen what happened!" I frantically searched her for any cuts, thankfully didn't find any but she was still crying her eyes out.

"I f-fe-fell!" She cried, I rocked her in my arms. Santanna quietly walked over to us and handed Karen a tissue while SummerLynn placed Karen's stuff by her feet.

"Thank you." I whispered to them, still rubbing soothing circles on Karen's back. Her cries quickly subsided to sniffles, and then sniffles just became tear wiping.

"You okay now honey?" I asked gently, she nodded quickly. Seeing all the bright eyes watching she stood up and grabbed her backpack and lunchbox.

"I'm alright, now." She gave me a quick hug. I hugged her back tightly, and then let her go. I stood up too, pushing the stray hair out of my eyes and gave her a warm smile.

"You guys egar to leave me so soon?" I messed with the class, faking I was hurt.

"Ms. Bella!" They complained, knowing me too well.

"Okay, okay. You guys can go, don't miss me too much." I said just as the school bell rang. "And no running!" I added before they could start for the door. I waved to them all as the each gave me a 'bye Ms. Bella!' and I watched them all hop in their parents waiting cars. A sudden sharp ring broke my attention off of the children and to the phone ringing on my desk.

"Hello?" I asked, as I flipped my phone open.

"Bella!" I was greeted by a deep booming voice that came from one of my most favorite people in the world.

"Emmett!" I cheered; I missed the sound of his voice so much!

"So how's my little sis doing up there in Forks? Haven't froze to death yet?" He teased.

"Hey! It's only cold to you 'cause you never leave that hot little house in Florida!" I shot back.

"Okay, okay! I surrender! Please don't kill me!" He chuckled.

"I guess I won't kill you—today!" I joked.

"You little bugger! I think that comment will just make me come up there and give you one of my one-of-a-kind pranks!" Oh, god. Don't get me started on those!

Flashback (Bella's 11, Emmett's 13)

I stepped out of the shower and reached out for my bundle of clothes. Except they weren't there!

"Ugh." I groaned, this is the second time this week I've forgotten to grab them! I quickly wrapped a towel around my body and stepped out of the bathroom. I walked down the hallway toward my bedroom when suddenly something jumped out at me.

"Unguard!" Emmett yelled, poking me in the side with his styrofoam sword.

"Ahhh!" I screamed dropping my towel. Emmett started laughing, so hard that he fell rolling on the floor, tears streaming out of his eyes.

"Emmett! You are so dead!" I picked my towel back up quickly, and then I noticed a bunch of his friends standing there in our living room laughing too! My face turned beet red as I ran from the hall into my room where I stayed for the rest of the day!

End Flashback

"Ugh! I never forgave you for that!" I growled. Emmett was laughing on the other side of the phone remembering that day too.

"Aw, c'mon Bella! Your 22 now! That was years ago!" He complained

"Well your 24, but your still an idiot!" I fired at him.

"Alright! I said I was sorry!" He reminded, and he had to clean the entire house and do everything I wanted for 3 weeks.

"Whatever, so why'd you call." I dismissed our earlier topic, I didn't like fighting with him, we only got into one major fight when we were younger.

"Well, three reasons; One, Charlie got sick earlier this week and was in the hospital, he's good now but he has to be careful." Emmett filled me in.

"Oh my God! Why didn't you guys tell me about this?" I asked frantically, ready to fly in any second.

"He's fine; we didn't want to worry you. Second thing is Renee and Phil moved back to Phoenix, but I think you knew that."

"Yeah, I knew. Thirdly?" I pushed

"I heard about what James did to you."

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