Okay I have no idea how I keep forgetting to post this (yeah, I know, it's crazy!), but guess what? Teacher Dearest is gunna be translated into French! Hehehe, yup, I'm excited *girlish-ly squealing with happiness* Soooo…if any of you want to read it in French or know anyone who wants to read in French *tries to contain yet another squeal in order to get the words out* go ahead and check out Love-Robert, my awesome translator, or just search Teacher Dearest and I'm pretty sure it'll come up.

Also I was thinking of doing a sequel for it Teacher Dearest too. I have an idea in my head and most of the time these random ideas become stories which I hope you enjoy. Anyway if I do write this sequel it probably won't be until I finish writing Fake but I promise I will do it. Anyway, if you agree and would lilke me to do the sequel review or PM and tell me because I want your honest opinion :)