"Screw the evil acts today! I don't own anything expect the credits for being the first author of Wolf-Man fanfic and crossover!!!"

"You are strange werewolf." Wolf-Man tells me.

"Oh, I am much more than a simple Were."


"Oh you will learn you about me in good time."

On to the story!

It was ten day after that vampire had killed his wife. Ten days after he had been on the run. Ten days after he left everything he had behind in America. His life, his daughter who was afraid of him now. Gary Hampton was now dead to the world. He needed to begin somewhere he would not be found right away. Somewhere he could have a better start. Somewhere he could become strong enough to kill Zechariah. Maybe there, he could do some good. Japan was getting know for its strange shit, like all those strange deaths. Karakura will be a good restart for Wolf-Man.

In that town home clinic of the insane father of Strawberry.

Ichigo was not pleased. Hell, there has been plenty of calm right now after Azain betryal. The one thing was bugging him was that there has been a low flow of hollows. Which left him alone. In his bedroom. Staring at a wall. A sudden poke to his side sent him sprawling off his bed.

"WHAT THE HELL?" He shot a look at the horrible artist in a rabbit pyjamas.

"What do you think you idiot?!" Rukia poked him again. It was a fun thing to do. "I've got conformation on what the new spirit is." She was looking for the Glove. But Ichigo beat her to the punch, and already used the substitute badge.

"So what is it?" He was placing his body under the blankets and itching to go fight.

"A werewolf."

"What?" He gave her a what-are-you-smoking-and-where-can-I-get-some look.

"A werewolf. A subset tribe of the Weres and a long time enemy of the Vampire clan."

"Wait, those things actually exist?!" He shouted. He gripped his zanpakuto tightly now. "Why are we going to kill it!? Why not someone from the soul society?"

"Well, most Weres are an ok lot, so all we need to do is find its business is."

"So you mean, we are to chat with a blood drinking monster?!?" He shouted at her.

"Look, we need to do it tonight so we can get him to Urahara shop before tomorrow!"

"Why?" He gave a confused look.

"Cause it's a full moon and that time, all Were's lose control! The last thing we need is a slew of souls that will attract hollows, which might get minos and." She was caught off when a rapping sound was heard. They both looked outside the window to see a furry face.

"You know of a place that I could stay safe tomorrow?" The Wolf-Man asked the two strange kids.

Ok, I know this not a lot. But for now it will do because you will want to know more next time same fanfic website, same fanfic story.