RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNG the bell ending class rang. the first half of the day was finally over every one rushed out into the hall, exept for one boy who was asked to stay behind after class. the boy's meeting with the teacher went on for about 5 minutes until he finally walked out of the room. Little did this unasuming boy know he was about to be ambushed!

"ARI!!!!" said the attacker crushing the boy against her chest "what took you so long? i've been waiting for you!"

"R-Rosalyne i-i cant breath!!" replied the boy trying to gasp for air

"oh! i'm sorry but you know i worry about you! you are perfect game for bullies and other high school beasts, and i'm half a building away!!" this was perfectly true Ari was on the weak side and his friend (who acted more like his mother) was in university which was connected to his high school.

"Rosalyne i think i can take care of myself in highschool." he said brushing dust off his outfit. "and you know that."

she dusted him off "I know I know i'm pretty protective and i'm probably over reacting but i care about you and since you're such a clutz i'm amazed you survived the first month of school." she said fixing his hair "now hold still you're an absoolute mess"

"C-cut it out!" he said pulling away.

"bad mood huh? what did the teach have to say this time" in just the month she had known Ari the maternal instincs had already kicked in. She could read him like an open book

"he said i need to pay more ATTENTION or i'll get DETENTION..." he said sadly " but i've been trying Rosalyne but its not working i can't focus!"

"Awe Ari come here" she said hugging him "you'll get used to it soon enough dont worry about it. O.K.?" he nodded "come on lets go get some lunch i'm starving!"

Ari felt better after talking to Rosalyne, he always did she made him feel good even when he felt like he didnt matter. but nothing Rosalyne could say would make him feel better after what happend next.....