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I watch as McGee and Gibbs sit down at their respective desks. McGee had taken down all of the things that Abby had put on and around his desk. During the day it seemed like McGee had grown a little closer to Gibbs just like they were before McGee had started working for them. He didnt like it at all. He was a little jealous of their relationship and a little insecure. It seemed that Gibbs liked McGee more than he liked him now.

He could still hear his father yelling at him that he was worthless and he was nothing and when he wasnt yelling at him, or hitting him he was ignoring him. Then one day he disowned him and threw him away by sending him away to boarding school. The one guy that was like a father to him was doing the same thing that his father had done to him all those years ago. Those wounds never heal especially if its someone that you look up to and want to be one day. The one person who he wished was his father, but could never be.

He could never be smart enough like McGee. He sometimes wished that he was, but he could never be smart. Isnt that what his father said to him a couple of times when he was growing up. That he could never be smart like everyone else. That he was a stupid boy. Why was he on Gibbs team? Does he even belong on his team anymore? Does Gibbs even like him now? Gibbs probably wouldnt even care if he had gone missing, or was dead. McGee with the way that he had been acting towards him would probably be died that he had died, or left, so he could be the senior agent.

What was he going to do now? Should he leave again after working so many years working for NCIS? He had never spent more than two years for any law enforcement agency except for NCIS. All because of Gibbs. Now that Gibbs didnt care about him maybe he should send in his resignation letter. He knew that Vance would be happy because he knew that he didnt like him. It looks like he might have to dust off his resume again.

The End