Life is a Ball Sequel

by ToastWeaselofDOOM

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The figure of a man swept through the back alley in one of the darkest places in the city of Hueco Mundo. It was drizzling slightly as the man knocked on the side-door of a run-down old warehouse.

A small grill in the door slid open and two black eyes with white irises appeared.

"Who is it?" the owner of the eyes asked in a voice that sounded vaguely angry.

"The King of the World," the man responded.

The white eyes widened and the grill slid closed and the door opened. A pale teenager, who was wearing a perfectly immaculate, bone-white jumpsuit the same color as his hair, stood in the doorway.

"Welcome back to Las Noches, my Lord."

The man stepped inside, but didn't lower his hood. "It's good to be back among the Hollows."

The pale teenager closed the door and followed the man as he swept down the dark hallway. "Why have you decided to come to Las Noches, sir?"

"I've got a job for you," the man said. "Alert the Espadas and be in the meeting room in five minutes along with them. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." The teenager bowed and hurried down a side passageway and out of sight.

The man continued down the central hallway until he came to the end of the corridor. A single, pure-white door stood at the end of the hall. He turned the door handle and entered the dimly light room.

A long, white, and well-lit table sat in the middle of the room. Eleven throne-like, high-backed, alabaster chairs encircled the table, with one residing at the prominent head. This is where the man sat; a few moments later, the door to the room swung open and the white-haired teenager entered.

He bowed before the man and kept his head lowered as he spoke. "The Espada have been awoken. They will be here shortly."

The man nodded. "Very good. You've done well, Nameless."

"All in the line of duty." As the teenager retreated from the table and into the shadows, the door swung open and the ten commanders of the Hollows, all dressed in varying styles of black and white clothing, entered the blindingly white room. Each of them had a different curious white ornament adorning their person.

Once they were all seated, the man at the head of the table stood.

"Welcome, Espada," he said, eyes roaming the ten faces in front of him. "It's been a while since we last saw each other. It's good to be back among familiar faces."

There were murmurs of assent until somebody barked, "No 'fense, sir, but we can't exactly see your face with that hood over it!"

The man turned to the person who had made the outburst. He had light blue hair and brilliant blue eyes, under which were curious green tattooed markings. He wore a black-lined high-colored jacket with ragged edges. The sleeves on the arms were rolled up, the collar was upturned, and he wore it open, exposing a well-toned chest. A large scar stretched down the middle of the man's chest, and a bone-white, jaw-like ornament adorned the right side of his jaw.

"Are you not please to see me, Pantera?" the man asked, standing up and circling the table to where 'Pantera' was sitting.

"Not particularly," the blue-haired gangster growled.

"Then perhaps you want me dead?" the man hissed, bringing his hooded-face close to Pantera's. "Is that what you wish, Pantera?"

Pantera gulped at the man's sudden proximity. "No."

"Don't take that tone with me," the man said silkily. "Many would consider your acts here at this table, and beforehand, sure sign of insubordination; they would have you killed. But I am forgiving, Pantera. I will spare you . . . this time. Do you understand?"

Pantera gulped. "Yes, sir. My apologies."

The man smirked. "I thought so." He straightened and walked to the head of the table. "But a question still remains, and it bothers me. Where are Fox and Justice?"

"They couldn't make it," Nameless hissed from the shadows. "Guess I forgot to tell ya."

Several of the Espada swore when the teenager spoke, and one even pulled a gun from his uniform.

"Calm down!" the leader snapped. "Put that away, Mantis!"

The man who had pulled the gun—a tall, thin man with long greasy hair, an eye-patch over his left eye, and a jacket open at the midsection with had a large, overblown hood shaped like a spoon—scowled, but reluctantly stowed the gun in his belt.

"I will not have weapons drawn in the meeting room," the head man said coolly. "Remember that."

"Yes, sir," eleven voices chorused.

The man nodded. "Good. Now, I called this meeting for a reason. A very important reason. Can any of you name the reason?"

There was silence.

"A mission," Nameless hissed from the shadows.

The man's smile was evident even from under his hood. "Very good. Yes, a mission. But for only two of you." There were groans around the table from the more violent of the members.

"But what is the mission?" a melancholic-looking, gray-skinned man, wearing a half-helmet with a horn on the left side of his head, asked. Green marks the same color as his eyes were tattooed running down from the corner of his eyes to his cheeks, making it appear as if he were crying.

"An excellent question," the man said, paying no attention the groans. "The mission will be an assassination."

Those were the magic words. Excited murmurs broke out around the table, as the Espadas were rarely ever assigned deadly or dangerous work. It was usually the grunts who performed the dirty work. When Espadas were involved, the person must be important.

"Who's going?!" Mantis asked greedily. He was probably the most violent and bloodthirsty of all the members of the Hollows, and it showed in how well he carried out missions. His shot with a rifle was deadly accurate, and not to be underestimated.

"All in good time," the man said. "Your targets are simple. A teacher and a student at Seireitei High School. All the details will be provided to those carrying out the mission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

The man smirked. "Good. Now, I will announce who will be our two assassins. Before I announce them, though, I am making it clear that these two can give whatever orders they like to any member of the Hollows, and they are to be followed without question."

"Just tell us who's going to be assigned to the mission already!" Mantis growled impatiently.

"Very well," the man said. "The two are Pantera and Nameless. They will be spearheading this operation."

Pantera gave a loud howl of victory when his name was called while Nameless just smirked. Mantis cursed loudly and slouched back in his chair, scowling heavily.

"This is a first assassination mission for the both of you," the leader continued as if he hadn't been interrupted. "If you fail it, the consequences will be most severe. And if anyone interferes . . . kill them."

"Who are we assigned to kill first?" Pantera asked eagerly.

"The details will be provided in the packet of information Fox will give you tomorrow," the man said. "Do you understand?"

Pantera and Nameless nodded simultaneously.

The man grinned and tilted his head towards the ceiling. Light flashed over his face as if reflecting off glasses.

"You know what to do," he said. "I will be back to check on your progress in a few weeks time. This meeting is dismissed."

There was a great scraping of chairs, stomping of feet, and murmurs as the ten Espada filed from the room. Nameless stayed behind, watching the man who had issued his orders intently.

"Sir?" Nameless asked. "You coming?"

The man stood from his seat. "Yes." He swept from the room and down the dark corridor, leaving the pale teenager to hurry after him. The man stopped at the door he had entered from and turned to face Nameless.

"You screw this up and your existence in the Hollows will be terminated. Permanently. In my gang, there are no second chances."

Nameless nodded. "I know. I won't fail."

"See that you don't." The man opened the door and disappeared into the darkness.

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