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Here is that second chapter for the day. :D VERY SHORT. But it was planned to be like this. And it's hard to write all-dialogue chapters.

OMG! My first flame EVER! I'm honored! I pissed someone off! Great moment as an author, no joke here. "A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone." ~Jo Godwin. The only thing I regret is what offended this person. O_o Really I was expecting, "Too many typos!", "Horrid plot!", "OOC!", etc, etc... But no. I got, (paraphrased), "You didn't write 'Zack', you wrote '2'. Lazy." Well... Ok? It wasn't about being lazy, but thanks for the flame? Now I'm caught between excitement and disappointment. Damn. Oh well. I'm sure there will be more where that comes from.

Mizu Hoseki - O_O They're all out to get him. And this chapter will prove it! Oh yes a plan. Zack will not be pleased. :D


"This is an outrage. You know full well."

"You're right. We have to remove him. He's starting to remember."

"You saw what happened last time! The hero almost got himself killed! I say we give him time."

"Nonsense! He is a threat!"

"Removing him is a threat! Imbecile."

"I agree. It may do more harm to take him out. While I understand he may become a problem, we'll just have to trust that the hero will keep an eye on him. Maybe he'll die of natural causes."

"Shall we wait until he murders the hero in his sleep? Do you not consider the ramifications of letting him live? The other isn't a problem, he is more likely to protect the hero. But this one, Jenova's spawn, is likely to kill him. We must strike now."


"Are you considering anything other than that one possibility? What happens if we remove him and the hero commits suicide? Or turns to Jenova? He will know if it is us who removes him."

"He didn't last time."

"He was young. And lacking a connection to us."

"This is out of hand. I must agree with killing Jenova's son."

"Never. Not while I can stop it."

"Come on… Stop arguing please?"

"Are you crazy? This could result in horrible consequences."

"You're the crazy one. The hero must be protected."

"Please. Stop."

"He could kill the hero!"

"He won't."

"He will."

"Shut up."

They finally listen. Aeris frowns at the Cetra surrounding her.

"You're all bickering like children! Now I say that we give Sephiroth time. He's a good person underneath it all."

"He killed you."

"I forgive him, obviously."


"Now let's just watch. We've messed with enough of Cloud's life. So unless you want to boot me out of the Lifestream and lose your connection to Cloud, please be quiet."

The argument dissolves, but a feeling of upset settles throughout the Lifestream.