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Summary: Ichigo is forced to make a deal with Azien when the attempt to save Orihime fails. Unbeknownst to him, Aizen wants him to submit in more ways than one. What kind of deal does Aizen wish to make with Ichigo? And what is the real reason Aizen wants Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. Aizen/Ichi


Ch. 1: Captured

On the Western Wing of Las Noches

This fan-fic takes place during the Hueco Mundo series during the infamous Grimmjow x Ichigo fight. Instead of Nnoitra showing up its Ulquiorra and…

"That's enough"

A voice along with a booming spiritual pressure echoed though the area, stopping the current battle in its tracks, heads whipped around in the direction of this unmistakable voice. Only one man had a voice that felt like silk and spelled power and perfection.

"Aizen" his name rolled off Ichigo's tongue like poison.

Completely ignoring Ichigo, Aizen turned his attention to the bloodied sixth espada, "Grimmjow I think you've had enough fun for today return to you quarter and await your punishment." A growl emitted from Grimmjow's mouth as he disappeared in the direction of his room.

"Now Orihime, if you would be so kind as to heal our guest." Aizen commanded in his monotone voice. Orihime jumped up and started to heal Ichigo, ignoring his plans and promises of escape. She already knew there was no hope of escape now that Aizen was here. As soon as he was partially healed he charged at Aizen striking him in the chest. "I heal you wounds and this is how you repay me?", Aizen said, a smirk forming on his lips, "Ulquiorra". Suddenly all Ichigo could register was a sharp pain followed by a blackout.

"Take them both to the meeting hall and have her heal him there, then reunite her with our intruders on the Eastern Sand Dunes." Aizen ordered the espada.

"Hai, Aizen-sama" Ulquiorra answered with a bow, he then disappeared though a gargantua with Ichigo on his shoulder and Orihime following lose behind.

"Soon Ichigo…. Very soon"

Las Noches: In the Meeting Hall

Ichigo awoke with a fright, here he was alone in a room (obviously used for some kind of meeting) with the notorious Aizen, who was currently too close for comfort and touching him. 'Where is Zangetsu when u need him…? Shit I'm weaponless too!"

"I see you've healed nicely" Aizen leered as he reached out for Ichigo's face only to have his hand slapped away.

"Don't touch me!! Why the hell did you bring me here? Where the hell is Orihime!?," Ichigo all but yelled.

"Tell me, do you want to save your friends?" Aizen said as he took a seat at the head of the long table in the middle of the room. "What have you done to them? Where are my…"

"Calm down", Aizen stated cutting off whatever Ichigo was going to say next, "I have not harmed them (yet was on the tip of his tongue). I only want to talk to you. Have a seat and drink some tea."

"Wha…?" Ichigo couldn't even form a sentence. 'Talk? Tea? WTF!! Who is he kidding!? He's the fucking enemy and he wants me to calm down and have… tea!?

Realizing the boy's turmoil Aizen decided to remind him about the situation he's in. "Do you realize what position you're in? Remember, you're in Las Noches, my domain and you're weaponless."

Reality hit him for a second time. He was in no condition to make any demands, a frown settled on his face. The words, "What do you want, Aizen?" slipped from his lips. The smirk that formed on the ex-captain's face made him want to take back that question, if only for the moment. Aizen let the boy's question hang in the air before he answered in a silky voice

"Ichigo, Lets make a trade."


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Next chapter: The Deal


Before he could get another word out he was pulled forward by his wrist and was now face to face with Aizen. Who then tilted his chin up to meet his gaze and said, "I never go back on my words, Kurosaki. It is you who shouldn't go back on yours…." Smiling Aizen continued, "I tend to keep my promise." He then lent forward so he could whisper in Ichigo's ear, "You will learn this to be true."