I can't believe all this is actually happening. First I find out that Phil isn't my real Father. I'm apparently Quilluette. My Mom wants me to move in with my real father Charlie to get to know him better, and I have to leave all my friend here in Florida just to meet a guy I don't even know in some town with a population of like 0. La push will be my new home and I have to go to La Push tribal school.

My name is Isabella Swan. I'm 17 and I've lived most of my life thinking Phil, My mother's husband was my father and that my last name was Dwyer. Well Apparently my mom lied. My real Fathers name is Charlie Swan and he lives in La Push Washington. I have spoken to him once and I'm on the plane right now to go live with him.

I was on Phil's private jet. He is a major leaguue baseball player. He likes to spoil me alot and now I know why. He wanted it to feel like I was his real daughter because he has known me for almost my whole life and has supported me and my mom. He doesn't have any children, but I do still think of him as a Father figure.

Phil always had me get the best of everything, saying that his 'Princess' should have nothing but the finest. I use to laugh at him when he would buy me something overly expensive because I wouldn't take it and he would pout. Now I just go along with it because I know there is no way out of his gifts. Even with me not living with him, he bought me the new Nissan Titan and a limitless credit card. I all but cried when he gave it to me.

I have 2 other cars other than the Titan. Well an Aston Martin and a Street fighter motorcycle. My mother was a little worried about the Motorcycle but I begged and she finally let me get it. I was brought out of my thoughts by the flight attendant Marc saying that we had landed and telling me to have a good day.

I got into the limo waiting for me and told them my Fathers address. I pulled my phone out and checked my messages. I had 5 messages and 2 missed calls, 2 of the texts from Maddie and 3 of them form my mom. The missed calls were form Phil and my mom.

From: Maddie Baby

To: Bella

Hey girly wat you up 2?

u at ur padre's house yet?

miss u mucho much chica.

To:Maddie Baby


Hey just got off da plane.

on my way to his casa.

love u and miss u 2 :)

Maddie is like my sister. She has lived next door to me since I lived in Florida. If I ever had a problem I would go to her and we would eat ice cream and chat for hours. She is Mexican and taught me Spanish so we could speak without my parents knowing what I said.

I put my phone away as we pulled up to a big house. It was beautiful. The lawn was huge and the grass was really green. There was 5 sexy guys out there. All of them had light brown skin but darker than mine. They were all really built and probably have all of the girls drooling over them. They were playing football but stopped when they saw the limo pull up. I looked down to see what I was wearing. I had my brown hair down and curly, I was wearing a red tank top with black skinny jeans, my Christian Louboutin Velor scrunch boots with the red heel, and my big Jimmy Choos sunglasses. I smirked because I knew I looked hott.

The limo stopped and one of the guys yelled into the house probably at Charlie. The driver got my door and I stepped out. By this time Charlie was out of the house standing by the guys and they all gasped. My smirk grew even bigger as I walked closer.

"Hi Isabella, I'm Charlie your Father." Charlie stuttered out.

"Whats up Charlie, hey boys." I said confidently. The guys seemed to snap out of a trance and smiled big white toothy grins at me.

"Oh and it's Bella. No one calls me Isabella."