Title: Maximorphs

Summary: One day the flock find a strange surprise when they make camp in a small medow in California. What will happen when the flock meets the animorphs? Read to find out!

Ch. 1:

Max's pov:

"Ma-ax! I'm tired!" Nudge complained for the fiftieth time. I sighed, finally giving in. Looking down toward the forest below, I saw a nice little meadow. It would do.

"Fine, Nudge. Let's head toward that little clearing down threre." I sayed, angling my wings toward the forest below.

We landed, and began to make camp. Soon we were warmed up and fed, and Gazzy and Iggy and Nudge were playing some random game over in the trees close by.

Suddenly, Angel stood up. She walked over to me with a confused expression on her face.

"What is it, Ang?" I ask her.

"Well, I think were being watched."

I looked att her sharply,"By what, exactly?"

"Im not sure," she replied, "I hear a mind that doesn't seem human, but its not animal or eraser or flyboy, either…"She said

"What does it sound like?"

"Like a human, but it has seriously messed up brainwaves, it seems to be like, you know those birds fro the cliffs? Like those."


Yeah, the hawks. It seems to be human and hawk, at the same time. It is weird."

"Well, okay, lets go look for it then." I said reluctantly.

No need for that, Said a voice in my head. Not Angel, and not the Voice. Great, just what ineed, ANOTHER voice messing with my brain. I looked around, and saw a hawk of some sort in a tree, preening its feathers. It stoped, and coasted over to us, until it was on a closer tree, staring straight at us.

Great, now what?

A/N: I am seriously sorry for the pathetically short chapter. If anyone is actually going to read this,, ill be happy. Im not sure how long it will take for updates, cause it is nearing the end of the year and I have trillions of things to do.