Well, you all have waited for it for some time now, but finally the first chapter of Star Lovers 3 is here. I've actually had the first chapter done for a week, and I meant to put up two chapters, but things didn't go as planned. Anyway, I think the story I've set is by far my best work, I've played it all out in my head, now I hope it will all work out with it written, so enough of me rambling, enjoy the first chapter of Star Lovers 3: Crimson Advent.

Star Lovers 3:

Crimson Advent

Ch.1 Sorrow of the Heart

4 months have passed since the incident with Meteor G was adverted. No trace of King was found after the incident. Ace was released from the hospital 2 months later, and he and Queentia have started their relationship up again. She and her brother Jack were ordered to be put under watch, with Ace as their supervisor. After the crisis was avoided, everything went back to normal, with Kelvin returning from roaming space to live with his family. After all that happened, Geo got his wish of being with his father once again.

It was Friday as Geo woke up to prepare for school; Mega was snoozing as usual, while Geo grabbed his clothes and took a shower. His relationship with Sonia was also working out, as they spent the weekend at the amusement park last week, but lately, it seemed Sonia was distancing herself from them, which worried him.

"Geo! You better hurry up, you got only ten minutes." Kelvin called to his son.

"I got it taken care of, dad!" he called back.

"Now that he's getting older, I don't know who he takes after anymore." Hope said handing her husband a cup of coffee.

"Does it really matter? He's becoming his own person now." He said as he swooped in to plant a kiss on his wife.

"Looks like he gets his romantics from you." She chuckled.

"Bye mom, dad! See you after school." Geo said as he bolted out the door.

"And he gets his habit of rushing out from you." He said sitting down.

"You're one to talk." Hope replied, giving Kelvin a light pound on the head.

"Hey Mega…has Lyra talked to you about Sonia lately?" Geo said as he walked.

"I have, but Sonia won't even say a thing to Lyra either. Strange really."

"Yea and she hasn't been to school at all this week."

"You might want to talk to her now, before that prez girl tries to drag her to school. Things would be a mess then."

"Luna won't bother her. She's too busy keeping Bud and Zack in line." Geo said as he entered the school. We'll stop by there after school."

Later in the day, the final bell rang as students pulled their umbrellas out and opened them, as the rain poured down hard.

"Let's get out of here before Luna catches up." Geo said looking around as he made a dash toward Sonia's, ignoring the rain affecting his vision.

At Sonia's:

"…" Sonia sat on her bed as she stared up at the ceiling.

"Sonia, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." Lyra said from the pink Hunter-VG.

"Lyra, enough, ok. I don't want to talk about it." She spoke.

Geo came to the door and grabbed the key hidden in the bush as he unlocked the door, and began to walk up to her room.

"Sonia, it's me." He said walking in as he moved to her bed.

"Geo, please leave…"

"I want to help you Sonia, please. Tell me why you haven't gone to school, or replied to any of my messages."

"I just don't feel like it." She said, trying to cover it up.

"Sonia, I know you better than any-"he said as he was cut off.

"No! You're wrong Geo! Only one person knew me better than anyone!"

"Sonia, what's gotten into you?" He said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No! Don't touch me! Just leave me alone, Geo!" she cried, throwing the VG on her bed, and then running out the house.

"Knew?" Mega said dumbfounded.

"Yea, and I think I know who too…" Geo said grabbing the pink VG. "Lyra, you better stay with us for a while."

"Geo…is it who I think it is?" Lyra asked.

"Yea…no doubt." He said heading down the stairs.

Outside on the highest tower in the city, as the sky was covered by more storm clouds, a figure stood on the tip.

"Perfect…She has just what is needed." It chuckled as it vanished.


"How was that song, mama?"

"Very good, Sonia. You're getting better every day."

"You mean it, mama!?"

End Backflash

"Mama…" Sonia said looking at a picture of her and her mother as she sat, her clothes soaked.

"I miss you so much…" She said as tears ran down her face.

Elsewhere, three figures watched Sonia from a portal.

"She is the one. With so much negative energy also. Makes me all tingly inside." One being chuckled as the other punched him across the room.

"Oww…now what was that for, Clown!?"

"You insolent twit. Don't forget our true focus here." said the other being walking out from the shadows. "We're far too busy for you to be craving negative human emotion."

"But the human's negativity is oh-so sweet. Not like the negativity on Planet FM."

"Clown is correct, Dread. With Corvus and Virgo dead; we are the last left of the Crimson Order."

"Yea, whatever you say, Gallant."

"Well luckily, thanks to them, we were able to gather what remained of Meteor G's power. And with that girl as the life core system for my newest creation, even the admins shall submit to us." Clown laughed.

"So when can we snatch her up? Hehehe…" Dread chuckled.

"I'll handle it. We can't trust you to do this. You might get things out of hand." Gallant said getting up.

"We don't have all day, so hurry up." Clown said.

"I don't take orders from you." Gallant thought to himself.

Back on earth:

"Odd…I could have sworn she would be here." Lyra said looking around a tombstone.

"So it was 3 years ago today, huh." Geo said under his umbrella, looking at the gray sky.

"Geo…there was something I never told you." Lyra began to say.

"What is it, Lyra?"

"The day when I met Sonia and we fought you, when I entered her body, for some reason, I could see her past through her heart. Somehow, I was actually reliving that day as her…she was in so much pain…"

Mega came over and put a claw on Lyra.

"I wonder…how did Sonia's mom die, anyway?"

"That's something she won't even tell me." Lyra said.

"Come on, she's not here, so let's look in a few other places." Mega suggested.

Meanwhile, Sonia walked inside an abandoned building, hoping to get dry as she was completely drenched from the rain.

"Geo probably hates me now after what I said…" she spoke silently as she walked.

As she walked, a portal opened in the sky and Gallant flew out, landing right in front of her.

"Who are you!?"

"That will not matter once I am finished with you." Gallant said.

"Lyra! Let's…" she started to say, but then realized she didn't have her VG with her.

"I need you to come with me, now." Gallant said moving in closer.

"No! Back off!" Sonia screamed.

As she did, Lyra picked it up mentally as she panicked.

"Geo! It's Sonia; she's in trouble!"

"Lyra, are you sure?"

"Positive. I can sense her!" Lyra said.

Geo got to a safe place so no one would see him change.

"Trans Code 003: MegaMan!" he called, then shot up onto the wave road, heading to where Lyra sensed Sonia.

"Just come quietly, I don't want to do anything to you I'd regret." Gallant said.

"What do you want with me?" Sonia said.

"The pain you feel, it is unlike anything we've ever seen. We desire to use it."

"You're not getting anything!" MegaMan said as his SonicSword struck Gallant.

"Geo…" Sonia said.

"Hmm. Well if it isn't Omega-Xis. It's been a while since I saw you."

"Gallant!? Why are you here?" Mega barked.

"That's simple. I'm here to restore honor to the Crimson Order. And the girl behind you is essential to what I have planned."

"You're not getting Sonia!" MegaMan said.

"Foolish boy, I am Gallant Knightos, 2nd in command of the Crimson Order. I have more power than you could ever imagine."

"You aren't getting Sonia!" MegaMan called back.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter!" Gallant said as a cone shaped sword formed on his arm, meeting with MegaMan's blade, causing it to crack.

"Geo, he's too strong! Back away!" Mega said as the blade shattered.

"Spiral Shaver!" Gallant roared as he launched his attack.

MegaMan got knocked to the ground as Gallant walked towards Sonia."

"Come, milady, your destiny awaits." He said placing a finger on her forehead, sending a wave to her body to cause her to pass out, and then he grabbed her in his arm.

"I admit, you are a worthy fighter, but you still must hone your skills more. I feel we shall cross blades again. I look forward to see how I stand against one of the last AM-ians. Train hard, Omega-Xis." Gallant said as a portal appeared under where he stood, and sunk below into it.

"No! Sonia!!!" Geo called as his wave change dispersed.

A few building over, a figure with white hair witnessed the whole incident.

"….." the EM being next to him remained silent.

"Finally…things have been too dull around here." Solo said looking on.

I figured since I made you all wait and got on your nerves with SL2's long updates, I decided to cut straight into the action for this one. Hope this chapter really got you all wanting more, and chapter 2 should be up within a week. I really hope you all enjoy how this installment is going so far, so this is where it ends until the next chapter picks up where this one leaves off.