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The NCIS A team was working a high stress case as normal. This time a mother and child had disappeared from a base house and the husband was in Iraq. Drops of blood and blonde hair were found throughout the living room and back porch of the house. After processing the scene the team headed back to headquarters for research and phone calls. They soon discovered that a small girl was seen being carried into a town house by a burly man. Two team members went back to the base house to finalize a BOLO with pictures, while the other members went to inspect the town house holding the little girl.

Tony and Ziva POV

Tony DiNozzo nodded ready to his Israeli partner, Ziva David as she stealthily crept to the doorway of the vacant house. Aiming her gun over Tony's shoulder, they swung the front door open covering each other as they systematically searched the two-story house for any clues.

Frowning Tony tapped his ear piece and was rewarded with McGee's yelp from the other end. "Tony, just say my name, don't hit the device." "There is no one here McGee," Ziva interrupted the coming teasing.

"Are you sure DiNozzo?" came Gibbs' voice. "Well, my gut tells me we are missing something so we'll check again." Tony responded.

After they checked the house again, Ziva showed her already apparent annoyance. "Tony, there is not anything in the house."

"Wait, I have a hunch." Walking to the hallway between the kitchen and bedroom, Tony motioned to the wall. "The space between the kitchen and next doorway is bigger than it needs to be."

Quite Charlie, I do not understand." Normally, Ziva could understand Tony fairly well, but now she was lost.

Smirking he started to explain, "It is quite frankly, Ziva and look at this wall," he patted the hallway wall, "it is larger than it should be compared to the size of the kitchen and bedroom."

"I will show you." He inspected the kitchen wall carefully before finally pushing it out of the way to reveal a faint seam in the wall's plaster. "See, a hidden door!" Ziva's face lit with understanding as Tony showed his excitement.

Ziva started talking to Gibbs, "Gibbs, we have found a door behind the fridge and we are going in to inspect."

She stepped into the passage behind Tony and proceeded down the narrow staircase. They both had their weapons drawn and descended cautiously.

Gibbs and McGee POV

McGee had just finished updating the BOLO after he and Gibbs had returned from getting more pictures from the crime scene. Gibbs burst into the room and started talking, "Ziva just said something and I could not hear everything because this thing," he tossed the ear piece, "crackled and I only got the words 'we…found….door….going in..' and that is not good enough."

Instantly, McGee started test calling to both Ziva and Tony and neither responded to his calls. "Boss, it seems like someone has purposefully disengaged them without doing it manually. I tried their cell phones and both have failed, must be out of range."

Tony and Ziva POV

Meanwhile, the other two agents were oblivious to the sound failure and had made it halfway down the stairs before Ziva spun around.

"What?" Tony whispered following Ziva three steps up before they both heard a clang resonate down the staircase as the doorway was slammed shut. Darkness ensued and they reached the top of the stairs. Pushing hopelessly on the door, Tony heard the fridge screech as their captor slid it back to its place in front of the door.

"I cannot believe we did not hear that coming." Ziva muttered clearly frustrated.

"We did not see it coming, Zee-vah." Tony loved correcting her confused idioms.

Ziva frowned and responded, "Our backs were turned so how could we have seen it coming, Tony?"

"The saying is did not see it coming, but in this situation your mistake makes more sense," Tony responded. Pulling out his flashlight, he moved to go down the stairs in front of Ziva. After reaching the floor of the basement, they surveyed the nearly empty room. One recliner sat in the left corner and a broken dining table sat diagonal to the chair in the opposing corner. Seeing a small closet another corner, they proceeded warily with guns raised.

"Quiet Tony, someone is in there." Ziva whispered cautiously as she heard a faint rustle coming from the closet.

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