A Question of Honor
Part of the Final Fantasy: Clouded Horizons Storyline

When Two Men Collide…

There were many things that Liam Bayloh was good at.

Because of his vampiric nature, he was able to rely heavily on stealth. It made him especially suited to the missions that he was often sent on by Garden, missions which the objectives made it imperative that the operative was not caught. He was quiet, and could get things done silently if necessary.

He'd proven time and time again his prowess behind the wheel of a vehicle. His own personal vehicle (he'd once overheard Darius DeValle calling it the "Angelmobile." He liked it, but didn't let on that he'd ever heard it) was specially tailored to his unique driving tastes. Whether on land or on water, his speed was legendary, and he'd lost many tailgaters by making a few easy (for him) turns at speeds far too fast for any normal humans to withstand easily.

His swordsmanship was fine-crafted, honed over one hundred years of fighting those who wanted him dusted. The katas that he practiced in his down time were elegant, admired by those who saw them and truly could understand the beauty and strength in them. With the Atma Weapon from Terranigma which had been blessed by Freya, he was a fierce enemy; one you would not turn your back on for just a moment.

His speed and strength enhanced all of his abilities, his senses fine-tuned by age, experience (and the fact that he was a vampire helped, too.) He was a man that was prepared for many, many things, and had the ability to do many more.

Yet, even he, a man with a demon hard-wired into his body, had no idea how to deal with this particular matter.

Benji Powell had overwhelmed incredible odds in the second that he'd dealt the final blow to the (now) former Pillar of Destiny. And of course, he'd done so with the help of the Pillar of Foretelling, Will, and many, many others who'd decided that it was in their best interests to make sure the young Planeswalker succeeded in his task. And with that power behind him, no force known to man nor demon could stop him.

And everything appeared to be getting back to normal. Trabia Garden had been put back in normal order after the rumors and speculation about Destine had been squelched by Ben's own actions, plus quick thinking on Katanas DeValle's part. Yes, all seemed to be falling back into place.

Except for the fact that Benji Powell had gone insane.

There'd been some speculation from the few people that this knowledge had been confined to, of course. Some said the massive overload of power coming into a mortal body had overloaded his mind, and it was causing the irrationality, spurts of mind-boggling rage… this was not the Benji Powell that had made a small name for himself at Trabia Garden.

All of those reasons had led to why Angel was sitting where he was at that moment.

When the first signs of trouble had appeared, the first to notice (and to be harmed) had been the three he'd associated with in Spira. Which meant that the first people he attacked in Gaia were Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. The attack was quick, but they'd managed to steer him off.

And Ben had disappeared soon after, leaving behind scars that might take years to repair.

Liam, or Angel as he'd been called for years, had been on the Celsius at the time. He'd been irritated that he hadn't realized something was wrong sooner, but his appearance had stopped Ben from doing something he'd regret even more, if only because he knew that Angel was not a force to be trifiled with.

Rikku and Paine had left the Celsius, disturbed by what they had seen. Yuna and Tidus had stayed, but soon only Yuna was left on the massive aircraft. She'd been in tears when Angel had found her…


"Hey," Angel said quietly from the stairs as he stepped lightly up them to where he heard Yuna crying. He saw her as he reached the top, sitting on one of the three beds, her back to him.

"Wh-what do you w-w-want?" She stuttered.

He stepped carefully towards her, allowing her to choose his actions.

"Misery loves company," He smiled, sitting across from her. She shook her head violently.

"No, I j-just want to be alone…" she cried, laying down on the bed and again facing away from him. Even though he could no longer see her face, the heat he felt from her, plus the visible shuttering told him that she continued to sob.

"You're scared, aren't you?" he asked, trying to get the woman to open up.

Her shuddering sobs continued, and she nodded.

"Ben?" he prodded.

Again, she nodded, a fresh new wave of tears washing over her. He shook his head silently, trying to shake loose something from when he was in fact only human. He'd not dealt with things like this in... Hyne… who knew how long. He knew that somehow, someway, she needed to talk. He just didn't know how to broach it.

So instead, he just sat there.

"Wh-what's wrong with Ben? Why d-d-did he at…attack us?" she finally whispered.

"I don't know," Angel replied, leaning forward with his chin on his folded hands. "But, I'll find out, I promise you that."

She slowly rolled over to look over at him.

"I-I've seen Ben m-m-mad… but he's n-never hurt any of us, e-e-e-especially Rikku…" she answered, her voice quivering more and more as she spoke.


After a bit more prodding, he'd discovered a bit more, of course.

The person who should've been sitting here listening to her problems, Tidus, hadn't dealt with the issue well. She'd not been open about what had led to the younger man leaving, but he got the impression it hadn't helped her in the slightest. So, Angel had done what he could, listening to the woman, answering when he felt she needed

And she'd finally fallen asleep.

Getting to his feet as quietly as possible, he started to walk downstairs. As he came by her bed though, he placed a stray blanket over her.

"I'll protect you."

I've decided to explore a different side of Liam Jacob Bayloh, or those who know him better, Angel. Because of this, you will not see the Angel that you are used to in Final Fantasy: Clouded Horizons – Dimensional Legend.

Until next chapter…