A Question of Honor
Part of the Final Fantasy: Clouded Horizons Storyline

Epilogue 2 – Until We Meet Again

One Year and Nine Months Later…

Liam Bayloh sat in his office at Esthar Garden looking over the schematics of Trabia Garden. The briefing had gone surprisingly well, and the combined Dollet and SeeD troops were getting along well, as they always had. Part of him was pleased; the two groups always had worked together well.

It was a heavy burden on his heart to realize that many of them could potentially die at Trabia Garden today. However, a much heavier burden on his heart currently was the one he was preparing to deal with.

Looking over the weapons once again laid across his desk, he smiled grimly. The pulse ammunition was stocked, and in seconds strapped to his waist in a criss/cross fashion (much like he'd seen Squall Leonhart wear his.) Next, he sheathed a knife to each side, and then holstered the twin pulse rifles in the chest holsters (placed for quick removal).

He'd run over his plan in his head, and nodded. It was simple. He'd teleport to the elevator, take it down to the MD levels, find the server, and override any control that Sephiroth and the Eighteen had.

As he sheathed the Atma Weapon to his back, he closed his eyes.

He had responsibilities, of course. He was the Esthar Garden Headmaster, in charge of the operation in which they were currently engaging. Seifer would be in charge of the forces on the ground, along with Randolph. And he was to oversee this operation from the command center.

There were extenuating circumstances, however. Circumstances that weren't any of Seifer Almasy's business. Sure, he did have responsibilities. Responsibilities which required him to do the right thing, no matter what the cost. He'd taught Katanas DeValle the same thing, and a conversation he'd had with the man had reminded him of that.

And then he had those responsibilities which required him to be a good Garden Headmaster. And those were equally important.

But Yuna was in there.

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