Um, About That

Summary: Nubbins can make things so awkward. Utter crack. Will Zimmerman, Henry Foss, and a lighthearted jab at those who chose to slash them.

Rating: G

Um, About That

Henry looked up as Will entered the lab, clearing his throat and coloring. "Hey, man," he managed, trying and failing to sound casual.

"Henry," Will greeted him, nodding and leaning against the door-frame. He stuffed his hands into his pockets. "So, now that we have all the Nubbins rounded up…"

"Will, can we just… never mention it again? Like ever?"

"I'm good with that plan," Will answered, nodding. "Neither of us was in control in that ventilation shaft. We weren't ourselves. This is like that episode of Trek were the aliens forced them to have sex."

"Uh, there was no actual sex involved this time, Will," Henry reminded him quickly. "Besides, you just described about twenty different episodes of Star Trek."

"Good point," Will admitted, shrugging. "So we just forget it ever happened?"

"I'm down with that plan, my brother," Henry answered, nodding. "Stargate tomorrow?"

"Sounds like a plan," Will agreed nodding. "See you around, Henry."

"See you around, Will."

The shrink nodded and turned to leave the lab, then paused. "Hey, Henry?" he asked.


"What brand of mouthwash do you use? 'Cause I've been meaning to switch and yours tastes way better than mine."

The End