"So how do you feel about working with Cristina? You can't avoid each other forever," Dr Wyatt notes.

Owen sighs. "I don't know what to say to her. I mean, I can talk to her about cases. The patient always comes first. But what do I say to her at the nurses' station? In the elevator? I don't want to blurt out 'Sorry I choked you' or 'I love you' or 'I hate what I did' every time I see her."

"We can come up with some phrases for you to say to her. There's a technique I want you to try - speak to her in three word sentences only, if it's not about a case."

Owen frowns. "Why three words?"

"It will make you think about what you say."

"I spoke with Cristina yesterday," Owen says, leaning back onto Dr Wyatt's couch.


"The three word thing really pissed her off," he confesses. "I was a little too - cheerful."

Dr Wyatt raises an eyebrow.

"I sounded rehearsed. Which I was. She thought I was too happy, that I was just - moving on quickly. And it hurt her feelings." Owen looks at the floor. "I, um, let her know that I'm not happy. That there are three words I feel, but I can't say."

Dr Wyatt leans towards him. "You talked about your feelings?"

Owen nods. "I guess I did." He looks up. "I don't want to do the three word thing any more. I'd rather try just talking with her. I'm pretty sure I won't blurt out the wrong thing now."

She smiles. "That's good."

He half-smiles. "I can throw out the list?"

She nods and smiles again. "I don't think you need it."