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Chapter One: If, sometimes, I see the sun…

The room's dark stone was so different from the rest of the mansion, but it melded so well with the building above it. Wood and paint ended as it was replaced with a solid floor of hard stonework, smoothed over carefully by masterful hands. The walls were equally smoothed over, though the day's work had left them with some changes from their usually blank nature. Shades of blue and silver adorned them in intricate patterns, twisting around the dark room and blossoming into an overall beautiful, if confusing, detailed collection of runes and carefully placed lines. Those very same lines came down to the floor to meet with a continuation of the pattern above, though now with additions glittering about.

Those additions were specific; four clear and painstakingly carved pieces of crystal, aligned to the cardinal directions with much care, further out rested eight pure white pearls, aligned again to the cardinal and the intermediate directions. The center of the room, though, was glistening purely with the light of the candles in the corners reflecting against a smooth area of pure moonstone, its many colors showing softly and giving the room a gentle glow. No light came from the room's only window though, the full moon being its bright self, so the window situated at the top of the eastern wall just at ground level let in a glimmer of light over the room right now.

Ah the east, thought the room's occupant, love, the future, new beginnings, salvation... "Well no sense in wit-wandering while I've something to do." The figure was clothed in dark robes, with white visible beneath them and long dark hair that fell behind his back, held with a loose ponytail. Wise eyes gazed out from the glasses on the face of the man that stepped down into the appointed spot for him, moving his hands outwards and taking in a deep breath as he fell within himself, concentrating. Such a spell as was about to take place required intense concentration and words could only distract from such while he was focusing.

As such, the carefully placed lines silently began to glow their respective colors, which reflected off and through the various gemstones in the room and caused it to fill with a bright, yet soft and soothing glow of what could only be described as moonlight on earth. The brilliance of it all seeped into the dark stones that made up the walls and soon a light wind could be felt circling. It was soft, but it grew in strength and soon the shimmering colors began to swirl the room with it, the only part of the room that firmly stood out was the dark-clothed magician working the magic, his robes and hair being pulled and tossed about.

It wasn't long before the lights all began to gather towards the center on that smoothed and perfect circle of moonstone, condensing into something else entirely. It was a being, one whose shape was hard to see at first but clearly came into focus as the lights began to dim in the room. Its… no, his remarked the magician to himself as he looked over the nude figure sitting in the circle, his skin was pale and soft with silver hair that draped over his lithe yet toned form. His strength was subtle, and as his eyes, so pale blue they were silver, opened he looked towards the other figure in this dark place that was wholly new to him. He didn't know the words, but he somehow already loved that darkly clad figure that had formed him and gave him flesh. That figure came closer towards the new creation, kneeling down to get a better look into his eyes he spoke, "I am Clow Reed, and you my newly born one, I believe I shall call you Yue. It fits you, I think." A hand reached over to stroke one of Yue's wings and the pale one shivered, smiling at his father.

"Yue…" the soft, contemplating voice of the angelic one spoke out to the room, accepting a hand offered to help him stand as he was led off by an obviously exhausted Clow Reed.

With a light tug and a gentle nudge the darkly clad magician said, "First matter of business, Yue, clothes."

Yue followed the dark stranger up the stairwell and along a corridor, studying every inch of the place. It had wooden walls stained beautifully with deep blue wallpaper above them, and the way so far was lit by candles. The winged one stepped with a light grace, almost barely heard if not for the occasional mutter of something not understood. Only a newborn, everything was awe-inspiring to the angelic figure, and then his attention was diverted by Clow as the magician walked over towards him and began to dress him in a robe that looked designed specifically for him. He was guided into it one sleeve at a time before it was tied off around the waist and the magician nodded his head with approval, the silvery white and blue cloth flowing around his form and draped around him like it was always part of him.

"Yes I think that will do quite nicely for now, Yue," Clow spoke before motioning the winged one to follow him once more.


Yue stood up from the bed he was laying in and walked over towards the window of the room, placing his head against the cool glass and closing his eyes, silvery hair draping around his face as the moonlight outside illuminated the moon angel. That dream again. With a soft sigh he muttered, "Clow.. Master." Everything was neat and orderly inside of Yukito's room, straightened and with his clothes for the next day folded and placed on top of his dresser. Looking around it was hard to tell that an otherworldly being lived here under human guise. Said being's eyes opened silently looking up at the moon with a yearning on his face, "she's lovely, but she's not you, Master. How can anyone replace you? Judge.."

He reached up with one of his hands to finger the soft cloth that draped around him before placing his hands against the window and watching the night sky. It was a clear day, with a waxing moon standing in the sky, beautiful and proud. It would be the full moon soon. Yue didn't think he'd be able to handle that. His fingers brushed against the glass and he looked more a prisoner in a cell than someone in their room. "I can't judge her, I don't need to. Nobody can replace you, Master." He moved over towards the bay window and sat down gracefully, one of his indulgences when choosing Yukito's 'grandparent's house'. The moon's light shining over him made him seem to glow in the otherwise dark room and he leaned against the pillows placed there as his thoughts drifted.

Yue was resting his head against the leg of the magician as he sat in his favorite chair, two large windows letting the light of sunset pour into the room. The golden form of Cerberus lay beside them, curled up close by and watching the two. The silvery angel moved his eyes up to look at the face of the one he had wrapped himself against, the eyes glistening with the colors of moonstone as they faded from one to the other with the light, "master," he spoke into the quiet room, pausing to offer a small, scarcely-seen smile to the sitting figure, "it's a beautiful night, isn't it?"

The magician nodded, taking a moment to appreciate the way his guardians had situated themselves, with the sun wrapped around the chair on one side and the moon draped partially over him, long hair and wings wrapping over to the other side making them look almost like a gold and silver yin-yang symbol. "That it is, Yue." He idly reached over and stroked silver hair, the laying golden one offering Clow a nudge with his nose and a growling chuckle.

"Especially now that the persistent tree is blooming, every year it just waits and waits." Cerberus tilted his head and adjusted himself so he was resting comfortably once more. "Seems like one day it might just choose not to bloom at all."

The moon guardian wrapped an arm around his leg and pulled it closer towards himself, head moving to press his forehead against his knee as he withdrew into himself, mind dancing inside of his memories. Memories that lashed against him as painfully as any whip tore through the mind of the one who lived so heavily in the past.

Clow sat down in his favorite red chair, dark stained wood pleasantly accentuating the blue tone of the rest of the room. He had that ever-present smile on his face as he looked up at his two guardians and Yue said almost violently as he threw an arm to the side and stepped forwards, "explain to me, Clow! What does this mean?"

The magician, that damned ever-smiling, lovely, heartbreakingly beautiful magician just said in his pleasant and calm voice, "it means just what I said, Yue." Without so much as even batting an eyelash or skipping a breath he continued with those haunting words, "I will leave this world today."

The golden sun, Cerberus, ducked his head and said sadly, "that's a joke I really can't laugh at." The reply of, "unfortunately, it's not a joke," did nothing at all to help the temperament of the silvery moon.

Yue scowled at the magician's words, leaning forwards and looking at Clow with a hurt and angry look to his face as he said, "why!?" So much couldn't be put into that one word, but it seemed to accurately convey his feelings at the time.

The dark-clad magician answered with the same damned casual voice, "Because my life span is over." One of them muttered vaguely, "lifespan?" before the angel took the center of attention again.

"You have a twisted mind, but Clow Reed is the greatest sorcerer in the world!" He motioned to himself and the lion beside him, "we, those who were created by you, know that the best!" He was pleading now, angry and betrayed and just begging this to be another one of the magician's pranks.

Clow continued, his tone sounding a bit sad now, but it had barely changed at all. He seemed almost at peace with the idea. "Even then, an end comes equally to any living thing. That is why I must prepare for it."

As the snow continued to come down in torrents outside as Yue asked in a reserved, cautious voice, "Prepare for what?" Cerberus seemed to be content letting Yue ask all the questions so far and Clow responded once more.

"Preparations for the person that will cherish you after I pass away," said the sorcerer, as if it was just any other day.

Yue very nearly sobbed into his knee as he drowned in his memory, speaking what he'd said at the time as if he was there, "I don't want another master." His attentions, however, were diverted as the alarm clock buzzed and he grumbled, walking over to lie back in the bed before his wings wrapped around himself and he brought his disguise to the forefront, his own thoughts tucking neatly away in the back of the mind as he let Yukito wake up and rub his eyes, stand up to walk over and turn the alarm clock off, and by then Yue was decidedly not paying too much attention, as the Judge he had to make sure he wasn't letting Yukito's actions influence his decisions.


Huh? He's sleeping… The moon guardian wondered to himself, this doesn't feel like the bed. And then suddenly he felt a pulling on his being as Yukito's body was pulled upwards by a gust of wind, the echo of wings folding around the form as Yue was revealed before a young girl and Cerberus. The lion moved to stand partially in front of the girl, Sakura, he pulled from Yukito's mind. As I thought, I'll have to put this girl down.

Said girl watched in awe and confusion her friend was transformed into something that looked decidedly not as friendly. It was like looking up at an angel, floating there near them, "wh- who are you?" Cerberus looked saddened and protective as he stood next to her, muttering.

"Yue," spoke the proud beast, "the Clow Cards' other guardian." Sakura's eyes went wide, the figure's hair was long, and it floated as gently as the moon creature did as he studied the area, keeping his eyes locked on the girl.

Sakura gasped softly, "This person is… Yue." She brought her hands up under her chin and squealed, "eeeh!? What? Then what happened to Yukito?"

The teacher then spoke up from where she was watching the scene play out, "Tsukishiro is Yue." Sakura could only exclaim, "What!?" as she backed away.

Yue offered Cerberus a light, and rare, smile as he looked over his brother. So long… Deciding to voice his thoughts he said, "Been a long time, huh? Cerberus." And just like that the smile was gone in a flash, replaced by a solemn and serious look at the next words from Cerberus.

"I've been caught off guard." He seemed so surprised, and yet so saddened by what he was saying. His face used to look so cheerful all the time; he must be missing Clow as well. "The guardians of the Clow Cards," the sun continued, "are always close to the owner of the Clow Cards. You'd been at Sakura's side the whole time, as a friend of her big brother Touya." The lion shook his head, "You'd been hiding all traces of your powers until you were back in your original form. While Sakura and the kid were collecting the cards, I was regaining my magical powers bit by bit. Of course I had become more and more able to sense the moon but," he turned his head to look towards the teacher, "It seems I've been fooled because this lady here had such strong powers of the moon." He looked back towards the patient, hovering angel that was listening with calm, "No matter how much you hid your presence, to think that I didn't know all this time, with you so close to us. The other guardian of the Clow that was created, Yue, the name of the moon in Chinese…" He watched the teacher again, "you knew all that, didn't you miss?"

The woman stood off to the side still, looking over her left shoulder towards the group almost somewhat nervously, "I was asked that during the archery match as well. Yes, I know. It was then that Cerberus seemed unable to contain his fiery persona, "You were in on this with Yue?!" He roared out. However the woman simply shook her head and said, "No, this is the first time we've met."

Then the usually perky and cheerful girl stepped between the sun and the moon, "Wait, hold up, I don't understand any of this!" She looked from one to the other, "What do you mean?"

Yue floated down towards the girl as he spoke, might as well explain to her what is going on if she came this far. "I am the same as Cerberus. I didn't have enough power to return to my true state, so I stayed in that state."

Tomoyo and the Li seemed to get it finally, "Then Tsukishiro is-". Li interrupted her, "Yue's other form!"

Yue placed a finger gently under Sakura's chin, drawing her closer until they were only inches from each other, "This is the first time we meet in this form, O candidate for mastery of the Clow Cards, chosen by Cerberus, the Selector." Sakura only whispered, "Yukito-kun…" her heart skipping a beat with her crush's true form so close to her.

Cerberus of course had to interfere there, with a protective, "What are you going to do to Sakura?" He wrapped his wings around the girl and Yue's eyes widened somewhat, face forming a frown.

His lips then turned upwards into a sneer, "Just as always," He floated towards the Lion, hair and wings trailing gracefully behind him, "Naïve."

Cerberus responded with a jab of, "and your personality is as bad as ever." Well just because they hadn't seen each other in what had felt like ages, and likely were, didn't mean that the two brothers wouldn't make stabs at each other whenever they were able to.

Sakura, however, decided to panic then and there as she watched the two, "What do you mean what is he going to do to me!?" Cerberus turned towards her again, "I caught all the cards so I prevented the disaster, right?"

With a sigh, Cerberus shook his head, "Once you've caught all the cards, there is the Last Judgment."

With an annoyed look, and it took a lot to read Yue's looks unless you'd been around him a while else his face simply looked withdrawn the entire time, the moon looked up towards the one in green, "however, it seems there is another who holds the cards." The boy took on a fighting stance and Yue floated upwards once more, standing tall in the air and watching the two children with a look of distant contempt, "For someone who could not gather all the cards by herself the Last Judgment is a waste of time."

The sun then took on his usual grin, "No, I think Sakura will be able to do something about you."

Yue turned only his eyes towards the lion to his left, saying coldly, "you are too easy on them." Which was responded to with an argument of, "and you're too mean". Yue's eyes narrowed before he floated up high into the air, wings spread out until he was standing in front of the full moon, the light playing over his features and shadowing his face as he spoke again, "then let the Last Judgment begin." He withheld a sigh at the waste of his time. "First," he spoke to the boy, floating his body up to deposit him on the roof. "I, Yue the Judge, will now conduct the Last Judgment." He lifted a hand and a gentle blue glow began, forming crystals of ice in it, "using all the cards in your possession, defeat me."

It was a quick battle, with the boy trying to use his own magic against the moon guardian. Futile, pointless, stupid boy, Yue thought to himself as he cut into the green-clad one with shards of ice, ripping his ceremonial robes and tainting them with blood. "I'm surprised you could get a hold of Clow Cards with just that much magic." He did manage to hold in his amusement when the boy then tried to use Time. Appearing behind him and saying, "Time is a card under my jurisdiction." The boy was then frozen over by the card, "this seems to be the end." He deposited the boy and let the others fuss over him for a few moments. The kid was fine, just bleeding a little and his clothing ripped a bit. "So now we have the official candidate."

With the same motion he moved Sakura up to the roof opposite him, through the barrier. The moon was large in the sky tonight, and he was well aware of how striking it made him look even before the girl gasped, "Yukito…"

Below them an interesting, if unimportant to the current undertaking, conversation was taking place between Cerberus, the teacher, and Tomoyo. The young girl spoke up, "so the entire time Yukito knew what was going on."

With a shake of his head the sun guardian dismissed that idea, "no, Yue cuts all ties between his consciousness and his disguise. He is the Judge, so the candidate doesn't sense him until the Last Judgment." The girl gasped out a quick, "then-" and the lion nodded his head to her sadly, "Yukito had been living his life thinking he was an ordinary human." No such thing as coincidences…

Well interesting and all, but Yue had a Judgment to get on with so he kept his gaze on the young girl across from him, motioning with his hand as the cards flew out around her, standing between her and the moon guardian, "Cards made by Clow, the one you desired as a new master is here. The girl chosen by Cerberus, the selector, by the name of Sakura, is this girl a suitable new mistress?" He listened to their wordless replies that echoed in his mind, cries of agreement and rages of no. He turned his attention back to the girl, "I am Yue and this is the Last Judgment."

It was then that the battle started. This one took longer than expected, but it seemed to be going just as poorly for the girl who constantly said that she wouldn't fight against him. Pathetic. Cerberus should have chosen someone with at least a chance. A wind picked up as Yue began to summon the magic at his disposal as the Judge, and Cerberus shouted out, "Sakura! The disaster of the world is awakening!"

"What kind of disaster?" She twisted towards the lion to ask, to which Yue only said, "forgetting…"

The wind twisted in his hair and his wings and robes flowed in it, looking like a statue of moving ice as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, letting the magic seep into him as the girl was surrounded in vines. Forgetting… please let me forget. Let her and all those who've seen us forget their loved ones. It could only be a blessing, Clow… His breath caught and he withdrew into a memory as the magic settled onto the area, swimming into the mind of the girl wrapped in vines and into the guardian's own. It wasn't long, but it felt like it was when suddenly the girl broke away from the vines. She reflected the magic! "No!" She called out, "I can't live in a world without my loved ones! I'll do my best now." The girl talks too mu- what!? While he wasn't listening to what was going on the girl's staff had begun to glow, she was being guided by that damned woman apparently.

The glow spread to the area and the stars shimmered in response to her call. "What is this!?" He called out towards them, that annoying insightful woman only answered with, "a new power".

"Release!" Sakura called out, the staff shifting shape into one with a star at the top flanked by wings. "Windy! Entrap the one standing over there."

Yue didn't bother dodging, reaching out with a hand as he moved to reflect the magic back at the girl. It's not reflecting! "Impossible!" The guardian realized too late, trapped by the wind that he looked at with a hurt expression, betrayal written onto his face as the girl walked closer.

"Yue," she said in that damned kind and compassionate voice, "you loved Clow very much, didn't you?" He didn't dignify that with a response. "Then you should understand that forgetting about the person you love most would be a very sad thing. I'm still a kid, and I don't know anything about magic. I only oversleep and I hate math and I can't do anything, but…" She held her arms out towards him and he fell into a kneel, it looked almost painful to Cerberus, judging by the moon guardian's face. "I already love Kero and the Clow Cards, and I'm sure I can come to love you to. No," she paused, "I already love you!" She kept her hands out towards him in a friendly manner, "I don't want to be your master, I want to be good friends."

I've been defeated… Yue stood silently, looking to all the world as cold and frozen as ice as he said smoothly, "close your eyes." I swore! I'd never take a new master, I swore damn it! His raging thoughts and emotions weren't even visible on his face, "hurry up." She complied. "I, Yue the Judge," I refuse to say it! I won't. Clow. Is. My. Master! "acknowledge Sakura as our new master." She ran down towards her friends to celebrate, and Yue sighed.

He flew down to land next to her after a minute or two, placing his hands on his hips and leaning forwards slightly, a pose that made his nearly androgynous appearance only look more so, "you've become a new mistress but you can't control the guardians." Kero nodded his acknowledgment to that, adding, "but we'll be here when you need us." With that, the two retreated to their disguises and Yue threw himself deep into the recesses of his mind, letting Yukito handle things as he raged.


It isn't fair! Why? You knew it was all going to happen, Clow! What is the point of a judge if the new master had already been decided!? It isn't right! You don't decide things for people like that Clow. You chose to die and leave us here and now you're just throwing us this girl.. Girl! The mental rampage continued for some time as Yue ignored the outside passing world, diving back down into his memories of the past and trying his hardest to forget the present world around him. Clow…

So how was that for the first chapter? I tried to stay loyal to the Japanese anime and the manga (didn't even bother with the dub…). I don't usually like doing long, drawn out scenes taken directly from the anime or manga but I felt it needed to be done in order to get the story started so I hope you don't mind! Anyways let's leave Yue to think over his situation and stop being quite so emo about it while we wait for the next chapter. Look for it next week around Saturday at latest. I promise not to abandon this story without at least giving it some kind of ending so stick with me here!