Ok I know not the longest chapter in the world. Also late. Well when you lose internet access these things do happen from time to time. However, I have regained my ideas and my connection, so here you can thank the song Demonheart by Luca Turilli and Angels by Within Temptation for inspiring me.

Chapter 3: Little Tragedies

Later on in the month and running to what he hoped was a safe point, Touya closed the door behind himself more quietly than he perhaps needed to and watched the room with a paranoid expression, much to the amusement of Yuki who just sat down on the sofa and began munching on some cookies that were out on the table, "she won't just pop up out of nowhere in the middle of my house, you know Toya."

Toya grimaced at that, "you can't be sure with her though. She's just.. everywhere. I mean damn I could swear she had some inner Touya tracker with a needle pointed directly at me." This caused an amused chuckle from the silver-haired one who was watching Touya check in every corner and crevice he could find lest the neck-leech pop out from somewhere and take them by surprise. "I'm serious Yuki, every time I get you alone somewhere she's just bam outa nowhere and no idea how she got there."

With a sigh Yuki nodded his head, "yes, Ms. Akizuki does tend to make her presence known when it is least convenient." He paused and added as an afterthought, "or wanted." A light chuckle was heard as Yuki moved on from the cookies towards a bowl of blueberries, holding it out towards Touya who took a small handful and sat down to make himself comfortable. "Perhaps Ms. Akizuki simply finds herself drawn to your natural charms." A light tap was felt as a blueberry nicked Yuki in the side of the head, the thrower rolling his eyes.

"Yeah her and every other girl at school it seems. Only, in case you haven't noticed, none of the others are stalkers." He returned to eating, rather than throwing the blueberries, swallowing one as he thought something over. "Well, ok, there was that Shika chick but she was weird to begin with."

Again the light fluttering noise of Yuki's laughter filled the room as he leaned forward to grin at Touya, "wasn't that the girl who had that very interesting picture of you in the shower?" Pale eyes met darker ones as the silver haired one grinned widely in remembrance, a look of gentle teasing on his face.

Touya grunted, "and showed it to every girl in school, and even some of the guys!" The last berry met its fateful end as it was crushed and swallowed. "She was a creep, Yuki. I don't even know how she got into my bathroom, much less how she stayed perfectly silent and unnoticed until just the right moment."

The soft laughter continued for moments longer before Yuki's face settled into simply an amused smile as he watched Touya lean back against the couch, draping an arm over the edge. Leaning forwards, he tapped a finger against the other's chest and spoke with a hint of sparkling laughter, "from the looks of that picture you were far too preoccupied to notice anything that might have been going on." With the distinct red flush to Touya's face, accompanied by an embarrassed cough, Yuki knew he'd gotten the upper hand and returned to his side of the sofa to rest his head against the back with a soft yawn.

Lifting his head up, Touya looked over his friend and around the house, taking note of the usually pristine house. Not much seemed to have changed, but it was little things. A bit more dust than usual, a glass left out on the table when there wasn't usually any, the things normal people might not notice unless they'd been to a place often. While he was looking around Yuki seemed to have zoned out, so with a sigh he reached over and gently shook him by the shoulder, "hey, you alright Yuki?" He frowned and added, "you feel cold."

Snapping up at being caught napping, Yuki yawned again and shook his head, "I'm fine Touya. I've just been kind of sleepy lately, strange dreams." His eyes narrowed slightly as he studied Touya, causing the other to shiver unconsciously as he picked up on the presence of that same strange being he always felt flittering around Yuki.

Tilting his head, Touya stared back as he was scrutinized. Something felt unusual about the presence, chilly and unusual, and he was determined to find out exactly what. Wait, what the!? Yuki had passed out again, but this time his hair seemed to have lengthened and the shade brightened. Is that.. the moon being?

The eyes of the being snapped open, a shimmering hue that seemed to fade from a brilliant violent to a pale silvery blue with cat-like pupils. He watched the human who seemed to be growing uncomfortable with the unfamiliar magic in the area, for it was decidedly not his sister's magic that was hovering around this creature right now. A word came to Touya, Yun, though he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Whatever the figure, he was gone as quick as a vision and left simply a mildly surprised Yuki waving his hand in front of Touya's face. "Toya? Are you ok Toya?"

The darker haired man shook his head, "Sorry there Yuki I guess I just zoned out for a bit." He didn't feel quite comfortable lying to his friend, but how do you go about telling someone that not only do you know they aren't who they think they are but that you just had a weird vision about them? Cross that bridge when it comes I guess, Touya thought to himself.

Yuki smiled cheerfully and leaned back against the couch once more. "I guess I'm not the only one who's been sleepy lately then," he chuckled out softly and brushed a stray strand of hair from Touya's face. "If you're that sleepy you might as well spend the night. I can pull out the foldable bed and set it up for you."

With a smile of gratitude, Touya responded with a nod as he checked the clock, "yeah if I came back this late without an excuse I'd be in deep anyways." So without much more conversation, the two went to pull the bed out and set it up in the living room, Touya moving the furniture out of the way so they would room and Yuki unfolding everything and laying the spare sheet set down over it. No real arguments about the arrangement, they'd been doing it off and on since they met at school and they soon after parted ways to go get ready for bed and lay down. With a soft sigh, Touya watched the ceiling as he drifted off into sleep. Yu-..


Yue tossed and turned as sleep overcame his body and Yuki faded into the background to get some rest. More memories floated through his mind, sweeping him back once again into his past.

The familiar silver figure lay resting with his head against the empty red chair, eyes red and puffy though the tears they shed were silent. He looked up at Clow through those silent tears and reached a hand forwards to brush his fingers against the man's robes, "don't you love us Clow? You don't have to die. You can fix it, like you fix us when something happens."

Clow smiled sadly at his child, saying in that same unworried voice, "Oh Yue, still have so much to learn don't you?" He knelt down and stroked the silver hair of his creation, gaining him Yue's full attention. "It doesn't work that way, I'm afraid. I can heal you and your brother from almost anything because of who and what you are. With human lives, it just isn't quite that simple." He cradled his child's head against his chest, feeling slender arms wrap around his frame, "humans die, Yue. That is just how it is. We get old, and we pass away, and eventually we all die. I tried to spare you from suffering my death too long."

Unbeknownst to Clow apparently, Yue was going through an altogether different internal crisis of his own. He could feel his creator's heart beating against his skin, smell his hair as he rested his head on his shoulder.. Oh Clow must you be this cruel to me? He turned his eyes away roughly from the face of his creator, "you're the greatest magician in the world, Clow. I can't believe a simple disease could be the end of you." Ice, yes that was it. He felt like ice was digging into him with the words Clow spoke, while his fingers brushed over his hair and seemed to warm his soul in a sparking contrast. The next words would ring in his heart for many years to come.

I am only a human being, Yue.


The sleeping figure awoke to a cold sweat, not common for the typically passive and objective figure. Yue stood up and strode towards the windowsill of the room, moving to pull himself onto the ledge in front of it and look out at the dark night sky, with a darkened and pale moon out this night. He smiled though, at the slightest light that could be seen surrounding the figure hovering in the sky, but as with most expressions it faded back to his usual passiveness. Stretching out his wings, he leaned back and relaxed in the light of the moon from the window, and so nearly forgot he was still inside as one wing banged loudly into the desk next to him. He winced and hoped the figure outside the room hadn't heard, for Yuki was still asleep.

His hopes were shattered when he heard a call, "Yuki? You ok in there? I heard a strange noise."