"Kyuubi thoughts"


Currently, Konoha was in rumbles. Naruto just got back from fighting Pain, everyone asked what happen and his only reply was to get debriefed first before relaying any information after. Godaime Hokage ordered that a temporary shelter be provided using whatever means necessary. By the time Yamato was finished a temporary hospital was erected in a few minutes though depleting him of his current charka reserves.

Naruto sat alone on top of what remains of Hokage Monument wondering if his answer to Pain was really sufficient. He can sympathize with Pain in terms being an orphan and can imagine from his story what emotion trauma he had to go through after all, it was almost like Kakashi's story. He was wondering if he was strong enough to protect his precious people and how much stronger would he have to become to face Sasuke as well as the remaining Akatsuki.

"Obaa-san ordered me to get some rest but where the hell am I gonna rest… I mean if I slept anywear near civilians they might kill me for going into Kyuubi mode or something" He was having a headache from everything that happened today.

Apparently Katsuyu told everyone in Konoha he suppressed Kyuubi, many nins were surprised and looked at him in awe as how he suppressed the malice they had sensed in his battle with Pain. "do I tell them that dear oyaji just came to me in my seal and fixed it… yeah that'll be great" He thought with slight annoyance. Not that he didn't wan't to bragged he was the son of the famous 4th Hokage, creator of the Rasengan and the man hailed as the Yellow Flash, rather who would believe him rather than Tsunade herself and how the heck was he even going to prove that.

As he was organizing his thoughts as a way to fall asleep, he also remembered something completely irrelevant. "Hinata loves me?" He thought with a slight blush. "I like Sakura-chan but I don't exactly hate Hinata and that explains why she blushes but I don't even know here I mean…"

Naruto was having a losing battle in his mind. On one hand he thought Sakura was an intelligent, beautiful kunoichi but then again Hinata and Ino can make up for looks, in terms of efficiency in battle Sakura was a medic supporting behind while Hinata was a close range type and even Tenten had skills in terms of long range. On smarts Hinata is a Hyuga so she may have learned a thing or two from Neji and in terms of academy standards she was 2nd to Sakura.

"Gah!! Damnit I don't even know why I Sakura-chan anymore" He concluded. "Shit, what do I even say to Hinata when I meet her, I know she was honest in what she liked about me but… Dammit should have made Ero-sennin teach me something about women" Naruto knew he wasn't the ideal guy and he know the don'ts in dating hell knowing at least the first step wouldn't be half bad.

In the end, he fell asleep having these thought in loop.

(The next day)

He woke up finding himself on Hokage Monument. From what he saw Konoha was still destroyed thought at least the ground was flat. "Obaa-san must have made every jounin left use doton jutsu or something." Naruto thought.

"Oh well, better find her for my report then I'll worry about meeting Hinata." Naruto felt that he would at least start the day like that however his stomach had other ideas. "Hmmm I wonder… Oji-san did get caught in that explosion, I wonder if they could make a temporary booth or something." Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. Having fought a life or death battle made him somewhat on guard and quickly grabbed a kunai only to find an Anbu who took a few steps away from him

"Naruto-san Hokage-sama wishes me to escort you to her so if you would mind putting away the kunai and following me."


At arriving at the tent, he saw Teuchi handing ramen to Tsunade and Sakura. Teuchi waved at Naruto before leaving the tent. He saw the ramen he left for him to eat and his stomach chose that moment to growl.

"I see you haven't had breakfast yet" Tsunade said.

"Hey not my fault, by the way what time is it?" Naruto asked while picking up the bowl of ramen and started eating.

"Thats not important at the moment" Tsunade replied. "At the moment, we are in need of money and supplies in order to restore Konoha and the amount of manpower needed is going to cost a lot."

"I understand that much but what does that have to do with me?" Naruto asked.

"Its simple though I hope you really do understand form my point of view"

Tsunade was looking at Naruto as though she was apologizing and as though she was begging him.

"I have a mission for you and for you to be allowed to do this alone I'm promoting you to jounin"

At that moment Naruto thought he was going deaf, did he really just hear Tsunade promote him. Hell, he just skipped Chunnin.

"Whawhat about chunnin, surely alot of chunnin will complain?"

"Why the hell am I complaining I just got promoted yet somehow it doesn't feel right"

"Anyway, accept it or not your still going on a solo A ranked mission and I truly wish there can be other options but time is short." Tsunade explains "The mission is simple Naruto at the moment Konoha doesn't have the money nor the manpower to reestablish it. However, there is one person who has the money to rebuild the entire shinobi country."

"Are you telling me to kill a guy whose THAT rich and expect me to get away?"

"First of all he's already dead, Second you are already allowed that fortune unfortunately it's quite scattered across the nations which is why I'm send you alone because I'm sure you want to keep that sum of money secret as much as possible."

"I dont... quite understand?" Naruto was racking his brains on how the hell did have that kind of money.

Tsunade was looking at him in a pained expression as if she wanted the conversation to end. She didn't want to say it but as her duty she had to.

"Naruto, the man I'm talking about is none other that you sensei, my teammate. He may be a pervert, but that perverted book of his is sold throughout the shinobi nations and though as much as I respect him I have no choice."

Tsunade was really hoping Naruto would accept otherwise it would take months to repair Konoha and anything more than 3 months with no activity could make other nations suspicious.

"What do you say?"

Naruto had been silent most of the conversation. She wanted him to ransack the bank account of the guy who was the closest thing he had to a father.

"I don't want to but... I can see somewhat that you don't like the idea as much as I do."

"Yeah, I'm not really happy myself the council or whats left of it suggested. They demanded you be sent alone probably as a way to get of rid you should you fail... heck, I've even tried to get Yamato to join you but the council said his abilities should be used in restoring Konaha instead." Tsunade replied.

"If thats the case, its fine Akatsuki will be busy for the moment and capturing me is kind of due in a few more months..."

"What do you mean?"


After hearing Pein's side of the story he decided...

"My answer is..."

However, before he even finish Pein got skewered... Konan was speechless as behind Pein stood Uchiha Madara... Of course Madara still didn't know that Naruto knew who he was.

"Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsune"

Naruto hated being adressed like that

"What do you want you mask wearing freak"

"To deliver a simple message, those who hestitate in their mission are a liability." Madara stated as he pulled out his blade from Pein's corpse.

"NAGATO!!" Konan screamed.

Konan started to channel chakra into her paper but before she could throw them she felt pain in her abdomen and saw a sword sticking out.

"Go...men... Yahiko... Nagato"

She fell and while she was bleeding to death Naruto was looking at Madara straight in the eye.

"Sasuke has joined us and send his regard saying that you are his prey and he will destroy Konoha and no one shall interfere. See you in a few months, Sasuke will be taking a slight break. Ja Ne."

Naruto was angry, no scratch angry he was beyong pissed. He just begun to understand a bit about Akatsuki and a bit of how Pein grew up and they had silenced him. Then he remembered what his dad told him about how Pein was merely a tool and than the real leader was Madara. He also thought that maybe Madara wanted Itachi and Sasuke seeing as they were the last Uchihas for their current knowledge or something like that.

(flashback end)

"And you know the rest" Naruto ended though he left the bit about his dad. He didn't want anyone finding about that because he still wished to be recognized as an individual. Even if the man was the hero, he didn't want to be recognized as Yondaime's son but rather as himself.

"I'll get my stuff and head out" Naruto said leaving a worrying Tsunade.

"Be careful... I want weekly reports if possible." said Tsunade.

"Hai Hai... Baachan"

Even if it was a taunt it was his way of lightening the mood and though he acted like a kid Tsunade saw a shadow of Jiraiya and Yondaime behind him for a 2nd time.

When he left Tsunade said something that made Sakura finally speak.

"That boy... is so much like his parents" Tsunade smiled

"His... parents?"Sakura asked

Tsunade just smiled at her and said nothing else.

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