"Kyuubi thoughts"


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A masked man signals from above while a blonde nin closely followed by a purple haired woman rushes from nowhere and hurried sprints towards the next set of trees. Next the the masked man, a face appeared out of the tree to replace him while the masked man disappeared and reappeared a few meters following the blonde nin. Behind them, a shadow of 2 nins was following them. All in all, a good start to a good mission. It's not that they expected an attack, rather what nin would want to be attacked.

Kakashi sees Naruto and Anko stop looking closely at something. Putting up his guard just in case anything goes wrong while sending a Bunshin to asses they're situation.

"Recognize this?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, This ain't ordinary blood. This is a virgin's" said Anko.

"So they've been here. From the trail, they've only left roughly a few hours at best." said Kakashi's clone.

"Wonder where the body is..." trailed Anko as there was nothing left to suggest a kill.

"Probably brought along. For some relief later on." concluded Naruto.

"Let's move on." said Anko.

"Report to sensei." said naruto watching the clone poof out.

"Yamato." said Kakashi.

"Yeah?" replied Yamato.

"So what hapened last night?" asked Kakashi.

"Naruto was resonating... he may or not realize it. A tail's worth of Bijuu's chakra was reverbrating the entire night while Naruto was having sex, it didn't look like Kyuubi warping his mind..." said Yamato.

"That means..." said Kakashi.

"What is it sempai?" asked Yamato curiously.

"...Icha icha series will be continued by Naruto... I knew it... he would inherit Jiraiya-sama's will." said Kakashi in his ecchi melodramatic voice.

"If he did... even I would buy some of that after watching last night ... the things he did..." thought Yamato in private.

"Switch" called Yuugao from behind ending the conversation. Ino moving in the middle while Yamato at the back.


"You fine?" asked Anko as she led them following the scent of blood from before.

"Yeah... i think Kakashi's thinking something perverted about me." said Naruto lightening the mood a bit before looking around and making three clones and sending them ahead.

"Who could blame him... you were great you know... Thanks..." said Anko blushing.

"For?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Nothing." said Anko looking at him a bit before returning to her steely glare. The kind that says touch my dango and a fate worse than death awaits.

"Wait!" called Naruto.

"What?" asked Anko.

"Two traps... which direction was the scent?" inquired Naruto.

"There." pointed Anko in the direction where Naruto felt his clones dispersed.

"That's where the traps are which is both good and bad... we're in the right direction but we have no clue what they can do." said Naruto while Anko nodded and motioned Kakashi to come down.

"What? Need something?" asked Kakashi.

"Chakra scan. I know you ain't a Hyuuga but I know you can see chakra." said Anko.

"Barely." said Kakashi as he revealed his Sharingan eye.

"A feint trail though a multiple chakra structure suggest multiple bodies..." said Kakashi covering his eye again returning to his position.

"Let's keep moving. We've got 6 hours till sunset." said Naruto as he made five clones and sent them ahead.

"Love those clones of yours." said Anko.

"In more ways than you think" she added.

"Yeah..." replied Naruto.

For him, it was weird... working with the women who you just fucked the night before. Admittedly, this is still a mission with a big fat paycheck. He would like something to buy to either help him in ninja training or better... how to fix the situation. He's felt guilty for having sex but at the same time... he felt that Hinata already knew... women are truly scary. Love is definitely scarier than fighting Pein all over again.

"Such misfortune." thought Naruto as he led below while waiting a feeling from his clones.

"Seriously Kakashi, aren't you worried about Naruto?" asked Yamato as they returned to their original position resuming their revious conversation.

"Naruto may or may not know but eventually he could be allowed to have multiple wives depending on his contribution to the ninja world." said Kakashi.

"What do you mean?" asked Yamato.

"Bloodline is one of the few reasons why some clans are allowed the CRA, however, some with dying technique can be also considered. In Naruto's case, it may be his immense chakra or the completed form of the Rasengan. Either way, they're powerful cases for a clan. A clan who's chakra capacity is 3 times the normal shinobi or a clan all who can master S rank jutsu within months instead of years. Which country wouldn't want that." defended Kakashi.

"I see, but will Kyuubi's chakra really be passed on to other generations. I mean the chances of any child Naruto has will have the same capacity as him." said Yamato.

"You have a point but remember, his growth has already been highly influence by how he adapted to Kyuubi so I would say it's highly probable that his children will have a high chakra capacity. Not his level perhaps but higher than us." concluded Kakashi.

"What about Naruto's escapade last night... It wasn't like Naruto at all." said Yamato.

"Well... like I said... he's just adjusting to his senseis' will" said Kakashi giggling a bit.

"Sempai, will you take this a bit seriously." thought Yamato as he spotted Ino moving again into position.

"Say Naruto..." started Anko.

"Yeah?" asked Naruto in a monotone.

"Do you... hate me? I mean... I recalled some of the things I did..." asked Anko.

"It's not like I've ever hated anyone. Even Sasuke. So what reason can I hate you. You lost your mind as much as I lost mine so call it even. Just don't mention it anymore." said Naruto

"Your the first you know. I mean I've never slept with a guy fully... you know... I usually kill them and all" said Anko.

"Oh. Er... it was kinda hard to wake up..." said Naruto thinking that he was either lucky or in a very screwed position.

"So... It's might be weird to ask but... who was the best sex you've had?" asked Anko.

"Er... in every aspect?" asked Naruto awkwardly.

"What do you mean every aspect... wait, just how far have you done it?" asked Anko her eyes widening.

"Er, wait." said Naruto as he made another five clones and sent them ahead.

"We've gone as far as me feeling up her uhm... other hole...." said Naruto.

"So... you still didn't answer my question though." pestered Anko.

"I'd still say Hinata... she does this thing with her chakra and her tongue that feels so damn good and the things she makes me feel in her cunt." said Naruto slightly in a trance.

"As expected of a Hyuga female... learning advance chakra control along with high level seduction arts...." thought Anko.

"Why do I feel that as much as I want to punish him, I have the urge to fuck him... I should stop acting like a wife... His wife... sleeping with many... " thought Hinata with a blush

"Hinata-san, are you fine?" asked Sai.

"Yes, why do you ask?" replied Hinata.

"Well, it says when a person turns red, they might have a fever." replied Sai.

"When I feint then I'm not, till then I'm fine." replied Hinata.

"Was there a reason why you asked?" asked Naruto.

"Just wondering... I mean it's not like I ask how I fuck to the client I'm about to assassinate. Just fuck them till they're gonna cum then slice their throats... Yuugao does it faster." replied Anko

"So your saying that... you have no confidence?" asked Naruto thinking that he was way off.

"I know I'm good to look outside but... I mean... was I good?" asked Anko.

"Honestly, you've got a lot of room for improvement.... Don't get me wrong here but you do tend to loose yourself after you come thrice." joked Naruto while keeping a straight face.

"So you like your women more... outlasting?" asked Anko.

"Maybe. I dunno. I'm kinda confused about that. I don't even know if I'm a sa... nothing." stopped Naruto.

"What's wrong?" asked Anko.

"All 5 dispersed at the same time... which direction is the scent coming from?" asked Naruto.

"That way." pointed Anko.

"The traps are getting bigger and slightly interconnected." said Naruto.

"What kind was it?" asked Anko.

"Trap holes with spikes...thing is there might be more... the speed in which they make this suggest that they have some sort of Earth ninjutsu to allow them to make holes easily."concluded Naruto while Anko thought about it more.

"I think Kakashi can handle any earth ninjutsu but we should be on our guard just in case." said Anko.

"Wait a bit. I'm gonna use 10 this time." said Naruto as he made more and sent them ahead.

"So where were we... o right... so how do you like your women then?" asked Anko.

"Women is kinda plural." retorted Naruto.

"Excuse me for not having a foursome with said one true love." said Anko smirking.

"Ok fine. Do I have to answer?" asked Naruto.

"Hey, I told you my insecurities." countered Anko.

"How do I know it isn't a lie, after all it is in our nature." said Naruto playing with her.

"Cmon! Not fair." said Anko pouting at him.

"I'm used to that face so don't even try." said Naruto setting the pace a bit slower trying to be aware of his clones.

"You know, that's just making me want you more." said Anko.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"Nothing... nothing. said Anko.

"So any bets on who might Naruto want to keep if he does get allowance?" asked Yamato thinking of a fat paycheck.

"Honestly, I'm just hoping for a one straight line." said Kakashi.

"One straight? What?" asked Yamato.

"Oh, it's a slang meaning for every girl Naruto woos becomes his fuckmate then eventual concubine." said Kakashi.

"He is attracting a lot of attention." said Yamato.

"I can't wait when that happens. Even if Naruto doesn't continue the Icha icha series, watching him will be enough for me to live off my life like a hermit." said Kakashi.

"Sempai's just wanting to be a 2nd Jiraiya." thought Yamato.

"What's wrong?" asked Kakashi.

"A nothing... Well I think your right about Naruto wooing every woman but he isn't likely going to fuck every one of them... Maybe only the girls he's been in contact." said Yamato.

"Unlikely, Sakura isn't seeing someone and that Tenten is head over heels with that Neji. Temari's seeing Shikamaru on their supposed "secret relationship". Honestly, a ninja society having secrets is almost impossible." said Kakashi.

-In Konoha-

"Something wrong?" asked Tayuya eating some sushi.

"Nothing... just feeling something troublesome is coming." said Shikamaru.

"Then you should eat our worries away." said Chouji eating a steak while watching Kurenai eating the same amount.

"Ne, Kurenai-sensei... your getting hungry I take it." mused Shikamaru.

"Yes. Tsunade made a check up and told me I should be underfeeding otherwise the baby's development won't reach it's maximum." said Kurenai.

"Is it good? Getting pregnant and everything. I mean your a shinobi right?" asked Tayuya.

"Depends. Some may not want it and others might." said Kurenai.

"What about you? You like it?" asked Tayuya.

"In some ways." said Kurenai rubbing her belly while Shikamaru considered something he shouldn't have." thought Shikamaru.

"We're catching up." signalled Anko.

"I noticed. All my clones are dead. Some ain't by traps though remembering them only gives me an image of one guy. There's ain't anyone or anything else from what they saw." said Naruto running to the last place his clones got killed.

"If we hurry..." said Anko before the ground beneath her suddenly collapsing while Naruto was pulling the scruff of her cloak launching her sideways while he himself was falling.


"I'll be fine." said Naruto smiling before throwing Anko to safety while Kakashi and Yamato was already making handseals while the ground itself was repairing itself ready to encase Naruto.

"Tsch... I'll use it later... for now..." thought Naruto as seeing whether Yamato or Kakashi would make it.

"No choice then..." thought Naruto as he closed his eyes while falling to what felt like minutes but fact was just a second.

"I get it... emergency right?" retorted Kyuubi.

"No... duh." thought Naruto as he felt gravity's pull.

"Here." replied Kyuubi.

To Anko, it looked like Naruto got eaten by the earth itself as there was nothing left of the hold nor any evidence that suggest that there was a hole. Yamato tried to catch his using his wood techniques but was a second late. Ino was checking if she had any injuries while Yuugao was already scouting. Kakashi was looking at the ground then looked at Yamato.

"Well?" asked Kakashi.

"He's fine. Kyuubi's not active meaning Naruto's no really in any situation to use Kyuubi." said Yamato.

"It's my fault for not noticing." said Anko.

"The tech isn't an earth base. It's much closer to Yamato's here who uses life chakra as a basis for jutsus. The earth that you saw was more like a shell of something alive. What ever it was was just coincidently alongside some earth based chakra which created this." said Kakashi.

"You said something earlier like multiple bodies?" said Ino.

"There could be more than one... or... it could like Kakuzu." concluded Kakashi.

"Kakuzu?... that Akatsuki freak with the 5 hearts?" recalled Ino.

"Naruto didn't mention seeing more than one person ambush his clone meaing that whoever this person was absorbs bodies." said Kakashi.

"Bigger question. Do we wait here or follow." said Yamato.

"Let's decide on a vote." said Kakashi.

"Stay" said Anko.

"Follow." said Kakashi.

"Stay" said Yamato.

"Follow." said Ino.

"Follow? from you Ino?" asked Kakashi.

"I'd rather test my own strength as well than sitting back. While leaving a comrade is bad for any mission, this is Naruto. I don't believe for a moment he'll lose to anyone." explained Ino.

"So we wait for Yuugao's vote then when she comes back." said Kakashi looking at the minutes that will pass by.

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