Okay, I decided to attempt HoLlIwOoDbOuNd13's 100 word Challenge. I thought it might be fun. Most of the chapters will be Channy, with a few other characters thrown in when it's works :) There will be some stories that may continue, or some may just be random drabbles.

I don't really care for this first one; it's more like a poem, which isn't my usual style, but I couldn't come up with anything else "Blue" that others hadn't already done. Please don't judge the other chapters on this one :) Please R&R!

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Blue… that was Sonny's least favorite color. Why?

There are many reasons that Sonny is not fond of the color blue. One of them is that she's sunny- as in cheery- always happy. She likes bright colors like red and pretty colors like purple.

Blue is just depressing to her. It reminds her of sadness, loneliness, and insecurity.

Those are just some of the reasons that Sonny doesn't care for the color blue.

But the main reason is because of him.

That him would be Chad Dylan Cooper.

Blue is the color of his sparkling eyes. She wants them- or does she?

It doesn't matter because she cannot have them.

Blue also reminds her of Chad because he seems to wear it a lot- especially his navy blue Mackenzie Falls uniform.

So when Tawni asks Sonny what color dress she's going to wear to the Tween Choice Awards she answers, "Anything but blue."

Blue also reminded her of great things- such as fluffy blue cotton candy, or a clear blue sky.

But that clarity was clouded over by a dark storm; him.

She was sick of his constant insults to her; tired of his cockiness. Being around him brought her down and made her feel blue.

It was like swimming in a dark, blue ocean, never quite reaching the surface.

Then there were those times that he surprised her; maybe with kindness or a gesture, then she began to feel sunny again.

The problem with blue was that it was confusing; it reminded her of a multitude of things- both good and bad.

But she always tended to associate it with him.

That's why one day when asked by Zora, "Hey Sonny, what is your favorite color?" Sonny was shocked to hear herself answer, "Blue."

Somehow it had crept in her mind- just as Chad Dylan Cooper had crept in to her life.

And no matter how hard she tried to deny it- she really liked the color blue- along with him too.