Not actually a fan of SasuSaku but there are people who like it and having a bit of variation is good right? Plus the angsty situation pleases me immensely.

It rained the night that he came back. He stood in front of the closed gates, gazing at them through the grey haze of the rain. It had been so long. The rain poured down, sliding over the pale skin, clinging to the long dark hair. His obsidian eyes were glazed over, emotionless as he stared at the entrance to the village.

He walked forward, slowly, unsteadily and placed a hand on the giant doors, his white fingers fanning out against the wood. Instantly he was surrounded by dark figures. They recoiled slightly as they recognized him through the blood on his clothes and face. They called his name warningly, their voices dull and echoed quietly in his head. They moved swiftly and grabbed him, shoving a kunai knife against his spine. The giant doors creaked open and he closed his eyes, breathing in the rain and the smell of wet cherry blossoms.

Of course they're here, he thought numbly as he stepped inside the gates. Something stirred in his chest. Konoha. Sets of eyes followed every awkward step he took with his head forced down, his arms bound, a knife to his back.

Blue eyes, wide and staring, blonde hair wet and heavy, mouth open… He stood closest. Naruto.

One black half lidded eye, mask pulled infront of his mouth, crease lines on the mask, smiling a little… Kakashi.

He kept his face indifferent.

"Let him up you idiots!" Naruto's voice rang out, cutting across the hazy rain. Such a long time since he had heard it. The other ninja let him up and he rose to his full height. A little taller than Naruto, shorter than Kakashi. Such a long time…

Dark eyes slowly surveyed the surroundings. The petals on the cherry blossom tree were milky in the moonlight, a soft glowing pink. Cherry blossoms… Finally his eyes rested on the shadowed form at the back.

He could see her quivering, he hands clenched at her chest. He inhaled noisily and she looked up, her soft green eyes meeting his. Her legs moved quickly , her arms flying from her chest as she rushed forward, tears flying from her face to join the night rain.

"Even after all this time… You're still annoying…"

She stopped short. Her arms falling limply to her side, her eyes wide and staring into his face, searching for the truth. Was she annoying? No. She had cared but his heart had been too full of hate to allow her to heal him with hers. Her heart, so open, so giving. She looked up at him, her heart in her eyes.

Tears fell, streaming down her face, just as they had when he left. She reached to push them away, closing her eyes, coming undone in front of him. He reached out one hand and threaded it into her hair, pulling her head against his chest, holding her there as she began to sob harder. This was enough. It would be enough for them.

"Sasuke…" Something broke inside him as his name that had not been said with such emotion since that night was murmured and suddenly he brought his arms around her, holding her, lifting her off her heels, his own tears beginning to escape from a dark place within him. He couldn't seem to hold her close enough, rubbing his mouth in her hair, his arms closing her within him. What was this? He hadn't felt anything in so long… She gripped his shirt, his shirt that was stained with his brothers blood, she gripped his body, his body that was bloodied and bruised, she reached out and found his heart with hers, his heart that was so broken but she could have what was left of it, what was left of him…