Based on manga chapter 42; Bloody Rose. A 'what if' theory. If Yuuki had been just a minute later...


{fall into my inferno}

He craves danger and lives in battle. Only the rush of his blood could make him feel alive. It is a fact not many knows about him (because he's a monster, and only a monster lives on blood). His heart is beating with adrenaline under his skin as he sweep pass the Level Ds, shattering them with a single touch.

He moves towards the direction of the massive hole in the roof, his dress shoes clicking against the tiles. He looks down into the burning roof, the smoke causing his eyes to water slightly. He resists the urge to rub it.

There. The man who looks so much like Kaname (but it can't be Kaname-sama because Kaname-sama doesn't have such terrifying eyes). He felt a suffocating fear as the man mismatched eyes look up at him. Blue and red. Eyes that promised death.

Hanabusa had thought he know fear. Fear, when Kaname threatened to kill him. Fear, when he thought Akatsuki is dead (itcan'tbeitcan'tbeAkatsukican'tbedead). But even those can't be compared to what he's feeling right now. It is terror he never know before. It seizes him deep in his soul and threatens to drown him where he's standing.

"You are..." his voice came out in a breathless gasp. "Kuran Rido-sama..."

Enemy or not, Kuran Rido is a pureblood, a much more superior being than him (and he hates it, hates the feeling of uselessness), and he can't disobey him.

(-I don't want to die. I don't want to die)

"I do not need any more appetizers." Rido voice is all smooth and velvet and he wonders just how many people he had seduced with those voice. The man smirks slightly and sniffs the air. "But you seem to be something worth eating."

The casualness of the way Rido spoke frightens him, yet he couldn't move. He desperately tried to budge from his spot, but a heavy weight seem to pull him down, and it was as if someone had just pour icy water down his back as Rido raise a hand and beckons him forward.

(-I don't want to die. I don't want to die)

"Come here." Something tugs at his soul and he felt lethargic out of a sudden. "After all, you guys will not betray your 'King', the purebloods."

His mind is screaming for him to stop moving, questioning where is Kaname-sama? Isn't he supposed to be here for us but his body disagreed with him, and he took a step forward and fell.

Rido caught him effortlessly and inhales sharply, a wild hunger in his terrifying eyes. He tilts his head to the side and angles his face near his jugular vein.

(-I don't want to die. I don't want to die)

"Come... let me eat you slowly... become a part of me." That was the last thing he heard before Rido sank his fangs deep into his neck, splitting his skin and spilling blood into a hungry mouth.

Am I going to die here like this echoes repeatedly in his dazed mind before he felt the very essences of his life fading away. His grip on Rido cloak loosens and he melts into the pureblood hold.

(-I don't want to die. I don't want to die)

Akatsuki would be screaming at his stupidity if he ever lives through this (he wonders if he'll ever sees his cousin again).

I don't want to dieā€¦