Hiya everyone! To get me back into writing, my awesome friend has given me a drabble challenge. I have to have iTunes going on shuffle, and whatever song comes up, I have to write a HarryDraco drabble to it, and am only allowed the time frame of the song to complete the drabble. I will post them whenever I write them! It is really fun, try it if you want! :-) Okay, so here are the ones I've written so far. Enjoy!


Falling For You ~ Busted

So this was what obsession felt like.

Harry wondered idly if it was a spell. It couldn't be real.

Breakfast. Trying to subtly catch a flash of platinum blonde across the Great Hall.

Potions. Searching for silver eyes.

Library. Supposed to be studying... except all he could think about was how bloody brilliant it would feel if he were to appear from behind a shelf, and push him onto the table...

He was all that Harry ever thought about. Seriously.

Harry Potter was falling for Draco Malfoy.


brionyjae xox