The Only Exception ~ Paramore

Malfoys didn't believe in love. That much had been drummed into Draco at even the young age of five. Not that he'd needed to be told – one look at his parent's marriage could have convinced him of that.

And Draco had been fine with that, accepted it. He had never felt it – so how could it exist? How could he even know what it felt like anyway?

Fate, however, seemed to have other ideas.

The first time Draco felt it, he couldn't possibly recognise it. Even if Harry had been hugging him and wiping his tears away at the time. It couldn't be.

Then again, when he'd finally caught the snitch at the last Quidditch match he played for Slytherin, and Harry had ran onto the pitch to throw his arms around his neck. An unbelievably pure smile on his face.

And when he'd been sitting by the lake, content with loneliness, and Harry had found him and sat next to him. No words.

He knew then, that Harry was the only exception for Draco. Not that it should come as a surprise – it had, after all, always been the case.

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