Enter a new world. Where one pivotal event in history has been altered, changing the course of the future in a Planet-shattering way.

Would life be brighter? If Nibelheim never burned, Gongaga never was destroyed, and the city of Junon was never completed?

The founder of the Jenova Project was executed quietly. The experiment destined to be the greatest general of all time has been tossed aside as a failure.

You ask how this would be, and I beg you to consider this: What if Wutai had won the war?

If these results seem to solve all the problems in the world... Just remember that even the most glittering coin has its tarnished side.



Tarnished Side

An AU skewing of the game Final Fantasy VII, an inception of Quinctia.



Part 1- Phoenix Rising




Green. Vegetation represented the natural, the clean, the freedom of the land outside. Sky blue, earth brown, leaves green.

The stems of the flowers she sold were green. The bills which she received in return were green. Her eyes, so warm and lovely, the projectors of every emotion she had ever felt–her eyes were green.

Green represented life. Pressing her fingers against the glass, Aeris marveled that the blood flowing inside her wasn't green. The glowing liquid inside this pipeline was green.

The Shinra propaganda may have fooled Midgar's population into thinking the power company was completely open, but...something seemed off. There was something about this power source that, since twenty years ago had given the power company a monopolizing hold on the Planet.

Until the war, that is. But Shinra still held half the world in its clutches yet...all because of this green glowing liquid.

(It's the life of the Planet) the flower girl mused, standing up. As she brushed herself off, in another part of the city, a train pulled into a station.

The station at sector 1.