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It has been two months since Dean was rescued from hell, and on a favor for another hunter, Sam and Dean are taking some time out from their hunt for Lilith to do a simple salt and burn, and it was going to plan, until the spirit got the jump on them, and now Dean is trying to distract it, while Sam finishes digging.

Dean is screaming to Sam, struggling against the spirit's attempt to throw him around. Sam is trying desperately to finish, but his head is throbbing mercilessly, and he can't even see straight, it's all he can do to stay standing.

Two hours later as Sam is cleaning and stitching up a number of minor cuts and abrasions covering Dean's body, he can still barely function, but is doing everything for Dean before he gives himself the time to think about himself.

Once Dean's patched up and settled into bed, Sam goes into the bathroom, and as he's getting himself ready for bed, his thoughts drift to the events of tonight. It should have been simple, but Dean ended up with twenty two stitches, because of him. As much as he has been denying it, Sam knows that the headaches he's been getting, progressively worsening, and increasing in frequency are a sign that something is wrong, very wrong.

The next day, while Dean is out hustling, probably for the next few hours, Sam grabs a twenty, and hails a cab to take him to a nearby free clinic. As he sits waiting in between the teenager juggling two young kids, and the questionable middle aged man, Sam's mind wanders to a thought that he wishes it didn't. What if they find something?

What'll happen to Dean, he's been through too much, he'll never survive if there's something wrong with me, he's been to hell and back for me for god's sake!

Sam continues to wait there, until his name is finally called, and he is directed into one of the tiny offices. The doctor looks up at him with a compassionate expression that surprises Sam, and then the doctor introduces himself. "I'm Dr Freed. What can I do for you today?"

"I um, er ...I think there's something wrong with me." Sam mumbles, knowing how weak that sounds, but too nervous to vocalize what he really thinks.

"Okay." Dr Freed says before he asks. "Can you tell me what's been going on to make you think that?"

Sam pauses for a moment, and then he tells the doctor. "I've been getting headaches, really bad and getting worse, sometimes I can't even see properly."

"Okay, how long have you been experiencing the headaches? Days? Weeks?"

Let's see, they started about two and a half months after I buried Dean, so that would make it about... "Three and a half months, give or take."

There is a noticeable pause between Sam's answer and the doctor's response, which when it happens is a simple. "I see." And then there is almost a minute of silence while he fills out some medical forms, which he hands to Sam as he says. "I think we had better run some tests, to be safe."

Sam nods wearily as he accepts the forms, and then silently stands up and walks out of the room. And then as he is following the various signs towards the pathology and imaging department, Sam glances at the forms, and several words quickly catch his eye 'symptoms indicate a possible tumour'.

Sam feels his stomach flip as he sees that one word, tumour, and he has to sit down where he is in the hallway, for fear of passing out. A tumour?! What if it's cancer?! What will happen then? There'd be treatments, but what about Dean? There's no way he can watch me go through that.

Six days later, Sam is back at the clinic, his results are in, and in the next few minutes he will find out the verdict. It has been a long few days, especially since he decided not to tell Dean, and so had had to put on a constant, exhausting façade.

"Sam Winters." A nurse calls out suddenly, breaking Sam out of his thoughts, and in a numb motion, he walks through into the consulting room.

He barely notices as Dr Freed greets him, and begins speaking, he only barely remembers going over the mundane paperwork, the only part of the visit that is clear to Sam is the moment when he heard the devastating words – "You have a brain tumour, you need urgent treatment".

Eventually Dr Freed realises that nothing is sinking in, and gives Sam a couple of pamphlets on his condition, a meningioma, and tells him to call him in a day or two, when he's had time to think.

And Sam merely nods in acknowledgement before leaving.

As Sam walks into the motel room, he is barely functioning, but one thing is clear to Sam, Dean can not find out about this, and so he forces himself to put up a façade of calm and takes a breath before walking towards the small couch where Dean is sitting, entranced in whatever mindless tv show he is watching.

As he hears his brother approach, Dean looks up, and questions him. "Where've you been, Sam?"

Sam steels himself as he replies. "Just went to the library, checking out a possible case."

Dean nods, accepting his answer. "Okay, you find anything?"

If he didn't feel like he was about to cry, Sam would've laughed. Did he find anything? Of all the things Dean could've asked, so Sam just shakes his head as he says. "No, I didn't." Before he wearily heads towards the bathroom, where unbeknown to Dean, he breaks down, his devastated sobs hidden by the sound of running water.


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