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It isn't until the next morning that Sam calls the clinic to talk to Dr Freed, he just collapsed into bed last night, and now he has to figure out what he is going to do next and so here he is, sitting on his bed, waiting anxiously for the doctor to answer.

Eventually, Dr Freed answers, and after brief greetings are exchanged, he gets down to the point by saying. "There's no way to sugar coat this, Sam. You need an operation urgently, or you will die."

"..." Sam is silent for close to a minute before he replies. "Okay." And then there is another pause, while Sam thinks of how he is going to handle this, and then he decides. "But I live in Seattle, can you give me the name of someone there who can do this?"

"No problem, Sam. One of the best neurosurgeons in the country works at Seattle Grace Hospital, Derek Shepherd. I can write you a referral to see him." Dr Freed tells Sam, and then he adds. "Just stop by the clinic later today, and I will give you the referral and you can take it from there."

"Okay, thanks." Sam says gratefully before ending the call as Dean walks into the room.

Six hours and several phone calls later Sam is booked in for surgery in a week's time, now all he has to do is find a way to get away from Dean for the duration.

By the next afternoon, Sam has formulated a plan, and he is sitting outside the motel room, mentally preparing himself to walk inside and tell Dean this lie, despite knowing that it means that he will be going through all this on his own, despite knowing that if Dean finds out, he will be devastated.

Eventually, Sam pulls himself to his feet, and after giving himself a moment to let his head stop spinning, he walks inside, and without revealing any emotion he tells Dean. "I need to talk to you about something. It's important."

Dean looks up at Sam, and worriedly asks him. "Is everything alright?"

Sam takes a breath, steeling himself before he replies. "Yeah, everything's fine. I've just been thinking, maybe I could head back to school, I've been offered a place in a law degree at University of Minnesota."

Dean jaw drops, he clearly believes the lie, and quickly asks. "You're gonna leave? After everything you're just gonna leave?! What about the hunt? What about the fact that the freakin' apocalypse is coming?!" What about me? Goes unsaid.

Sam pauses for a moment before he tells Dean. "I really need to do this, Dean. I'm sorry."

There is an awkward pause before Dean says. "You don't need to be sorry, Sammy. I want you to be happy, I know you don't like hunting, you should go. We'll meet up when we can."

Two days later, Sam rents a car, and leaves Dean. He is wracked by guilt for deceiving his brother, but knows he that this is how it has to be.

Four days, two of which were spent driving, later, Sam is sitting on a bed in Seattle Grace Hospital's pre-op area, going over a pile of forms with one of Dr Shepherd's underlings, Meredith Grey.

As she asks him question after question, he numbly answers, the whole time wishing that Dean was here, that Dean even knew where he is.

It isn't until Dr Grey asks him the second last question on the form that Sam hesitates in answering. It isn't even a difficult question. "Who should we put down as your next of kin, someone to call in case of emergency?"

"..." Upon hearing this, Sam doesn't answer, thinking for a moment before he asks her. "You would only call if it was essential, right?"

Taken by surprise, Meredith takes a moment before she responds. "I can make a note that they are only to be contacted in emergent circumstances."

"Okay, thanks." Sam says quietly before he tells her Dean's cell number.

Meredith then finishes up the last pieces of paperwork, and then tells Sam. "Someone will be in to take you to surgery in a few minutes." Before walking away, leaving Sam alone, desperately wishing that he wasn't.

Several hours later on the other side of the country, Dean is working on a job, when he suddenly feels something inexplicable, a pain deep inside him, something is wrong. Sammy.

Intuitively knowing that something is wrong with his brother, Dean abandons the hunt, gets in the impala, and speeds towards Minnesota. As far as he knows, towards his brother.

Meanwhile, Dr Shepherd is only just now starting to remove the tumour, as it is in a difficult position, when blood gushes from the surgical site, and simultaneously Sam's vitals plummet. The operating room suddenly becomes a hive of activity, people rushing in every direction, working frantically to revive Sam.

Within minutes the crisis has passed, but it is in the back of everyone's minds that he may have suffered permanent brain damage during the incident.

Sam is wheeled into the intensive care unit several hours later, the anesthetic has long since worn off, but he is still unconscious, comatose, the doctors aren't sure that he will ever regain consciousness. And so once Sam has settled into a bed, and has been connected to numerous monitors and machines, Meredith takes his chart and walks over to the nurses' station, where she flicks through the chart to find the number of his next of kin, his brother. She then dials the number, and after barely two rings it is answered. "Yeah?"

"Are you Dean Winters?" Meredith asks professionally, getting through the formalities.

"Yeah, who's asking?" Dean replies, not unused to answering to unfamiliar surnames.

Meredith pauses a moment before saying. "My name is Meredith Grey, I'm a surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital ...You're listed as next of kin for a patient we have here, Sam Winters-"

As soon as he hears 'Sam', Dean interrupts her worriedly. "What?! What happened to him?! Is he alright!?!"

"I can't tell you over the phone, how soon can you be in Seattle?"

"Damn it! Tell me what's wrong with Sam." Dean demands. What the hell has happened to Sam?! He's supposed to be at school.

Meredith sighs wearily before she tells him. "He had surgery to remove a brain tumour this morning, and whilst we were able to remove the tumour, there were complications during surgery ...Sam is in a coma."

"..." There is a noticeable pause before Dean flatly says. "Seattle Grace, right?"

"Yes. Are you alright?" Meredith says with concern.

"I'm fine." Dean replies tensely before ending the call, leaving Meredith wondering if she did the right thing.

As soon as Dean snaps his phone closed, he presses his foot down harder on the gas pedal and with more determination and fear than he has felt in a long time, he speeds towards Seattle, towards Sam. All the while he is thinking.

Sam had a brain tumour?!

How the hell could I be so blind?!

He needed me and I wasn't there for him.

It is two weeks after the surgery before Sam regains consciousness, and Dean, who has barely left his side since arriving, had almost lost hope that he would, but he does, and thankfully so far there hasn't been any sign of cognitive impairment.

And so as they sit in the hospital room, joking around and just being brothers, waiting for a nurse to bring Sam's discharge papers, Sam swears not to keep any more secrets from Dean, and Dean is quick to promise the same, but unbeknown to both they each still hold all too many.

The End.

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