Angels can't fly



Part One

"No you can't call Reese." Jenny said in near hysterical and added, "Nikki wanted them to test run getting married and so I'm going to honor her wish. No one is going to call Reese and Bianca." Tasha tried to press and Alice said, "Tasha please, you are her family." Tasha looked down to give the consent for them to operate. Nikki Stevens had been push through a window and drop 3 floors to what should have been her death. The media was all over it and the circumstances was lost to everyone. Tasha gathers what she knew about cousin Nikki and knew she could sign the release forms. Jenny held the phone for dear life as Tina made her way around the corner; it was met by mixed reactions. Tasha just walked off while Alice felt torn while Shane wanted to know how she was. "I couldn't stop myself Shane. Bette…" Tina said and paused. "I know." Shane said and Tina responded, "I called Reese, I told her…." Jenny heard this and walked over to Tina told her about how Nikki wanted them to get married, that's what she wanted. Jenny repeated that over and over. Jenny then started wailing on Tina and Shane had to hold her. Reese then walked in with Bianca….

Two Months ago…..

Everyone was at the Pink concert, Tina's ring just felt and she picked it up. Jenny tried her best to lie about it and Tina then told Bette it was for her.

"Bette I know we said that we shouldn't cave to a heterosexual tradition but we're not straight. I don't think of it as that, I think of as two people pledging how much and how deeply they want to be together forever." Tina said and finished with, "Will you marry me?" Bette was shocked and why she said yes would come to haunt her soon.