Angels Can't Fly



Part Seven

It was Chief Johnson interviewing Jenny

Chief saw Jenny was in a daze. "Jenny…" Chief Brenda tried to get Jenny to snapped out of it. "When she was a hostage, did you see her? Was she scared?" Jenny asked and Chief Brenda responded, "She was scared like everyone else, my daughter was with her." Jenny shook her head and Brenda added, "Annabelle has faith that I could save the day." "We got engaged and I was going to do this corny thing I was screaming, "I'm on top of the world." Jenny said and then stopped. "I hate Bette." Brenda continue to question her very carefully she read all about Jenny's histories in hospitals. As everyone huddled, Brenda didn't see murder. Miranda had walked to Jenny and put her hand on hers. "Why are you so sad?" Miranda asked and Jenny kissed her head.

"Jenny…" A voice changed. Jenny eyes woke up and she turned around to see that she was in the hotel room and look in back of her to see Nikki who just woke up. It was just a bad dream. Jenny walked over and held her Nikki very carefully. Nikki was sad. "What's wrong?" Jenny asked.

"Last night I was upstairs I couldn't sleep and I heard arguing, I saw Bette and Tina struggling then I saw they would about to hit the window and I saved Tina because Bette almost pushed her into it. I broke the ring." Nikki cried and Jenny hugged her. Nikki told her that Angelica had walked in on Bette and Helena fucking. Jenny just had her mouth opened.

Everyone was at breakfast. Jenny was with Nikki, Shane was very happy then Bianca and Reese came with Miranda. Kit came with Angelica so the kids could play and Alice was with Tasha. They would gossip and laughing. Helena had creep out last night. Then Tina came to the picture and sat down. "Nikki I will replace the ring somehow." Tina said and Jenny broke a joke. "Come on Tina, me and you never had the same taste." Jenny said and Tina almost smiled. "So Tina we have three engagements and as I was talking to Greenlee, they want to renew." Shane said and Alice blurted, "Fuck! What are we going to do have a four way wedding?" Jenny then smiled and said, "No. We could to have a double wedding weekend. Two weddings a day and…" Jenny was about to finished and Tina got the call. She was happy. "We beat New Moon." Tina said and there was celebration. Bette had come in and Angelica stepped back.

Bianca invited Bette to sit as well as Alice. Tina paused and gave Bette a cold look, she sat down with Angelica and everyone was clueless on what happened as Bette turned then left. Kit shook her head and said, "Baby girl messed up again and she was with Helena last night." "She almost killed me last night." Tina said.