All the police men were in the office, having a break while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.
"hey, look Carol's outside" Don sneered. Geoff looked too, and then Ventress lifted up the curtain

"what are you talking about?" Joe asked. This made Don and Geoff laugh.

"You so fancy Carol" Geoff said

"what?" Joe asked "and how would you know that?" Joe asked

This made Don laugh even more

"everyone knows" Geoff told

"What?" Joe repeated

"It's obvious" Geoff said

"I do not" Joe said. This made Don laugh even harder and Geoff laughed. Alf chocked on his coffee.

Even Srg. Miller gave a smile " all right leave the lad alone" He walked out

"that's all right coming from you" Joe said reffering to Geoff

"What do you mean?" Geoff asked still joking with Don.

"You fancy Dawn" Joe said

"Oh..but..buu" Geoff stopped laughing and got embarrassed. At this point Don was nearly falling off his chair, with laughter. He found the look on their faces funny. Alf was also laughing, but not as much.

"Don and Gina" Alf butted in

"so, at least I admit it" Don spluttered

"you haven't said anything to her" Joe told

"If I did Oscar would come at me with a gun, and she's married, with 1 child." Don had a point but still carried on laughing from the time before. It didn't bother him, where as Geoff shyed away.

"oh yeah" Joe joked

"Well, Carol is free, and she's outside" Don laughed

"yeah whatever" Joe didn't believe him

"see for yourself" Alf said

Joe smiled as he shook his head

"so when you gonna tell Carol?" Don teased

Joe was about to say something when..

"tell me what?" Carol was stood behind him.

"Ur.. nothing" Joe tried to change the subject. Don was wailing with laughter. Carol gave a giggle after finding Don's laughter funny.

"We'll talk outside" Joe said louder so she could hear him

"yeah" Carol said. Even outside she still found Don's laugh amusing

"Is it just me, or is his laughter contagious" Joe smiled. Carol smiled

"Um, Robbie, he is actually suffering from Asthma" She told

"Oh right, so it had nothing to do with him taking drugs?" Joe asked

"Well it didn't help" Carol looked up at him

"OK" It was an awkward moment, he thought tell her, go on she's looking at you

"what did Don say just before I came?" Carol asked

"Um, oh it was this joke" Joe tried to cover it up "that's what he found funny"

"Oh" Carol didn't look convinced "I heard Don say so when are you going to tell Carol" She looked suspicious

"I don't know" Nice save from Joe

she nodded her head. And smiled. She looked a little disappointed, probably because she didn't get a explanation.

"so I'll see you then" she smiled and walked off

"yeah, see you" He waved. He walked back in, to see that Don was calming down a little bit. His face was bright red.

"did you tell her?" Geoff asked waving a news paper in front of Don to cool him down

"no" Joe signed

"I told you she was coming, but you didn't believe me" Don managed to say.