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Chapter 1: Preparation


A bright day met her. She was preparing to go to school, others thought but deep inside her she knew she was preparing for something deeper.

"Onee-san, I'll be going now!" She shouted before she slammed the door behind her. She heard her older sister's gentle reply.

She smiled and immediately started walking to school. While on the road, she was spacing out, thinking of something with importance for her. There's a question on her mind, would she do it today or wait for another chance?

- - -

"Konichiwa Fuji-kun!" She greeted him as she usually does every time they meet on the road to their school.

He smiled, "Konichiwa Nakamura-san."

"Nehh, the weather is nice, isn't it?" She asked him.

He nodded, "But it will not be the whole day."


"The weather report said a while ago that it will rain this afternoon."

She was surprised, "What? Crap, I didn't bring my umbrella." She mumbled.

"It's okay. I brought mine. We could go home together this afternoon." He offered.

She blushed but she immediately covered it by pretending to wipe her face with her handkerchief. "Really?"

"Yeah, if it's okay with you."

"Sure." She answered.

And both of them became silent.

"By the way," She broke the silence. "Are you busy after you eat your lunch?"

He thought about it for a while, "No, I guess. Why?"

"Can we talk on the library?" She asked.

He sensed there was something she was hiding, "Why? Is there anything wrong?"

She smiled, "No, I just want to tell you something."


- - -

The school bell rang for lunch. She was eating her food slowly. She was tensed for something. Her friends asked her why and she answered them saying nothing was not out of ordinary. They knew she was lying but they couldn't force her to tell the truth. She finally decided to stop eating. She didn't finish her food and left her friends confused.

"Ayame-san, are you really alright?" One of her friends asked.

She smiled at them, "Yeah! Just wish me luck!" She said and then disappeared in front of them.

Her friends shrugged.

- - -

On the library, she stepped inside nervously. She could feel every breath she let out. She noticed the librarian looked at her but she ignored it. She immediately let out a deep sigh when she didn't saw even his shadow.

"Thank God he's not yet here." She whispered and sat on a vacant chair near the window.

She thought of what should she say first, what should be the next and the timing of every words. She was deeply spacing out when...

"I'm sorry. Have you been here too long?" His tormenting voice surprised her.

She stood up, "Uhh, not really. I was here 10 minutes ago." She told him.

"I'm very sorry. I got some commotion while I was coming here." He apologized.

"Your fan girls, right?" She said while sitting down.

He sat next to her, "Well, not all of them are girls."

She looked at him with a hint of disgust, "What do you mean? There are gays?"

"If that's what you call them." He smiled and put his tennis bag on the table. "So, what is that thing that you want to tell me?"

She saw his tennis bag. "Did I disturb you? You still need to go to tennis club after this?"

"If there is still time and besides I want to tell you something too." He explained and gave her a smile.

"What is it?"

"You should tell me first what you want to tell me like what you said this morning." He said.

She shifted her sight from his bag to his face, "You're late so you should be the first one to say what you want to say, right?"

Trickery, he thought. "Fine. Since you told me a secret that your crush in tennis club is our captain I would tell you something with a bit of significance for me."

"And it is?" She asked curiously. This is the first he would be telling her something important.

"I think I'm in love." He said.



-End of 1st chapter.-

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