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Chapter 5: Declaration


But before she could be much far from him, a warm feeling enveloped her. She concluded it was his arms wrapped around her. His scent made her dizzy and his warm breathing behind her head tickled her. She realized the fact that he was embracing her from the back and it made her blush so much and her heart was beating too fast.

"W..wait.." She said with soft voice, "What are you doing?" She yelled while flushing.

"Let me tell you the things you need to know because I thought I won't get much courage like I have this time to tell you about it." He said softly on her right ear.

She whimpered due to the fact that her ears were one of the most sensitive parts of her body. "What is it, " She asked, "that you really need to hug me like this?"

"She is my friend and we knew each other for quiet a while." He started, "She makes me happy through her own little ways and she is the only person who could make my heart beat fast in any time." He smiled even though he knew she wouldn't see it.

"Really..." She commented and just got more depressed with all those complimenting things he said.

"But lately, she is doing unreasonable things." His tone changed, "One time, she told me her feelings, she then avoided me, she hated me too much that it hurts already."

Suddenly, her heart was pounding faster than it was a while ago; she was waiting impatiently to the every word he would say.

"Maybe because she was born to be so hard-headed. But that's one of her great traits." He said with a slight chuckling on the end. "I never give importance to someone like what I am giving her. She became very fragile for me and it is like I want to take care of her no matter what happened."

As his last words escaped from his mouth, the embraced around her loosen. She stepped forward before turning around to him. He saw how red her face was that he wanted to laugh yet, he might hurt her so he took control of his emotions. He then gave her a very warm smile.

"Who is she?" She asked gently, her voice had a hint of anticipation.

He suddenly opened his wonderful eyes. She was almost mesmerized by the cerulean orbs in front of her. "Her name is Ayame, and she is in front of me."

She sighed after hearing his answer, "Why didn't you tell me immediately?"

"You didn't ask me to, and besides..." He looked away, "It's also not comfortable on my part to confess with you."

She gave another sigh. "So avoiding you was a futile act." Her right eyebrow rose, "I should kick you somewhere."

He was shocked, "Huh?" But realizing how sadist she was, he gave in. "Where?"

"At the face." She smiled.

"Oh come on, not the face." He contradicted, "Many will be disappointed."

She laughed, "Then much better!" But she realized something and quickly check her wrist watch, "Crap, I need to go. I'll kick your face soon. See you later!" She said and then disappeared in front of him.

He was amazed by how fast she was instantly gone. She then smiled, "I wonder if she took what I said seriously." He muttered.

- - -

"Ohayo Onee-san!" She greeted her sister before sitting in front of their dining table.

Her sister looked at her, "You look happy." She commented.

"Not really." She replied after putting a hotdog into her mouth.

Moments later, she was already opening the door. "I'll go now!!!" She shouted while shutting the door.

She looked around and saw him heading to their house. She opened the gate and waited for him.

"Ohayo!" He greeted her.

She replied with a small wave and joined him on his tracks toward the school.

"I hope nothing will change." She told him in a low tone.

He smiled, "Sure."

"By the way, I forgot to thank you for the burger yesterday!" Her tone changed.

"Welcome." He replied.

"And how about the kick?" She asked.

"Remind me later." He said.

She was shocked because of his plain answer. "Wow! You mean, it's fine if I kick you?"

"It's not if you'll kick me in front of many people."

"Oh come on, that would be greater if I do it in front of your class." She demanded, "I was even planning to do it while you are heading to the tennis club so your fan girls will see it and be disgusted."

"You don't have any grudges against me, do you?" He asked.

"Joke!" She exclaimed.

"That wasn't a good one." He commented, "Because you failed to amuse me with that joke, you need to treat me." His voice had a hint of superiority.

"I won't. I don't have money." She said, "Anyways, you were serious yesterday, right?"

He looked at her, "A bit."

She glared at him, "What?" She stopped walking which made him wonder and stopped walking too but with distance away from her.

"Oh, I'll take you home this afternoon since Tezuka told me not to attend the practice for today." He announced.

Her brows knitted, "Why the hell would you do that?" She asked, mad.

He gave her one of his warmest smiles again, "Because I'll start courting you and it will begin today."

She was shocked again, "What? C-court?" The thing that was floating on her mind was a tennis court. "Like tennis court?"

"You need rest." He said chuckling.

- - -

After the dismissal, she needed to stay inside her classroom for a while because one of her friends wanted to talk to her and to her other two friends about something. After they talked, she went out of the room just to be surprised of what she saw.

"W-what are you doing here? You lost?" She asked as she was heading somewhere.

He appeared, "I'll take you home like what I've told you this morning."

"Huh?" She remembered it, "Oh, I'm sorry! Did you wait too long?"

"Not really." He smiled.

She blushed, "Then let's go home now."

- - -

'Honestly, this is awkward.' Her thoughts were tumbling as both of them walk towards home, 'I'm not use to this kind of things. I told him not to change, didn't I? And what's this all about? Crap! It's really not comfortable.'

"Are you alright?' He asked, "You've been so silent."

She nodded, "Yeah, of course."

"You're uncomfortable, right?" He asked again.

She nodded again, "Mmm..."

"Don't worry. I'll not hurt you. Just think that we need to change things for the better us." He said.

Her eyes glittered, "Wow, you sounded like the guy on the anime I watched last night!"


"But honestly, you made my burden lighter by what you said." She answered with enthusiasm.

'Well, that's good."

"Now I know why I am in love with you." She murmured.

He didn't understand her, "Huh?"

"Oh nothing."

Then finally, they reached the gate of her house.

"It's here." She announced, "Thanks by the way."

"No problem." He answered.

"Bye!!! See you tomorrow." She said while waving.

He smiled, "Bye and take care always." He replied.

She blushed again. "Go away before I melt." Butterflies had been fluttering wildly on her stomach since they started walking together and it seemed it became wilder every time he gave her one of his heart-melting smiles.

He waved before he went away and disappeared from her sight.

'This is really not a dream!' Her thoughts screamed. 'He really loves me!!!!'

Suddenly, the door behind her opened, "Ayame, you're home already!" Her sister exclaimed.

"Hai, hai Onee-san!" She replied while passing in front of her sister and into the house.

Her sister saw heart shapes on her eyes and was having a debate on herself if she was imagining or that was reality. "But one thing is for sure, she is in love." She concluded, "I wonder with whom. Maybe to that cute guy searching for him yesterday morning." She smiled.

- - -

She immediately went to her room and laid on her bed, "We love each other..." She muttered, "I'm so happy I can't recover from its after effects yet."

She buried her face to one of her pillow while giggling, "I really love him!!!"

Suddenly, a beeping sound emitted from her bag. She opened her bag and checked out her phone. '1 message received', it said. She viewed the message. 'I love you too...' She read the message through her mind. 'Sender: Fuji-kun (-.-)'.

"What?!" She exclaimed. "How come, he sent this?" She wondered, "Crap, he might be somewhere here, or maybe he read my mind and he knew what I would do by the time I arrived on my room!" She was blushing too much while turning her head around her room to check if Fuji was nearby. "This is not possible!!!!" She yelled.

-The End-


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