Here is my redone chapter 1! Enjoy!


Amy, Kyo, Sora and David were walking in silence towards the office. Akito Hale,

There commander, had called them there to collect a mission.

They were a team of spies who were often sent to do important undercover work, but they were no ordinary spies. They had a secret that no-one but they, and the commander knew about.

They were based in Japan, but Amy and David were of English origin. They walked through a door at the end of the corridor. The room was quite spacey with a high sealing and a small amount of furniture; all that was inside was a long, tidy desk with a computer on it, a grand, comfortable looking chair and a few cabinets. Sitting in the seat was the commander.

He was tall with short black hair and a moustache. He looked at them with his murky green eyes and smiled.

'Well.' he said as he took in the four of them standing behind the desk. They were each wearing a different coloured Kimono Top with trousers and a sash. Amy was wearing a light blue one with silver embroidery, Kyo wore an orange one with red embroidery, Sora a dark blue with black embroidery and David a green with brown embroidery.

'You have been assigned to go undercover at a school, but each of you have been assigned a school in a different country.'

Amy frowned. They were going to be separated? She didn't like the sound of that.

'Kyo' the commander turned his bright green eyes onto the red head. 'You will be going to Thomas Jefferson High School in suburban Washington, America.' Kyo nodded.

'Sora.' He turned towards her as he said her name. 'You will be going to Robert Manning collage in Lincolnshire, England' Sora nodded and he turned to David.

'David, you will be going to Benedict School, Saint Petersburg in Russia.' Finally, he turned to look at Amy.


'Yes Sir?'

'You will be going Ouran high school, here in Japan.'

Amy nodded

'Good' He said. 'You will each get your own individual briefing and then you will be on your way. Dismissed.'

They all bowed and left the room thinking about the task that lay ahead of them.


I hope you enjoyed it! Yes, I based Kyo on Kyo from fruits basket. ^_^