The room was white from wall to floor to ceiling. The brown oak table in the middle with its five brown oak chairs where the only furniture in the place and they stood out against the plain white walls. A large, golden eye of Ra was engraved into the middle of the large table, the only decorative thing in the place.

It was empty. Kyoya had it all to himself. Awkwardly, he pulled out a chair and sat down, trying to look like he knew what he was doing. It didn't take long for the first of the team to arrive; it was Sora. Her ocean blue eyes, so much darker than Amy's, lit up in a smile as she saw him sitting at the table and her raven hair glistened blue in the source less light that filled the room like the sun.

'Glad you could make it!' she chirped as she sad in the chair across from him and rested her arms on the table. He nodded silently and turned to face the hot headed Kyo as he arrived in a curtain of flame. The red head smirked scornfully at Kyoya before sitting as far away from him as possible. Sora rolled her eyes as Amy arrived, wind whipping around her as she stepped into the dream room. She smiled at Kyoya nervously before sitting herself down next to him. Clearing her throat slightly she turned to him.

'Hey; thanks for coming.'

Kyoya smiled and Sora giggled softly while Kyo huffed in the corner, sulking almost like Tamaki. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling sound and David came up through the floor, his green eyes full of wisdom and thoughtfulness. One thing Kyoya had learned about David was that he was the brains of the team. Not that Amy and Sora weren't, he was just the smartest at the harder stuff. Amy held the common cense, Sora was good with general knowledge and Kyo? Well Kyo wasn't the smartest pea in the pod. David smiled and flicked his earthy brown hair from his emerald eyes before he sat down on the other side of Kyoya.

'Great! We're all here!' he stated, looking around the room happily.

'We always are when you arrive cuz it takes to that long to get to sleep.' Sora murmured and David frowned at her while Amy laughed quietly.

'Yes, well, on to the meeting. Kyoya.' He turned to the black haired boy and smiled. 'Your powers?'

Kyoya looked at him thoughtfully. 'I'm not sure but I do have an idea.' The four looked up at in curiosity and he turned to Amy. 'Think of a colour, any colour.' He told her and she closed her eyes and obeyed.

'Blue.' He stated. Amy's eyes flew open in surprise and she thought of another one.

'Red; Green; Purple; Carrot isn't a colour Amy.'

The girl looked at him in ewe and smiled. 'I know; I wanted to test you and to make sure you weren't just making good guesses.'

'So you're telepathic then?' David asked curiously. Kyoya nodded.

'I can't hear everything yet, only things people are concentrating on, but its getting stronger.' He answered in his cool, calculating voice he used when dealing with facts and figures. David nodded, mind shrouded in thought. The only one who didn't seem interested was Kyo who was sitting with his head resting on his hand and his elbow resting on the table.

Stupid rich pretty boy. He thought loudly and deliberately causing Kyoya to look at him, his eyes screened by the sheen on his glasses. Kyo glared back bravely but his thoughts gave him away.

That's actually pretty scary…

Kyoya smirked and Kyo's glare intensified. This silent battle went on for several minutes before Amy, who had been enjoying watching Kyo loose a glaring competition, decided to intervene.

'Guy's? I think I'm missing something here…' she stated and smiled as the two boys turned her way, expressions blank once again.

'Good; we have your attention.' Sora chirped happily, unfazed by the glaring war that had just occurred. 'Now we need to decide what to do about that stinking murderer.'

'Why don't we just keep things the way they where? It seemed to be working like that.' David suggested calmly. The others thought about it for a moment before nodding In agreement. 'But we need to catch him soon; we have to end it or risk other lives. At the next attack we need to capture the attacker and question him.'

They nodded again and the walls began to fade as the meeting ended. Kyoya felt his eyes droop as his world faded into the darkness of the unconscious mind.


The next week passed without incident and the attacker went on hiding. It was as if he knew their plan, but soon enough, he showed himself.

It was at lunch. Amy and Kyoya where patrolling the halls around the 3rd library room when they heard the tell tail scream of an attack. Amy's eyes narrowed menacingly and her hair lifted from her shoulders before she took of in the direction of the piercing sound. Kyoya followed, worried at what she might do.

It didn't take long for them to reach the culprit. It was the same person as the first she had seen and he growled as he saw them, tightening his grip on the throat of the 1st year girl in his arms. He had a knife ready to slit if she came too close. Amy smirked.

'Let her go.' Amy said, exactly the same as she had the first time, making sure that there was a threat in her voice and using the wind once again to put the killer slightly off balance. It worked for the second time and she was there in an instant again, wondering why it was so easy to disarm this man while simultaneously pulling the knife from the girl's throat and kicking his legs from under him making him fall over exactly like the last time.

The girl gasped as she fell onto her knees. Kyoya knelt down next to her as Amy tied the man up. He wasn't going anywhere this time. 'Got ya.' She told him smugly and he growled at her and tried to bite her hand as she gagged him. Eyes narrowing, she slapped him around the face. Hard. He groaned miserably before his head slumped and he fell unconscious.

Kyoya watched all this in mild shock; none of it showing as he pushed his hands into his pockets and walked over. 'you got him then?' he asked as she stood. Turning, she looked at him with old eyes. They where narrowed in seriousness and full of knowledge she should not know before they quickly widened in despair as the age left them and she gasped, falling into Kyoya's arms with hot tears falling quickly down her face.

Kyoya let his arms pull her closer as she cried into his shoulder. Resting his chin on her head he stood, calmly waiting until the others in the group came hurtling round corners, both ways, and looked at the two with sad eyes. Sora had tears streaming down her face as she listened to her sisters thoughts.

'What happened?' Tamaki asked softly; speaking to Kyoya but looking at Amy.

'She lost control.' Kyoya replied quietly and Amy's sobs became louder. 'I'm not sure what of but all I know is she became a different person.'


Remember to PLAN a story before you write it or its plot will go to pieces like this one and could become endless…