Chapter 6

Melina stood backstage watching the television monitor as Shane McMahon announced to the crowd that he would be running Smackdown. Her nails being gnawed dangerously close to the skin as her nerves had now gotten the best of her.

Shane, John and herself, all on the same show. There would be no escaping the drama and she would be under Shane's thumb every Tuesday night or whenever he decided to show up for a television taping. Her latest confrontation with a future heir of the WWE certainly didn't help matters, although she did enjoy watching the arrogance in the man's face disappear after giving him and his manhood exactly what they deserved.

"You okay?" JoMo asked, scaring the you know what out of Melina. John couldn't help but to laugh. "Careful Mel, you're liable to hit your head on the ceiling if you jump like that again.

Melina tilted her head to the side and gave John a not so pleasant look. She was not in the mood for his jokes.

John raised his hands in the air, "whoa, sorry Mel." It was now very apparent that something was wrong with the beautiful young diva.

"Look, is everything okay?" John asked as he lightly grabbed her elbow to get her to make eye contact with him.

"No John, everything is not okay!" Melina snapped to John's surprise.

She wanted to cry. She wanted to fall into John's arms and cry while he held her until everything was better. But she refused to do that. She did not want to admit to him that she needed him. Especially now.

"Listen girl, tell me what it is. Just because we aren't together doesn't mean I don't still care about you." John pleaded. He loved Melina, he always would. He cursed her infamous Latin bull headedness.

But regardless of his pleas, Melina simply looked up at him. Her eyes begging for him to hold her and his arms burning for it just the same. But instead of taking that opportunity to be loved, Melina turned on her heels and walked away. She felt hopeless and did not want to be seen when Shane had finished his promo. So just as she did at the coffee shop, she would run.

While John laced up his boots in preparation for his match, Kelly Kelly moved up behind him. She licked her lips when she snuck a peak at his ass while he bent over.

She shook her head. Such a waste, she thought to herself. The man was gorgeous, yet his heart still belonged to Melina.

"Can I help you with that?" She asked, getting the young Superstar's attention.

As soon as John turned to see who it was, he immediately looked down back at his laces.

"I think I've got it." He replied coldly.

Kelly Kelly was part of the reason he and Melina broke it off in the first place. As soon as the blond bombshell arrived in the WWE she had been cozying up to a series of men: Dave Batista, his old friend Joey, Mike and now apparently Shane McMahon. John was one of the few who feigned interest. Yet she still pursued him. So much so that when she threw herself at him one night at a local club, wind of it got around the locker room and suddenly people were accusing the two of sleeping together. Of course Kelly didn't help matters by neither admitting or denying the allegations. So despite John's denial or the whole incident, Melina couldn't help but to let the rumors get in the way. Even Mike had explained to Melina the way Kelly was based on his own first hand experience. But it was too late. The damage had already been down and it was all down hill from there.

Kelly smiled to herself. She loved how uneasy she could make John. But somehow she had to "help" John get over Melina. She wondered to herself just how much respect for Melina, John would have if he knew she was sleeping with Shane McMahon? Of course she couldn't prove it, but she did have her suspicions that when Shane wasn't screwing her, he was busy screwing Melina.

It wouldn't take long for Kelly to get her answer, as she was on her way to meet the younger McMahon now.

"Okay then John, toodles." Kelly said as she walked away with a smirk on her face leaving John to simply just roll his eyes.

When Kelly entered the makeshift office where Shane was waiting, she was there for two reasons. One, to play Shane and remain in his good graces, and two, to get the information she needed regarding Melina.

"Well hello there Mr. GM." Kelly greeted Shane.

Shane looked her up and down. His eyes resting on her well cleavaged chest.

"You look beautiful as usual." He told her, closing the door behind her and then resting a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

"Well I wouldn't be here if I didn't now would I?" She playfully asked. The older man smirked at the comment. "It's no secret you have a taste for the finer things in life and your daddy's money has definitely allowed you to indulge in quite a few of those." Kelly went on to explain as she needled her way into getting the information she needed.

Shane smiled while he allowed his hands to move up and down the small of her back, moving her closer to his desk.

"And by that you mean you?" He asked, his breath now getting heavier.

"Me, and others." She replied, taking his lips into hers and sliding a hand to his upper thigh, getting closer to his crotch.

"Come now Kelly, you know there's only you." Shane replied feeling himself starting to lose control with her touch.

"Don't lie to me Shane." Kelly warned as she now placed her hand on his groin and squeezed slightly, causing Shane to groan under his breath. She knew now that she had his full attention.

"What about your wife and the little Latin firecracker you've been fucking for the last few months?"

Shane knew exactly who Kelly was referring to.

"You mean Melina?" Shane asked as if he was surprised at the accusation. "She's not even in your league.

Kelly was now growing more disgusted with his lies, as well as growing impatient. Her hand still on his crotch she squeezed harder.

"Don't lie to me Shane. You may be my boss, but you will be nothing without these." She said, and Shane knew exactly what she was referring to.

"Okay, yes, Melina and I have been together." Shane replied, now starting to feel a bit uneasy. "But it's over. I fucked her a few times then told her to get lost."

Kelly was now satisfied she had gotten the information she needed and so loosened her grip on Shane's groin. Shane breathed a sigh of relief, but before he could get too outraged at Kelly's behavior, she ran a hand slowly down his face, cooing at him as if she was just an innocent little girl.

"Is that why she here on Smackdown and you are the new GM?" Kelly asked suspiciously.

Shane smirked. Kelly was more conniving than she appeared and he liked that. Feeling his manhood harden he laid her on his desk, and buried his head between her chest as he feathered her with kisses.

"That's purely coincidence; you can blame my sister for that." He replied.

Kelly knew he was lying, but at this point she didn't care. She had already got the ammunition she needed to take down Melina and have John Morrison all to herself.