]Labyrinth Fan fiction

'Pining For You'

Dumping her bag in the corner of the living room Sarah sank into the familiar sofa that she had sat in throughout her childhood. Nothing had changed. The floral wallpaper still annoyed her slightly as she gazed around the room, the old fireplace still loomed at her like a deep black pit, the cracked swan patterned vase still held the faded felt flowers that her stepmother so proudly displayed.

Since she had turned twenty one Sarah had been allowed responsibility in house-sitting whilst her father and stepmother enjoyed a month long holiday in the sunny climes of Greece with the now eight year old Toby. Her job as a museum guide had been a stroke of luck, taking children around the vast corridors showing them beautiful works of art that where ignored or greatly under appreciated by the sticky fingered schoolchildren. Or watching helplessly as they pressed their noses against glass cases which held some poor stuffed creature.

Sighing slightly Sarah sat back on the sofa and reveled in the peace and quiet. As she closed her eyes Sarah began unwittingly to think about the Underground, she remembered her brave and loyal, if brief, friends, noble Didymus, sweet Ludo and dear,dear Hoggle. Where are they now? she thought sadly, what has happened to them since I left?

Sarah smiled faintly as the endless twists and turns of the labyrinth replayed themselves in her mind, every dead end, every trick, every danger now crystal clear in the dark of her memory.

Had it been real? Sarah had often wondered this, even so much as to ask the four year old Toby if he remembered anything about his captivity, when he had replied no Sarah asked herself if a two year old toddler would remember such things. Maybe it was a dream, she had reluctantly decided, but in some small way it gave her pleasure to believe it had been real. Too real.

Suddenly Jareth, the Goblin King, entered her mind. His condescending smirk flashed at her and his mocking laugh managed to piss her off just thinking about it. As she remembered his tall straight frame Sarah tried distractedly to think of all his bad points. Never before had she ever met someone so arrogant....so cruel....so deceitful...so twisted.......so evil...............

So gorgeous......

A sharp knock on the door snapped Sarah out of her stupor. She stood up fluidly and checked her reflection in the mirror.

Her usually cool complexion had flushed a pale pink. Green eyes observed her, startled at her blush.

Good grief, she reprimanded herself, you've barely thought about him for almost five years and for five seconds you blush? Get a grip woman.

The knock came again, Sarah turned and strode to the door, opening it with a lot more venom than was called for with a visitor.

A young man stood on the porch. Thick dark curls framed an olive skinned face. Chestnut coloured eyes peered at her nervously from behind horn rimmed glasses that suited him.

"Oh hi Zack.' Sarah said brightly, wondering what he was doing here. "What are you doing here?"

Zack was Sarah's colleague at the museum. He was a historian, Egyptology being his specialty. In his right hand he sheepishly held out a sky blue cardigan.

"Er....hello Sarah, I...er...you left this in the canteen, I thought I'd return it before some idiot steals it for a bet."

Sarah now noticed for the first time that she was indeed not wearing her cardigan. The white blouse she had worn underneath it was all there was.

Taking it from him she smiled.

"Thank you Zack, that's so thoughtful."

Zack smiled shyly and tucked his hands into his pockets. It then hit Sarah that she was being rude.

"Oh I'm sorry, do you want to come in for a coffee, or something?"

"Oh no," he said hurriedly "I've got to prepare a speech for tomorrow on Rameses the Great. It's rather important, it's for the university." he finished lamely.

"Oh, okay,' Sarah nodded "Bye then, good luck with the speech."

"Yep....bye." he smiled again, blushing slightly, he then raised his hand in an awkward wave and walked down from the porch and into his car.

"Bye!" she called, watching him pull away. Glancing down at her cardigan she closed the door and walked back into the living room.

Sitting down again Sarah placed the cardigan on the back of the sofa. She was contemplating buying Zack a muffin or something in return and was about to turn on the television when;

"So what are you going to have this poor sap do for you?" came a disembodied voice, heavywith sarcasm and contempt, "Are you going to ask him to take your brother away? Are you going to beg him to give your brother back? Are you going to make him stand on his head and whistle 'Happy Birthday' through his arse?"

Sarah jerked upright. She didn't need any reminding to recognize those clipped, icy tones.

Standing up Sarah tried to locate the location of the voice, anger bubbled up through her as she heard the taunt.

"I don't see what it has to do with you Jareth." she called flippantly.

"Everything." came the voice from behind her.

Whirling round Sarah saw him. Leaning against the door frame with an air of boredom that had always annoyed her. Opening her mouth for an angry retort Sarah stopped. Seven years had passed since she had rescued Toby from the Underground, Sarah herself had matured, both in body and mind, yet Jareth stood there, seemingly untouched by time, his gloating face was still handsome as ever, and hair was still thick and blonde, no tell tale grey streaks. He hasn't changed, Sarah thought, not one day older.....

As if answering her unspoken observation Jareth sneaked a glance at her blouse. Her chest had filled out since she had left, and, tracing his eyes discreetly down her body, so had a lot of other things, all in the right places.

"My, you've changed." he said, smiling.

Folding her arms Sarah ignored the remark, she had grown used to such comments.

"I don't know what you're doing here but you can leave right now." she said firmly, at least, she hoped it was firm and he didn't hear the undertones of fear in her voice.

"I see," he said coldly, his smile vanishing. "So we skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point do we?" His voice still held the patronizing lilt that Sarah knew so well.

"Never knew you to be one for small talk." she challenged. Desperately trying to stop herself staring at the close fitting clothes, especially in the trouser department.

"Humour me." he said, otherworldly mists swirling in his mismatched eyes.

"Fine." she snarled "Hello Jareth, how are things?"

Jareth laughed.

"Dull." he said.

Despite herself, Sarah felt a small flare of triumph.

"And you?" he asked humourlessly.

Sarah waved a hand airily.

"So-so." she said loftily, her hand dropped into the folding position again. "Right, small talk over, why are you here?"

Jareth's eyes narrowed. She had grown even more defiant than last time, and he'd be damned if he let himself be humiliated again.

"I asked you a question Sarah," he told her, "That boy is smitten with you, so what impossible tasks are you going to set him this time? I doubt he can move the stars."

Sarah blinked, in a small, petty way she felt pleased at the jealousy in his voice. His scowl was so damn attractive, she thought distractedly. Frowning she tried to not look directly into his strange goblin eyes. Nice city, she thought crazily, shame about the king.

"What?" she replied, incredulous.

"That..boy!" Jareth said angrily, flourishing a gloved hand towards the door.

Then it clicked.

"Zack?!" she cried "Jareth you're so stupid! He returned my cardigan, I had left it there accidentally, you have no right to assume-"

"No right?" he glowered, white with fury "I have more right than he does."

He took a step towards her and she unconsciously took a few steps back. She liked it a hell of a lot better when there was more than a few feet between them.

"For the love of God! I'm not yours Jareth!" she cried.

"Oh really?" he muttered. Damn her, he thought distractedly, damn her and her hurt eyes, they could make him do anything.

Tossing her hair behind her shoulder Sarah narrowed her eyes.

"Really" she hissed.

Jareth laughed again. More mocking than ever.

"Then how come you blushed when I entered your thoughts?

Sarah gasped slightly, how could he have known? Fury rose back up tenfold to cover her embarrassment.

"You—You pervert!" she screeched "How dare you?!"

"Oh, I dare Sarah." he purred "And dare we do what you dreamed about doing?"

Sarah winced. He had scored a point. He had seen her innermost thoughts, the thoughts she didn't to admit to anyone,including herself.

"Jump out of a lake Jareth!" she cried, wishing she had said something more hurtful.

Jareth frowned, uncertain.

"Surely you mean into a lake?"

"Into, out of, sideways, cartwheel, I don't care! As long as it makes you go away!"

Jareth staggered back theatrically, clasping a hand over his heart.

"Oh Sarah! I'm wounded, really wounded!"

Sarah rolled her eyes in contempt.

"Yeah, like your the most sensitive Goblin King in the world aren't you?"

Jareth shrugged.

"Could've been." he said darkly.

They stood for a moment in mute silence, Jareth distractedly withdrew a small crystal from his sleeve and started to juggle it lightly around his hand. Sarah threw it a dark look.

"So if I offered you the world, you'd reject me, yet if I gave you a jumper, you'd....."

"Don't you dare try that trick on me again!" she cried in frustration, face reddening with anger.

"Try what Sarah, darling?" he asked sweetly, twirling the crystal faster around his hand.

Damn, she thought, he was trying to make her angry, and it was bloody working.

Pouting she shook her head wildly, her breathing was fast and heavy, she couldn't let him see that his very presence ignited the feelings she hadn't felt for any other jerk since, well, the jerk stood in front of her.

"I'm not that stupid anymore." she whispered harshly.

"Not stupid enough to believe in dreams?"

"and goblins and mazes and crystals and peaches and damn hallucinations conjured for Valentine evenings!!"

Jareth chuckled, as if finding a flaw.

"But naïve enough to stand here talking to a Goblin King?"

Sarah screamed, clenching her fists and turning away from him.

Nice going Romeo, Jareth thought bitterly, watching her panting with rage.

Sarah glanced at her flushed reflection in the mirror. Suddenly Jareth's reflection was much closer than he was two seconds ago, his arm encircling her waist whilst the other caressed her neck.

"So what does it take to gain your attention?" he whispered huskily into her ear. His breath felt hot on her skin.

"Anything honest." she replied angrily. She tried harder than ever to ignore the excitement coursing through her veins, making her already frantic heart beat loudly in her chest.

"I was honest." he protested smoothly, his voice like silk."Why him?"

Sarah sneered "Oh, come on Jareth, I know I wasn't the only one."

Jareth felt a tingle of shame, he recalled his countless liaisons with women over the years. They were meaningless, he thought, just lust, pointless lust.

"You were the special one Sarah, my special innocent one."

"I bet you say that to all the girls" she laughed nastily.

Jareth placed a light kiss on her neck, feeling the softness of her skin, her fragrant hair tickled his cheek.

"Never honestly." he murmured, moving his lips higher up her neck to her jawline. Better than I imagined, he thought. His blood pounded through him and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

Sarah suddenly pulled out of his predatory embrace and turned to face him.

"Not honestly? Then how can I take your word?" she asked, the sincerity in her eyes burnt Jareth's soul, he would die before he betrayed her.

He kissed her, properly. Sensing her misgivings he drew away.

"How 'bout that princess?" he asked gently.

Sarah was at a loss for words, was this real? She didn't care, as long as she could kiss him again.

Their lips touched a second time, even more passionately, now she was at ease with him Jareth deepened the kiss. Felling every part of her, who she was.

Sarah lost herself. He was the only thing in her world at this moment. In the back of her mind she forcibly reminded herself that she hated the bastard. Oh well.

Suddenly Jareth drew back again and smiled hungrily at her.

"See you round beautiful." he laughed darkly.

Then he was gone. Sarah stood perplexed in the middle of the room. Angry, shocked, and desperate for more.

"I hate you Goblin King" she muttered furiously "Oh God how I hate you!!!!!"