Thanks for sticking around my dears. I'm in my GCSE year and, I'll be honest; it ain't pretty. So my fan fics are getting a little thin on the ground. But, I'll get back into the flow once all my coursework and exams are out the way m'kay?

Sarah strolled down the streets. She needed to shop for some more groceries if her folks were coming home....

She stopped, down the road -a little further down than she was-stood an all too familiar man studying a peeling concert poster.

'What, may I ask, are you doing here you little git?' she asked politely as Jareth turned to face her. He didn't answer her question, but he waved his hand distractedly at the poster.

'What a complete and utter tosspot! Look at him, smarmy painted little boy. What kind of name is that?! David Bow-eye? Bowee? Boy-why?'

Sarah glanced at the poster and raised an eyebrow.

'David Bowie?' she suggested.

'Yeah, him....tosser.'

Sarah giggled as she realised the similarities between the two. Jareth frowned.

'What?' he said sourly.

'Oh, nothing, nothing.' she answered, not wishing this odd conversation to go on.

'Anyway,' continued Jareth, his arm encircling her waist. 'How are you doing this morning, Princess?'

He kissed her. Sarah bristled at first but, as he worked his perverse magic, she found herself finding that she didn't mind this...much.... She felt a tingling sensation ripple through her spine at his touch. His tongue was like a passionate snake, twisting round hers in a way that made her feel hot and cold at the same time. Gently she placed her hands on his shoulders and gripped him close to her, a small, animal moan escaped her...

You're no match for me Sarah.....

Pulling back sharply Sarah twisted out of his embrace. A look of hurt confusion clouded his features.

'What is this?' she spat angrily, 'Seduce Women Day? Do I have a sign saying 'Goblin King Whore' around my neck?!'

Jareth blinked owlishly.

'Eh? What?' he asked, evidently bemused by this new rant.

'Never mind you jerk!' she huffed, flouncing away from him down the street. Puzzled, he called after her.

'Where are you going?'

'Groceries!' came the furious reply.

Pushing the trolley cart down the aisle Sarah mused over the kiss with Jareth. After trying to convince herself that he was entirely to blame; she began to ponder whether she could have at least thumped him.

Enjoying an image in her minds eye of Jareth in pain, she tossed a loaf of bread into the cart.

As she was rounding a corner a bunch of flowers were in her face so suddenly she almost fell into the display of canned goods.

Jareth peeped round the bouquet.

'I'm -er-sorry?'

Sarah dusted herself off and threw him a scowl.

'Please warn a lady next time you intend to sweep her off her feet.' she snarled in what she perceived as a haughty manner. He merely laughed and gave her the flowers.

'Gift for you.' he smiled.

Sarah took it gracefully, attempting to conceal her blush. For a moment they stood in silence, then he took control of the cart.

'What are these for?'

'My parents and Toby are coming home today, I want to fill up their fridge.'

'Ah' he said, then, 'What a pity...'

Sarah frowned but did not question the comment.

Let him brood if he must, I've got to get going.

Coming up to the checkout Sarah surreptitiously disposed of the flowers (she threw them in the freezer holding the lamb shanks) whilst Jareth studied various people with varying amounts of dis-interest.

The two of them trundled up the street, carrier bags in hand. They weren't talking-at least, not out loud.

Sarah bit her lip, feeling uneasy. Didymus's warning replayed in her mind like a bad mixed tape.

'Oh no, what does he want?' came a whine from Jareth.

Sarah glanced at him and followed his gaze. Ahead of them she saw Zack reading a newspaper in front of a coffee shop.

Zack looked up and saw both of them. Standing up he waved a greeting to Sarah, who returned it.

'Hi.' he said, walking up to them. 'Day off?'

'Yup,' replied Sarah, gesturing at the grocery bags in her arms. 'My parents are coming back today.'

Zack nodded sagely, then saw Jareth.

'Oh...hello Mr Smith.' he said.

'Hello Zachary!' chimed Jareth in his merry ol' fake accent. Zack frowned.

'Um, not Zachary Sir, just Zack.'

'Whatever' came the sneered reply.

Sarah rolled her eyes.

I really don't think the 'I'm so powerful and you can't stop me' act is going to work on him Jareth.....

Jareth smiled arrogantly. He hadn't noticed Sarah's exasperated sigh, nor the agitated look on Zack's face. He was on a roll, acerbic insults flowing thick and fast....

'How's your little geek fest coming along?'

It happened earlier and quicker than Sarah anticipated, Zack's fist connected with Jareth's nose. It was hard, sudden and, in Sarah's opinion, satisfyingly loud.

Jareth bent double, clutching his bleeding face.

'You baftard! You bwoke ma nofe!' he screamed shrilly.

Sarah stood, stunned. No-one else seemed to notice the incident. She looked at Zack, who stood looking at her for a few moments. Then, without a word, gathered up his things and strode off.

She switched her attention to Jareth. Realizing he was injured she felt concerned, then, for one glorious, golden second....she laughed at him.

I've always wanted to do that! Lucky Zack....

She swallowed her laughter and helped Jareth.

'Are you OK?' she asked, giggles still in her throat. He looked at her, eyes shining.

'I fink e bwoke my nofe.' he repeated.

Sarah took his arm.

'C'mon' she said, steering him back to her parents house. 'I'll get you cleaned up.'

GAH! I am so sorry about that chapter, it started off well, then just....dissolved in to that. It was horrible!

See you next time, where that kiss is going to cause a very close situation....