I don't own any of this... the Philosopher/Diplomat is a 'Canon' possibility... lying somewhere in the temple, mortally wounded, waiting to join the Force


We had been unworthy.

In our arrogance we did not seriously consider the reasons for the timing of His coming. He had been conceived of the Force, the Son of Suns, Child of Prophecy of the Journal of the Whills. He would bring 'Balance'.

We were unprepared to receive Him.

We found Him on the same mission in which we discovered the Sith were again moving upon the Galaxy. And we decided immediately. As fools we grasped at the most convenient version of truth. The resurgent Sith were the imbalance that precipitated His birth.

We let our fears decide that we could not risk this prize falling into the hands of our enemy, regardless of how very unsuited He was to our lifestyle.

He was born a slave in the Outer Rim by the will of the Force. When He was first offered to us we looked upon His age, and considered He was found too late. Was He? Perhaps His first ten years served to protect Him from our influence and facilitate His training to the task the Force intended.

We did not seek of the Force what that task entailed. Instead we trained Him with rigor to the task we chose. We imprisoned Him among us, keeping Him where we could watch and control Him, and expunge the 'faults' acquired in His years outside the Temple by our admittedly harsh methods. We insisted He would live as we did, though the Force screamed that becoming one of us was not His true purpose.

Even untrained He could fight and fly. We presumed Him a weapon of war. We used the Son of Suns to petty, finite ends of our own blinded choosing. Even as the Force receded from us and grew clouded and dark we refused any other interpretation.

He was to be our champion. He was given to us to save the Galaxy.

Refused to consider, we did, that the Sith had continued in secret for generations, and yet the Force chose now for Him to come. Too attached we were to our prideful and flawed self-image as the Guardians of peace and justice and light. WE (the Jedi Order) could not be the source of imbalance the Force sought to correct.

He was intended as a weapon against our age-old enemy – not the Sith - but rather, complacency with ourselves.

He was to destroy our callous disregard for the suffering of common beings. He came scarred, sullied by the circumstances of His birth to remind us of the meaning of purity of the spirit and unconditional love in the face of the imperfections and injustices of life. Perhaps we were to take His priorities, and open ourselves to the Galaxy beyond the temple. Return to the code of old and its traditions. Marry. Rear initiates and offspring. Train whomever we found wherever and whenever we found them. Live among the sentients we served instead of isolated from them. Not try to shut the Son of Suns into the Temple with us, but allow Him to lead us down the Temple's steps out into the Force's will. We would not.

By the end we served the whim of corrupt representatives who sucked the life-blood of the Galaxy like leeches.

Disregarded, we did, the lessons the Chosen One had been born to teach us, until He decided (perhaps rightly) that we were beyond redemption.

Then He took the vile we had poured into His soul (and called training) and turned it upon us. He led a legion up the Temple's steps and euthanized us all….

Unworthy stewards of the Force's Whills, we are now cast away.

The Force is cleansed to find Her own new beginning, Her Son of Suns re-assigned as the Sith'Ari.

Balance in its purest form.