*Headslaps self* I know I'm in the middle of a story, but I really want to write this lol. And I also know that loads of people said they didn't think the story would be good, but given the chance, ya never know... Right? Right?
Oh yeah, this is a crossover with an amazing film 'Drop Dead Fred' - watch the trailer on youtube or look it up on wikipedia or something if you've never heard of it :)

"DiNozzo, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Tony jumped, engrossed in what he had been typing on the computer. Quickly closing the screen down, he gave a nervous grin to his Boss and replied,

"Nothing Boss, I'm just..." He got a glare and quickly said, "Getting right back to work and finding who owns a black Mercedes in the DC area that may have been used in a crime!" Gibbs gave a lop-sided grin, and went to his desk, sipping his coffee.

Breathing out slightly, Tony hesitantly brought the screen back up, and continued to type his letter. It wasn't often that he'd disobey Gibbs (Counting in his head he realised he'd never directly done it), but he needed to send this letter.

"Tony!" He hastily closed the screen down once more and looked up,

"Yeah Boss!"

"Abby's got something, come on." He nodded eagerly and jumped up. Any excuse to get out of desk work was fine with him. And to put off this letter a little while longer.


Abby greeted them with her customary hug and bounciness before starting,

"The blood on the victim was definitely all hers, apart from one drop, on her hand. It's almost like a calling card or something, a completely symmetrical drop in the middle of the palm..." She glanced across to Gibbs, wondering what he was making of it. He was too busy glaring at Tony, who was so far not paying attention whatsoever, and was biting his nails, in deep thought. To Abby, he looked like he was merely thinking, but Gibbs knew him too well,

"DiNozzo!" Tony looked up for the third time that morning hearing his name and widened his eyes into an innocent pose. Not fooled, Gibbs continued,

"What do you think?"

"Er... I think... that, y'know, given the victim's injuries and... blood spatters. She was... murdered, and..."

Abby winced as Gibbs gave him the hardest head-slap she'd heard in quite a long time,

"DiNozzo, you had better give me a better answer next time, or so help me your grand-children's heads will still be spinning." Tony rubbed the back of his head ruefully and held back tears. This shocked him, as he hadn't cried in years. He got slapped on the back of his head every day by Gibbs, and somehow this once seemed to hurt him more. Not physically - well, it did hurt more physically - but emotionally.

"I gotcha Boss." He replied mechanically, before scurrying after the older man, who had by this point kissed Abby on the forehead and strode out.


"Frickin' killer. Frickin' Director. Frickin' Gibbs. Frickin' McGee." Tony was angry. he was more than angry. He was positively livid. He'd spent the whole day taking crap from various people. He got it no end from Gibbs, and the Director had called him up twice to tell him that she had received complaints from various women in personnel about his 'actions'. If all that wasn't bad enough, they were still no closer to finding this killer than they were when they came in this morning. And McGee... well, McGee was just there. Forever finding things that both Tony and Ziva hadn't found. Getting 'Good Job's off Gibbs.

For once, just once couldn't he get a 'Good job'?

Eventually, they'd just gone home. Ducky had practically prescribed for them to. He told them they could look at it from 'Fresh angles' in the morning if they were 'well rested'. So Tony had slammed his door shut in anger, and driven home in silence. Apart from the curses he threw around the car every couple of seconds.

And then - just to put the cherry on his shit cake, his Father's PA was standing in front of his door as he climbed the stairs in his apartment block. Grinding his teeth in anger, he approached the door wearily. He wasn't in the mood, even though Jeremy, the PA, had always been nice to him. Taking his key out of his pocket, Tony unlocked the door with a slight sigh.

He had to hand it to Jeremy though, he stayed silent, waiting until Tony was calmer and more comfortable before speaking. As soon as he had flopped onto his sofa, the PA spoke,

"Tony. How are you?" Tony shrugged and twitched his hand in a 'so-so' gesture. Jeremy grinned, "Same. Listen, I've come with... a bit of bad news." Tony cocked his head, his mood not changing. What could be worse? What could be any worse than now? He voiced his thoughts to Jeremy,

"Thanks Jeremy, but don't worry about upsetting me or anything. My day really can't much worse." Jeremy's eyes glistened with compassion,

"Normally I'd try and change the subject, talk about work, but I guess you need to hear this." Tony sighed and gestured to the sofa, allowing the PA to sit down,

"It can't be that bad. Remember how when I was younger, and if I ever did anything wrong, my father would beat me?" Jeremy winced at the malice in the younger man's tone, and the sarcasm that flared up in the conversation, as if he was implying someone could actually forget what happened in the DiNozzo house.

"I remember Tony," Jeremy replied softly, "You always blamed someone else though. Maybe that's why your dad got so het up." Tony snorted,

"Typical. Anyone on Dad's payroll is on his side. Not even Coral would belive that it wasn't me."

"No one else was there Tony," Jeremy said patiently, using the same argument he had several thousand times in the past, "You just didn't want to get into trouble." Tony ground his teeth angrily,

"But it wasn't me. You know it wasn't, it was..."

"I know, you had a name for him and everything, but you're not a kid anymore Tony," Jeremy interrupted, "You've got a whole new life now, so just forget about it." Tony glared - an all out Gibbs glare - and said,

"You had something to tell me." Jeremy nodded and picked up a box that he had dumped on the floor as they entered the apartment,

"Coral's quarters were cleaned out today, and they found some stuff that was yours. Your dad said to burn it, but I thought you might want some of it." Tony almost smiled, before asking, quietly,

"Why were Coral's quaters cleaned out?" Jeremy's eyes dulled slightly, and whispered,

"She died Tony. Last week. She had a stroke while she was cleaning. It happened quickly."

As if that makes it all ok, Tony thought angrily, his emotions threatening to bubble over. Coral had been the DiNozzo's live-in Nanny and maid. She'd looked after Tony his entired childhood. She was the one who witnessed his first steps, heard his first words and attended all of his soccer games. When his father had disowned him, she'd stayed to clean, wanting to visit Tony often, but never getting the time off. Not when she told her Boss where she was going.

Jeremy patted his back and said,

"I'll leave you alone now. Hope life treats you well." With that he back out the apartment, as Tony tried to clear his thoughts. Coral had been with him through it all. She'd kissed his knee when he fell off a swing, and carefully bandaged his hands when his Dad punished him. She'd been a 'no nonsense' kind of person, but had been remarkably understanding about...

Tony shook his head. Jeremy was right, he should just forget about it. However, he couldn't think about one without thinking of the other. Whenever he was with Coral, he was there too. Whether it was at the park, at school on parent's night or at home. His eyes widened slightly as he looked into the box Jeremy had left. Would it still be there?

Delving in deeply, Tony came out with several cards he'd made for her on various holidays, an old cap, a tiny remote control car, a small teddy and an old jack-in-the-box.

That was the cause of all his suffering at home. If he hadn't have ben so... overwhelming. So... crazy. So... everything. Everything Tony had aspired to be. Feeling a jolt in his stomach, he realised he almost missed those old times. The adrenaline that came just after the incident, when - for one second - he hadn't thought about the consequences. Because Fred had always been there to share the excitement.

With shaking hands, he slowly started to take off the tape that sealed the box. Would he still be in there, after all these years? With a beating heart, he finally undid the tape. To his disappointment (Or relief, he didn't know) the box stayed closed.

Putting the box down, he realised just how tired he was. After repressing the grief he was feeling, he'd forgotten what time it was, and how early he had to be up in the morning. Dragging his body to his bedroom, his shoulders finally fell. Here was his sanctuary, as it had been for all his life. Here he could finally let his emotions out.

This was one of those rare times Tony DiNozzo cried himself to sleep.


It was early. Too early for Tony. He groaned as he reached for the lamp by his bed. His internal clock was telling him it was probably time to wake up. Sliding out of bed, he went to go have a shower, when a sudden noise stopped him.

It was almost a... trunkle. Tony laughed at his made-up word, but decided it was as a good a word as any for the noise. The trunkle continued, and he realised that it was coming from the living room.

Drawing his gun, he crept to the door, cautiously pulling it open and stepping into the room. He raised an eyebrow and looked around. There was absolutely nothing there. Until...

Another trunkle sound. It almost sounded like... a jack-in-the-box? Which was silly, Tony thought, his heart beating faster than normal, 'cause they can't be spun open on their own, the handle needs to be turned...

There was a sudden crash, causing Tony to jump in shock and almost shoot blindly into the room. Instead, he ducked down behind his sofa, only resurfacing when he heard the dreaded words...

"Hello snotface!! Yuk! What happened to you? Look at you, you're all older, you're even uglier!" Tony dropped his gun, as he stared at his childhood imaginary friend.

Drop Dead Fred.

Oooh, dramatic. Lol, review? Just to say, it's probably gonna be way different from the film. I'm more taking a character from a film. That's it. Thanks for reading so far though :) xx