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"Gibbs I'm fine, seriously," Tony moaned as he spent yet another day confined to the spare room in Gibbs's house, "I'm not ill, just mad." Gibbs rolled his eyes at the younger man's statement.

"You're not mad Tony, you're just..."

"What? Going through a rough patch? Have a bit of an over-active imagination?" Gibbs placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him and said,

"You want to take a tablet now?" Tony shook his head defiantly. Fred wasn't there at that point, so he didn't see the point of taking tablets that probably didn't work. He wasn't too good at taking tablets anyway. Not to mention painkillers. Painkillers were the worst. He went fuzzy after about 10 minutes and went into overdrive and started babbling god knows what. He also didn't really remember much afterward, just waking up in some random place with Ziva's sneering face over him. Shaking his head to get rid of the random thoughts circling through his head, he said,

"Please can we go into work? I'm seriously going crazy being cooped up in here." Gibbs rolled his eyes, but knew the younger man was right - he needed to get out.

"Okay, but bring your tablets, if you do anything to annoy Ziva, I am not in the mood to pick your spattered guts up off the floor. Got it?" Tony nodded eagerly, almost bouncing about in sheer delight at the thought of going outside. He grinned as he put his jacket on, not caring that it was pouring down outside. He was going out.

"Listen Tony, about the other day..." Fred began, twisting his fingers uncertainly, "I'm sorry if I got you into trouble..."

"You always get me into trouble." Tony muttered, fastening his jacket up, head bowed so Gibbs didn't see him talking.

"Not all the time," Fred argued, "Remember how I valiantly told the dragon that I smashed that pot instead of you?"

"But that was you," Tony said, "And it didn't do much good did it? No one else can see you. I look crazy stood here talking to myself."

"Nonsense! Let's forget about that and do something fun. First one to start the car wins!"

"No way." Tony answered, and unscrewed the lid of the pills,

"Wait... those are the 'Ccchrr' pills!" Fred said uneasily, miming the thumb across throat gesture. Looking suddenly frazzled, he said,

"Okay, this is getting serious. Come on, throw those away and we'll run away. Away from this horrible house, away from your stupid work. Just us. Like you promised, before."

"What?" Tony asked, a distant memory coming to him.

"You wrote me a letter." Tony nodded slowly, fingers trembling slightly as he started to unfasten his jacket.


"Anthony David DiNozzo!" Tony bit his lip as he saw his Father walking towards him. Fred had decided that his younger cousin's hair needed cutting, so he'd done it in the night. Right now they were all sat round the breakfast table, watching as Coral tried to even it out.

"What the hell were you thinking boy?" He yelled, grabbing Tony by his shoulders, "Connie has shown you nothing but kindness since staying here, and you hack at her hair in the middle of the night!" Tony started shaking and shook his head,

"It wasn't me!" He cried, trying to pull himself out of his Father's grasp, "Drop De..."

"If you say one more time that 'Drop Dead Fred' did it I will take those scissors Coral's using and cut your throat to silence you. Do you understand?" Tony sniffed, tears falling from his eyes, "I said," His father repeated menacingly, "Do you understand?"

"Uh-uh." He murmured, looking down so he didn't need to look his father in the face. He gasped as a sudden pain struck the back of his head. DiNozzo Sr was tugging at some hair on the back of Tony's head viciously,


"Yes Sir." He whimpered pathetically. His father let him go and patted Connie on the head,

"Povero bambino, cara mia..." He shot an angry look over to Tony who sniffed again and seemed to wilt into his breakfast. The older man left the room, as did Connie (Who glared at him while leaving) and Coral, who went to clean up in the kitchen. This left Tony on his own, until Fred suddenly appeared,

"Who would have thought he'd get that angry?" He asked mildly, although still looking quite scared, "And what was all the Italian stuff about?" Tony shrugged and wiped at his eyes,

"He's just mad."

"Well don't you worry, when he comes back in here, we'll chop off his head!" Tony giggled,

"Then what?"

"Then we'll make him eat it!"

"Eat his own head?"

"Oh," Fred paused, "Well then I'll eat it!" Tony laughed,

"Then we'll make a mud pie with his favourite pieces of china!" Fred grinned, opening the window,

"Your wish is my command." With that, he jumped put the window. Tony stayed sat on the chair, his feet dangling precariously from the ground. Soon, Fred was back in the room - carrying a huge lump of fresh, damp mud. He dumped it on the table, and at first Tony went pale, knowing what his dad would say, but he soon got caught up in the moment and grinned as well,

"I think it needs something more." Fred decided, before picking up the jug of milk and pouring the white liquid all over the mud pie, thus pouring it all over the table and the china.

"How about cornflakes?" Tony asked, tipping the box over the mud and giggling as the shower of flakes went all over the table. Fred watched proudly before saying,

"Before we chop his head off we'll make him eat this! We're not scared of him!" Tony nodded in agreement, before hearing his father's heavy footsteps approach the table. Immediately, Fred gulped and whispered, "Quick, hide!" Tony hastily opened the jack-in-the-box and held it wide open for Fred to jump in. He quickly closed it once his friend was hidden, but his wrist was caught when he went to hide it,

"You... You worthless piece of... my china!" Tony gazed up at his dad mourning his pots, before glancing down at the jack-on-the-box.

"I'm sorry... it was Fred," He whispered, before getting the toy wrenched fearlessly from his hands, "No!!" He yelled, starting to cry, "Don't take him away from me!" DiNozzo Sr grinned victoriously,

"So this is where your little friend lives," He snarled, "Well I think I'll just seal this up and put it away. Then I'll deal with you..."

Tony could only gaze in horror as his only, true friend was sealed up, never allowed back out. Later that day, he sat in his room, writing a letter to Fred,

"Dear Drop Dead Fred, you were my only friend, but he took you away from me. If you come back, I promise we'll run away together..."

--Flashback End--

"Remember?" Fred persisted, "You promised we'd run away." Tony nodded, glancing between Fred, the pills, Gibbs holding the door open expectantly, and shook his head,

"It was nice of you to let me stay here Boss, but I think I'm going back to my own apartment," His voice wavered slightly but he stared the older man down determinedly, "I don't need to be babysat, I can look after myself."

"Really? Is that why you need to take pills to stop you going off the rails?" Gibbs quipped, already wincing at the low blow. Tony's eyes dulled, and he dropped his gaze. Suddenly, he blurted out,

"Fred thinks you're like my father and you're trying to control me like he did." He said it so quickly that Gibbs blinked, unsure of what he said. However, what he caught he hoped he'd heard wrong,

"You... you think I'm trying to control you?"

"And..." He was urged on by Fred, "And hurt me..." Gibbs shook his stepped forward and cupped his agent's face,

"Tony, look at me. I would never try and hurt you Tony, you understand? I don't know what Fred's saying, but he's wrong. Even when you destroyed my boat, did I raise a hand to you?" Tony shook his head, again tears threatening to fall. He blinked rapidly, having cried way too much in front of his Boss over the last few days,

"Tell me you don't think I'm like your father?" Gibbs said softly, but Tony could hear the pleading within that statement,

"You're not like my dad..." He whispered. This was all Gibbs needed to hear,

"You still coming to work?" He asked, hand back on the door handle. Tony grinned and nodded, keeping a tight hold on the pot of pills as he walked out, trying to not even give a glance in Fred's direction.


"Tony!" He was almost pushed over when Abby ran up to him, squeezing him as hard as possible, "Are you ok? Gibbs told me he got you to go to the psychiatrist's." Tony nodded morosely,

"He gave me some pills. Condescending prick. He called me a 'Shy little guy'." Abby pulled a face,

"Urgh, he sounds like my music teacher at school. So have you taken any yet?" He shook his head,

"Apparantly I need to take them when it gets 'Too real'." She nodded, and squeezed his hand before saying,

"I need to get back to work." He nodded and smiled at her, before slowly walking to the bullpen. It was neater than it had been when he'd left before, but there was still tape over the plasma. He winced guiltily but sauntered over to his desk as though there was nothing wrong.

"Good morning Ziva." He grinned at her, causing her to roll her eyes,

"Is it Tony?" He dropped his grin and frowned uncertainly, glancing over to McGee for help,

"Er...I guess if you take the weather into account, then yeah..." Tony stuttered. Ziva glared at him, as McGee hissed over,

"She was stood up last night." Tony nodded. he knew there was nothing remotely funny about it, but had a really good retort ready in his head. However, Ziva glared menacingly over at him, but bent her head as Gibbs rounded the corner.

"We should do something, just to make her angry. And then that'll make Gibbs angry, which'll prove that he's like your father."

"I can't hear you." Tony said loudly, blushing as McGee and Ziva glanced over. To save him answering any awkward questions, he unscrewed the cap of his bottle and swallowed one of the pills. Fred cried out and dropped to his knees, curling his arms around his stomach, as if in pain. Tony's eyes flashed in shock but he ignored it, starting to typed slowly on his keyboard.


"Do it, do it, do it, do it..." Fred chanted, over and over, watching Tony scrunch up piece of paper after paper. He could tell the agent was dying to flick them over at McGee, and was doing all he could to assist him. Tony shook his head - he knew he was killing Fred with these tablets, but there was nothing he could do, he needed t get back to normal.

Taking another one, he saw Fred clutch at his head in pain, blue eyes staring into his own, as he stared down at the man, curled up on the floor after so many pills. In just one day he'd managed to take 5, which would have worried Gibbs, but he rang the psychiatrist who said it wasn't the kind of drug you could have a harmful overdose on.

Soon, there was only one pill left.


"Tony - no arguments, you're coming back with me again." Tony just nodded, too tired to argue. He had an awful headache from listening to Fred whine about how bad he felt, and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep.

Pulling up at Gibbs's house, Tony got out of the car and slammed the door as hard as he could. The sound vibrated around his already thumping head - and hearing Fred complain, he was sure it was going around his as well.

"Tony, you look shattered, go to bed. I'll bring you some water and painkillers." Gibbs said, oddly calm and gentle. Tony nodded, not surprised the older man knew what was wrong with him. Fred slouched after him, determined to make him see reason,

"Look, I don't know why I'm still here, if you think Gibbs is a good father figure. But I don't want to be killed just because you're boring now." He moaned, picking at loose threads at his jacket. Tony shook his head as he slowly got into bed,

"Fred, I know we've had all sorts of adventures together, and I really do like you, but you're not helping anything. I feel like I've gone out of my mind, I need to get you out of my life." With that, he rolled over, out like a light. Fred groaned and lay on the floor, clutching his stomach,


"Oh it's you," Fred moaned, seeing Gibbs creep into the room, "Look, he's asleep, and tomorrow he'll take the last pill and finish me off. Happy?" Gibbs came closer to the bed and set the glass of water and tablets down on the bedside table, "Eurgh, look, Snotface is only going to be happy if you finally do your little heart-to-heart thing, and when you've done that, I can finally go. Just tell him what you feel. Like a girl." Fred scorned, but smiled when he saw Gibbs reach over the bed and pull the bed clothes up nearer to his chin.

"Listen Tony, I know you should really hear this in person - but you know better than anyone that when it comes to things like this I can't open up. I just want to say that, even though you're going through... this at the moment, I'll always be here for you. I know - well, Abby told me, but it's plain to see - that you see me as some sort of 'father figure'. To be honest I don't see why, but like I said - I'll always be here for you. If you want to talk about anything. Good night Son." With that he left theroom, not seeing that Tony's eyes were open, gleaming in the dark with happiness.

As he smiled, Fred started to glow, feeling the pain diminish. He stood up and went round to the other side of the bed,

"Guess you won't be killing me after all." He said, grinning. Tony smiled back tiredly,

"Guess not," Fred nodded and slowly started to disappear, "Look Fred I would never have really tried to kill you. You're closer to me than...well - I was going to say my brother but I don't have one."

"I know," Fred said, "How about we just say bye?" Tony nodded, feeling tears falling down his face,

"See you Fred," He mumbled, "It's been fun." Fred rolled his eyes but gave Tony a quick hug before disappearing completely,

"I guess so. And stop crying. You girl." Tony snorted as he faded from sight, not knowing Gibbs was stood by the doorway, smiling happily to see Tony finally break free from his past.

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