Love Comes in Funny Packages

Episode 1

The Meeting

The Human World

Serena woke up, grumbling miserably to herself as the realization of having to go to school once more hit home. She hated school, the subjects bore her to tears and she was an average student, so school never really appealed to her. She especially hated getting up early, but what could she do? She wanted a future, she had to attend school in order to get some type of job. She glanced at her sleeping sister and brother in the bunkbed in the corner of the room; she also detested sharing a room with her step-brother and sister who thought it was fun to play with her stuff. Serena picked up her clothes then went to get change in the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later; dressed in a white sleeveless t-shirt with a pink little ribbon on the collar along with blue tracksuit and worn out trainers, she then proceeded downstairs.

Serena Usagi was an unsually tall fifteen-year-old who lived with her mother, step-father and step-brother and sister who just happened to be twins. Her hair was long, reaching her waist and was a strange dark pink colour, her eyes were of similar colour. Serena's real father was once a scientist, he was nice man who cared for others and was rarely selfish. Though that changed eight years ago, when he developed a temper and shouted at her and her mother often for no reason. He never hit Serena, though he would sometimes hurt her mother, though she was never severly injured. The same year her father turned into a monster he was arrested, but he vanished before the trial could even start. With her real father gone and officially dead as far as the government was concerned, Serena's mother married again when Serena was seven and had two new children a year after the wedding.

Serena switched on the television in the living room and sat down, she had half an hour to spare before she sent off for school so she was looking to kill time. Serena flicked through the channels, searching for something good to watch. Suddenly, without warning, the screen went dark. Serena frowned, wondering if it was a powercut, but she noticed the lights and every other household applicance was still on. Two red eyes appeared on the screen, seeming to glare at her. Serena yelled in surprise and fell off the chair, falling to the floor loudly. Serena waited a minute then slowly got up, the screen was back on and a cartoon was playing on screen.

She started at the screen oddly, were the eyes part of the show? Or was she seeing things? After a quick breakfast Serena tried to forget about the strange eyes she saw on the screen, she decided to believe that the eyes were part of the cartoon but something like that was not so easily forgotten. Serena grabbed her purple backpack as she put her shoes on, listening for any sounds from upstairs. Her step-father was a stay at home dad, while her mother set off for work an hour or so after her, so they wouldn't be awake for awhile.

Serena left her house and headed for her friend Tom's house, he was a good friend of hers who she had known since she was a child and was the closest one who lived near her. Serena lived in a world where the existence of Digimon was a fact, some even lived in the Human World, though barely any of the Digimon who did live in the Human World had human partners. Digimon would often hang out with humans and become good friends with them, but they were rarely bonded together through a Digivice. Serena was always jealous of those who knew Digimon and were close friends with humans, she had never had the courage to ask a Digimon to be her friend.

She knocked on Tom's door, her clumpsy friend answered and they soon headed off to the bus stop. Tom was a fairly nice boy with blonde curly hair and was maybe too clingly under certain situations, but still a nice guy to have around. As they talked about Digimon and other things, Serena looked behind her every so often. She could feel someone watching her, reaching for her, almost demaning her attention. Serena was reminded of the red eyes and a shiver ran down her spine.

They came to the bus stop and met up with Serena's other friends; Shazz, Pen and Max. As her friends talked Serena found herself isolating herself from them, her mind wandering to a dark place that developed when her father turned. Though Serena was kind hearted and always tried to help others, she always hated people deep down stirred on by a great evil inside of her. She hated how humans could behave and how quickly they could change, it could explain why she craved the company of Digimon. The bus soon arrived and they got on, Serena glancing behind her once more before hopping on. Serena sat and tried to look out of the foggy window, she traced her finger alone the glass, spelling a name slowly.


"What are you doing?" Tom asked, leaning on her shoulder.

"Huh?" Serena looked at him.

"Beelze?" Shazz read, leaning over the seat. "Still obsessing over Beelzemon, are we?"

"Yeah," Serena admitted. "I can't help it, I'm attracted to his dark nature."

Shazz looked Tom, then Max who sat beside her and Pen who sat opposite. She sighed and smiled, then turned to Pen and continued speaking to him. Pen and Shazz were twins, both had dark burnette hair and tanned skin. Max was a blonde haired boy and the new member of the gang, he had moved to Serena's quiet town from a large city by the coast. He used to complain often of how quiet and dull things were, but he gradually learnt to accept the boring nature of the town.

"So," Shazz said casually. "You guys got any new cards?"

She was on about the Digimon card game, they loved the game and most people in the school did. Living in such a small town it was rare to see Digimon, the card game was the only closest thing they had to the real thing. Serena's group of friends were part of the Worldwide Digimon Tournament- the W.D.T for short. Serena had come second in the last one, giving her the crown of a Princess.

Serena looked back at the name on the foggy glass and finished it; Beelzemon. She used the Beelzemon card all the time in the games between her friends and in the tournaments. Pen said that the card was too weak, since you had to start off with Yaamon then make him digivolve into Impmon and then you had to make him warp digivolve. But Serena always won using Beelzemon, always. No one had taken away her crown, no one besides the King and Queen. And they had they're own Digimon friends too, that wasn't fair in Serena's opinion, she wanted a Digimon companion too. She joined in the conversation in a bid to distract herself from the ever growing feeling that someone was watching her.


The Digital World

Beelzemon walked down the corridor of the dark and cold manor, not at all bothered by the portraits of great dark level Digimon whose eyes seemed to follow him. He had been ordered by Daemon to see Lilithmon, even though she was the most attractive she-Digimon he knew, she was nothing but trouble. Recently she's been nothing but a bitch to him, always ordering him around after they were defeated by two of the Royal Knights. He hated them with a passion, they though they were better than everyone else. He hated the way they paraded around the Digital World, taking orders from that idiot Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil wasn't much of a fan of the Demon Lords either, he had tried several times in the past to wipe them out, but when he failed he handed the duty over to the Royal Knights. Since they're recent defeat to the Royal Knight's, Lilithmon was constantly on Beelzemon's case; he was sure he was going to end up killing her if she said one more snide comment. He opened the door to her large and beautifully furbished chamber, and found her gazing out of the window; she didn't look at him as he entered.

"Yer wanted tah see me?" Beelzemon asked.

"Yes," Lilithmon nodded. "There have been rumours flying around the Digital World that we are too soft. We need to prove them wrong, so how do we do it?"

She turned to look at him as he thought about it. They had to do something unpredictable, yet evil in every imaginable way. Something that could make even a Nunmon swear and curse they're name, but what could they do that was unheard of and had not been done before? She smiled viciously at him, her white fangs gleaming in the dim darkness. Beelzemon flinched as he realized she already had an idea.

"We kidnap a human," she announced.

Beelzemon chuckled lightly, "Yer've 'ad this an idea fer awhile, haven't yer?" he smirked.

"Yes," she repeated. "I just wanted to confirm it with you. Leviamon is nothing more than a coward, he would never agree to help me. Barbamon will only help if there's something in it for him, Belphamon is too lazy, Daemon creeps me out and I would not have someone as horny as me Lucemon helping me. I want you to help me."

"And I will," Beelzemon agreed. "Just tell me what I need to do."

Lilithmon got to her feet and walked towards the large doors of her room, she stopped beside Beelzemon suddenly. "I have to to our darling leader of our plan," she looked at him. "Keep this up and maybe you'll be in charge instead of that idiot Lucemon."

Lilithmon left the room, her words ringing in Beelzemon's head and bouncing along his skull. Him? In charge of the Demon Lords? And ruler of the Digital World with Lilithmon at his side? A smile more vicious than Lilithmon's own came across his face, Beelzemon would do what Lilithmon said and he would become the new King of the Demon Lords. He would rule the world with a steel fist and crush anyone who apposed him. Even Yggdrasil.


Lilithmon smiled happily to herself as she walked down the dark corridor, she had forgotten to tell Beelzemon about the other rumour she had heard from a LadyDevimon. From what Lilithmon was told there was a certain human who could become a Digimon. Data and DNA were too different things, but DNA became data in the Digital World. Lilithmon was tired of being the only female Demon Lord, with two female Demon Lord's she would have company.

Lilithmon wasn't so desperatly lonely that she needed a friend, she was lonely and having company would be nice, but Lilithmon was aware of how the male mind worked and how easy it was to manipulate. With two she-Digimon with the ability to manipulate both the Demon Lord's and Royal Knights then Lilithmon would have more power than she ever thought was possible.


The Human World

"WOW!" Pen awed.

"I know!" Serena squealed. "My mom got it for me when she got back from Florida."

In Serena's hand was the D-Ark 1.2, it was shaped like a rectangle and looked a lot like a calculator with a small grey screen. There was a slot on the side where you could slide your cards and it had small grey buttons with the alphabet and numbers. It also served as a messenger, like a Digimon phone. It was a light yellow colour and was roughly the size of your hand. It was now break time and with her group sat beneath the shade of a tree, she showed off her new D-Ark.

Serena looked at her friends amazed faces; Serena's mother was quite rich, she worked as a lawyer and was one of the best in the business. Though her mother met Serena's stepfather through a walk in the local park, she accidentally twisted her ankle and he brought her home. A classic love story. Serena didn't like him, he was nice and friendly and always tried to be Serena's friend.

But she still didn't like him.

Pen had the D-Ark 1.0 as did the other members of the group and many other people in the group. All the D-Ark's worked the same, except the newer version had a better signal and was allowed in the preliminary rounds of the Digimon Tournmant. Since the group always played the card game together they used to get they're D-Arks mixed up, thankfully Pen thought of the idea to put stickers on they're own devices, it was a lot easier to tell whose was whose after that.

"You've used it yet?" Shazz asked.

"Yeah," Serena replied. "I swiped some of my new cards last night. Boy, does this thing work fast."

The D-Ark was used in the Digimon Card Game to see how strong a card was, you swiped and it would calculate if the card was good enough to use against the opponent. The D-Ark 1 wasn't allowed in the Tournmant's, not in any of the rounds, unlike the newer D-Ark.

"What new cards have you got?" Tom asked.

"I had a Skywing and Armour Crusher," Serena answered.

"That's it?" Pen frowned.

"Hey!" Serena snapped. "I can still kick your butt blind folded!"

"Yeah right!" Pen snorted. "I know you're method of playing inside out, there's no way I could loose to such a predictable opponent."

"Wanna bet on it?" Shazz asked slyly. "Who ever win's is crowned the king or queen of us and the loser has to pay for food after school, got it?"

Pen and Serena nodded and gave each other playfully glares, they both pulled out they're cards, Pen from his stick covered tin that he kept in his bags and Serena's from her card holder that was attached to her thigh through a pouch. Shazz, Max and Tom looked at one another, already knowing who was to win. It was fairly obvious who would be crowned winner, they just wished Pen would realize one day that he would never win.


The Digital World

Lilithmon had gotten permission from Lucemon to carry out the mission and had told Beelzemon that there was a slight change in the plan, thanks to Lilithmon's new idea. All of the Demon Lord's knew Lucemon was a fool, how he became they're leader seemed like a utter mystery. Barbamon said it was because Lucemon was much more powerful than them, Beelzemon argued with that statement and told them he could beat Lucemon.

Which none of them really doubted, with the right amount of brain cells and the right plan anyone could beat Lucemon, but only if they studied how he worked and what moves he liked to use in battles. With careful pre-planning and not underestimating the desperation of a king who was on the end of his tether you could easily defeat Lucemon, but even if you did the other Demon Lord's had to vote for you to become the next king. If you didn't have the majority votes then the old king and the one who defeated him would share the title.

Beelzemon stood in the hallway of the Demon Lord's manor, ready to leave when Lilithmon stopped him and told him of the slight change of the plan.

"Yer kidding', right?" Beelzemon asked. "Yer wanna turn ah human intah ah Digimon?"

Lilithmon nodded, "Why?" she fluttered her eye lids. "Don't you like it?"

Beelzemon scratched the back of his head, "It's an... interesting idea," he admitted. "But why do I have tah go and get tis human?"

"Because," she put her hands on her hip. "Your evil and living with you will surely turn her into an evil Digimon and that will ensure her place amonst us."

"Fine," Beelzemon huffed. "I'll babysit yer little human pet."

Lilithmon stroked his cheek affectionatly, "Good," she smiled. "I hope you know a good place to hide."

Beelzemon nodded then turned and left. Beelzemon began walking towards the warm desert from the dark and thorn covered land of the Dark Area; for some strange reason he felt like this mission was going to be much tougher than what he first expected, it didn't sound so hard; kidnap a fifteen-year-old human girl and babysit her until she became a Digimon. But usually things that sounded easy were always much tougher in practise.


The Human World

"No!" Pen howled sadly. "I lost! Again!"

Shazz grabbed Serena's hand and raised it high into the air, Max and Tom cheered and whistled at they're new champion who bowed mockingly at them.

"Our new Digimon Queen, Serena!" she said. "Hail Queen Serena!"

Tom and Max bowed, while Serena made a cheesy grin and started waving her hand.

"Oh, thank you!" Serena laughed.

They had decided to play after school in the park, Pen wanted to play in school but Serena wanted to play somewhere quiet. So after dropping off they're schoool stuff they came to the large bench in the park that stood atop a large hill and overlooked the large and thick green forest. Pen grumbled angrily to himself as Serena started to chat with Shazz, he hated always coming second best to her.

Everyone would be better off if she was gone in his opinion. With her gone he would be able to beat all of his friends no problem and finally get the title he deserved, but Serena was an obstacle that was in his way and there was no way around her. He sat down on the green grass beside the bench, grudginly placing his things back into his backpack.

"Now," Max turned to Pen. "You got to buy us food tomorrow, got it?"

"Got it," Pen replied angrily.

As the sun slowly began to set they decided to head home, it was getting late and none of them wanted to stay out long- except for Serena. She said she would see them tomorrow, she loved sun sets and was staying behind to watch this one. As the sun began to set the sky turned into a canvas of lushes pink streamed with purple, Serena compared the sent to a painting, the only difference between a painting and sunset was that paintings lasted more than a few minutes.

Serena jumped when she heard a ruffling sound from the collection of trees behind her, she turned from her place atop the bench but saw nothing. There was another ruffling sound, she turned around once more and clenched her fists. It was probably her step-brother and sister Yuki and Yuri. For such young children they loved to cause her misery. She stood up and jumped from the bench, trying to look unfazed by the strange noises. She landed on her feet gracefully and arms folded over her chest.

"Come on out!" she called. "Yuki! Yuri! This isn't funny, I'll tell your father on you."

From green of the trees a figure stepped forwards, but it wasn't Yuri nor Yuki. He was tall and wore a leather jacket with a white furred and a black leather jumpsuit. He wore a purple mask while he had three slitted blood red eyes, boots with three spikes on the tips with metal pads on his arms and legs. His hair was a spiky neon blonde hair, a red bandana was tied on his left arm and carried two shot guns. Serena stumbled backwards, clearly shocked by this person's appearence.

She couldn't believe it; a Digimon. A Digimon had been watching her and it was Beelzemon, what were the chances? Her happiness of being approached by a Digimon was suddenly overshadowed by the look in his eyes, they were not of a kind Digimon and she felt a shiver up her spine. Was this Beelzemon one of the infamous Demon Lord?

"'Ello, toots," he grinned.

Seena didn't know what to do; run, hug him or scream? She wasn't sure the nature of this Digimon so she shouldn't assume anything yet. Beelzemon walked towards her frozen form, grinning happily at her. She watched as he stopped in front of her, his incredibly tall figure overshadowing her. She looked up at him with wide eyes, he locked tight gazes with her. They looked at one another for a long time, Serena's thundering heartbeat seemed very loud in the silence and Beelzemon remained as stiff as a statue. Eventually, after minutes of silence, Beelzemon grabbed her by the wrists and swung her over his back.

Serena screamed, "Put me down! Do you hear me?!"

"Yeah," Beelzemon answered. "I hear yer."

"Where are you taking me?" Serena asked.

"Thah Digital World," Beelzemon answered. "I'll explain soon-"

"Not without my cards and D-Ark!" she interupted. "I'm not going anywhere without my personal belongings."

Beelzemon sighed heavily, Lilithmon said "Be nice". He sighed again and put her down slowly. Serena walked towards the bench, slowly she grabbed her D-Ark and cards. She tied the card holder to her waist and put the D-Ark in her backpack; it was a dark purple with a design of a nasty looking smiley face on the front that oddly reminded her of Impmon's and held some important stuff inside. Beelzemon tapped his foot impatiently, Serena took a deep breath as she placed her bag over her shoulders and then bolted towards the hill. Beelzemon cursed and growled angrily, he turned and quickly followed.

Serena looked behind her, with his long legs he was close on her heels. Serena ran into the thick of the forest, she dodged the thick trunks of the trees, easily managing to manoeuvre her way through the forest. For someone who had lived near the forest and played there often, it wasn't hard for Serena to outwit Beelzemon who was having difficulty keeping pace with her.

Serena continued to run, the trees a blur of brown and green. Serena glanced behind her, she saw no sign of Beelzemon and quickly hid behind a large tree. Serena sunk to her knees and tried to control her breathing, she heard his heavy feet run past, and sighed with relief. She had lost him for now. Serena stood, looking behind the tree and quickly scanning the dense forest.

Beelzemon was no where in sight, chances were he was on the other side of the forest by now. Though Beelzemon was her favourite Digimon and was the one who helped her suceed in battles, she knew he was a demon/virus type and it was his nature to be cruel to those who he hated. Serena tried to make sense of the situation, why was a Digimon attempting to take her to the Digital World?

Serena heard feet approaching her, she felt her blood run cold, was it Beelzemon? No, these footsteps were light footed, it wasn't Beelzemon, it was someone else.

"Serena!" Shazz called. "Are you okay? Your mother called, she wants you home!"

Serena didn't know whether to reply or keep quiet, could she really blow her cover and allow herself to be captured? She heard the sound of Beelzemon's heavy footsteps walk towards her friend, Serena spotted Shazz by a near by oak not far from where she was hiding. Shazz was looking around her, squinting in the dim light for her friend and not knowing that Beelzemon was walking towards her from the darkness behind her.

Serena jumped to her, turning towards Shazz and screamed. "RUN!"

Shazz and Beelzemon both looked towards Serena who stood in the clear opening, Shazz saw the panicked look in her eyes and felt herself fall into a cold sweat. Serena ran towards her friend and roughly grabbed her by the hand and pulled her away from the Digimon. Beelzemon reached towards Serena but she dived beneath his talons, pulling Shazz from the Demon Lord and quickly running around the trees as she had done earlier.

"Hey!" Shazz snapped. "You're hurting me!"

"Sorry," Serena loosened her grip.

They ran towards a large tree, the biggest tree in the entire forest with a tree house built amonst the branches. Shazz climbed up the rope quickly, Serena following her with a quicker pace. Serena closed the little hatch and closed all of the curtains, then falling onto her backside. Serena and her friends had built the tree house a few years back and often went there to escape the rain or to just get away from the world.

Shazz looked at Serena with an annoyed expression, but when she saw how shaken Serena looked she instanltly felt the same fear Serena.

"Why were we running?" Shazz asked.

"Someone tried to grab me!" Serena answereed. "He almost got you, that's why I told you to run- he was right behind you."

Shazz's eyes widened, "B-behind me?"

Serena nodded, she got to her feet and moved a bit of the curtain. Beelzemon was no where in sight, but she thought that last time too and Shazz was almost caught. For someone so big he was awfully quiet when he wanted to be, Serena took a deep breathe and tried to put on a brave face for Shazz.

"What do we do?" Shazz asked.

"Wait for it to get dark," Serena looked up at the sky.

"Wait for it to get dark?" Shazz repeated. "But we can't see in the dark."

"Nether can he," Serena added in a whisper. "I hope."

After ten minutes it was too dark to see the hand in front of they're face, so Serena used the torch she kept in her bag to provide them with some comfort in the dark. She made sure not to let the light leave the tree house, she didn't want Beelzemon finding them. They sat in the tree house for another ten minutes, Serena trying to think of a reason why Beelzemon would want her, when she came up with no conclusion they decided to leave.

They climbed down silently, careful not to snap any twigs or anything else. Shazz held onto Serena's hand, she didn't like the dark or the fact that some pyscho was out there somewhere. They walked quietly as possible, not speaking or breathing heavily. They came to a clearing and rested for a few moments. Serena was starting to become hungry and she could tell Shazz was scared out of her wits, thankfully Serena knew the forest well enough to know that they were almost near Max's house.

Serena was about to say something comforting when something landed in front her, blocking her from Shazz and grabbed her gently by the forearms. Shazz screamed and fell backwards, moving away from the figure stood facing Serena. The hands Serena felt on her arms were gentle, but they were so icy cold she felt the blood drain from her face.

"Now," Beelzemon said showing his impatience. "Are yer goin' tah come like a good little human?"

Serena looked at Shazz from behind his body, she mouthed the word; Go. Shazz got to feet and stood there for a moment, debating whether to leave her friend or not. She ran away. Beelzemon picked up Serena once more and swung her over his shoulders, he wasn't going to let her go this time. Serena dropped her torch, Beelzemon quickly caught it before it hit the ground and walked away. Even though he could see fairly well in the dark he was sure this would be handy anyway.

Serena didn't bother to struggle, she was too tired and even if she did escape she would only go so far before he caught her again. After several minutes they came to a hole in the ground, it was very deep about a twenty miles deeps. Serena guessed it was from the Big Gold Rush. Awhile back someone from her town appearantly found a big lump of gold where the hole was, then loads of people came looking for the gold.

But it turned out that the gold wasn't actually gold, but a lump of copper sprayed gold that the man tried to claim as gold in order to make a small profit. The guy was in big trouble and no one ever bothered to put the soil back in the ground afterwards. Beelzemon looked down the hole then jumped, Serena screamed and tried to hold onto him. Beelzemon smiled to himself, he loved to hear humans scream and this child had a perfect scream.

It hadn't been used before, her voice hadn't been that loud before and she had never felt that much fear before. He noticed the glowing white portal beneath them, he quickly held her bride-style and they entered the portal. It felt like crashing through ice water, it hurt at first but eventually you felt numb. Serena opened her eyes slowly, they were in darkness where were neon green letters, numbers and symbols floating around them. She had heard of this place before, it was supposed to be were information from all over the world was stored. Beelzemon put her down, allowing her to get used to the sensation of floating and worked a kink out of his neck.

"Where are we?" Serena asked.

"Thah Data Space," Beelzemon answered. "Where all of thah data of dead Digimon comes tah if their data isn't absorbed."

"I knew it," Serena whispered. "So how do we get to the Digital World and how do we stop floating?"

Serena knew she only had one option at the moment, cooperate with Beelzemon and see what he wanted from her. If things he wanted her for some bad reason or something that made her uncomfortable then she would find a way to return home, if it was reasonably good then she would try to take advantage of the situation. Even if Serena did want to escape, how could she? She had no idea how to get out of the Data Space.

"Yer decide," Beelzemon said. "There ain't no difference in thah Data Space. Up, down, it's all thah same."

Serena looked around her, "I think," she pointed downwards. "This is down."

"Oh no," Beelzemon cursed.

Before any of the two could say anything else they stopped floating and fell downwards. Serena screamed as she shot downwards like an arrow, Beelzemon closed his eyes, he really didn't want to see him falling to the ground. It wasn't a pleasant image. They started falling towards a lime green panel that resembled a circuit board, they broke through and started falling towards the orange, dusty ground...


Beelzemon groaned, opening his eyes and spotting out sand. He slowly got to his feet, running a hand through his hair. He noticed his mask was gone, he looked around him and found it next to him. Beelzemon quickly picked it up and placed it back on his head. He brushed himself off and pulled himself out of the crater, he found that Serena had fallen into a separate crater near him and the torch lay broken at his feet.

Beelzemon looked around once more, they were in the desert part of the Digital World. Near them were three strange rock formations, dust was being kicked up in spiral formation and the wind began to nip at them. Pink round chunks of data rolled through the quiet land like digital tumbleweed. Hefound Serena was awake and sat in her crater, facing north. He followed her line of sight and spotted Duftmon standing on top of a boulder.

Beelzemon sighed a breath of relief when he saw that Duftmon was facing the opposite direction. He was in no mood for fighting a Royal Knight, he had an important mission to take care of. Though he realized that Lilithmon placed a important mission label to hide the fact that he was babysitting a human. He helped Serena out of the crater, moving her away from the Royal Knight slowly and walking the opposite direction.

"Hey, kid," Beelzemon gently nudged her. "Hey, you okay, kid?"

Serena turned to look at him slowly, there were mixed emotions across her face and she was unsure of what to say or how to feel.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I'm in the Digital World..." Serena began. "With you... my favourite Digimon..."

Beelzemon raised an eyebrow underneath his helmet, "What's yer name?"

"Serena Usagi," she answered.

Beelzemon offered her his hand, she shook it politely and blushed a bit. She still couldn't believe she was actually with Beelzemon or that she had touched his hand or that he had held her in his arms. Beelzemon took back his hand and they continued walking, Beelzemon occasionally glancing back at the Royal Knight.

"When we fell," Beelzemon began. "Did yer... um.... see my face?"

"No," Serena answered. "Why? Did your mask fall off?"

Beelzemon nodded, she crossed her arms angrily.

"What's thah matter?" Beelzemon asked.

"I wanted to see your face," Serena huffed.

"Never mind," Beelzemon said. "Well, anyway, welcome to thah Digital World where ya'll be staying for as long as necessary."

"With you?" Serena added questionably.

"Yup," Beelzemon answered. "Why? Is that a problem?"

"No," Serena blushed deeper. "No, it ain't a problem. So where are we staying?"

Beelzemon pointed south, where there were small round looking houses were rested. Beelzemon quickened the pace and Serena jogged in order to keep up with him, trying to figure out what was happening. Why did he kidnap her? What could he possibly have to gain by bringing her here? Serena hoped she would find out soon, otherwise not knowing would drive her crazy.


Lilithmon smiled and she watched from the top of a giant rock formation as Beelzemon and the human walked towards the village in the distance. Soon she wouldn't be the only Demon Lady, she would have some company and with the help of a human/Digimon hybrid the wretched Royal Knights would be destroyed, one by one.

To Be Continued....