Chapter 1


Batman stood on the roof of Wayne Enterprises; he was waiting for Superman to drop in. He looked out over the city and focused his thoughts as to what this urgent meeting could possibly be about and why, if it was so top secret, Superman couldn't have waited for Batman to get up to the Watchtower. It was past midnight, which had been the agreed meeting time so Batman was getting a little weary.

Finally he heard the whistle in the wind and felt the small vibration as Superman landed lightly behind him. Superman was one of the few people who could even come close to sneaking up on the dark knight, but that slight whistle and the small vibration always gave him away. Batman took the initiative and spoke quickly.

"So what is so important that you couldn't wait for me to come up?" his voice was low and spoke with what he was sure Superman would pick up as annoyance.

"There has been a problem with one of the near by star systems… apparently the government has been getting threats about a hostile take over."

"And this concerns me why?" Batman asked keeping his back to the man of steel.

"You're not seriously asking me that are you?" Superman inquired.

"I am." Batman said.

"It concerns you because you live on the planet that is being threatened… and I want you on the team that is going to go for peace negotiations."

Batman thought a moment, "How long would it take?"

There was a pause from Superman and Batman had a feeling this wouldn't be one of those quick space trips.

"How long Clark." Batman asked again emphasizing to show he was losing his patients.

"In all honesty I have no clue… best guess would be about four months."

"Can't do it." Batman said starting to walk towards the edge of the building.

"Bruce…" Superman started sounding almost let down.

Batman stopped and turned to look at him, "Look, it isn't that I don't WANT to Superman…. It's simply that I CAN'T leave me city for four months…. No one knows how to protect this place as well as me…"

"What about the boy wonder?" Superman chanced.

Batman's silence was longer then Superman expected so the man of steel kept talking, "Robin grew up here, I am sure he knows all about the city, he could take over for you while your away, or if you prefer the boy to not work alone, maybe he can help someone to watch over the city."

"Robin is with the Titans now, his life is in Jump, trust me when I say he won't leave them for anything."

"He won't if I ask him… but if you ask him… as a favor." Superman walked over hoping he could make Bruce see reason.

"He doesn't owe me any favors, and even if he did… I am sure he wouldn't repay them. Especially if it meant four months… or more… away from his team."

"Honestly I don't think you give that kid enough credit."

"That's what he seems to think too." Batman said looking away from Superman, Batman finally looked back to make his final point, "And it isn't like Batman can just up and leave, even if we brought Robin back, half of the reason there is less crime is because the figure of Batman roams the streets at night. The fear Clark, no offense to Robin, but the bigger villains like Joker, Two-face, Penguin… if they knew I was gone and only Robin was here…. They would act out just to have a go at him you know they loved to pick on him." Batman said

"That's why I was thinking of having another person here to help him…" Superman trailed off.

"Who did you have in mind?" Batman asked realizing that there was something going on that he was not going to like… at all.

"He is the only one I can think of that would be able to wear the Bat suit and still look like you… fight like you… and as long as he doesn't talk very much… he could even sound like you. No one but you, me, the other people on the mission, and Robin would know…"

"Who Clark!" Batman asked angrily. The look on Superman's face told Batman, that this would take a lot of convincing.