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Bella's POV

"It will be as if I never existed…"

His words rang through my ears.

This can't be happening.

We were perfect for each other!

Pain was obviously shown on my face. I was so hurt that words could describe this pain I was feeling. And with that, Edward ran out of the forest… out of my sight…out of my life.

That was the last I ever saw him…until today. He was in so much pain, he came back to me.Not that I wasn't complaining. I wasn't happy at all, I was more than happy. I couldn't describe how I was feeling.


I was sobbing in our meadow, saying Edward's name over and over. And then suddenly, he appeared in front of me. "Bella, are you OK?" he asked. I was speechless. He just saw me bawling my eyes and he asks me that!!?? I mean, what the hell!? "Umm, Bella?" Edward asked, nervous. I just whacked him on the head as hard as I could. "Owww, Bella, what was that for?" he whined.

"That's for leaving me and asking me a stupid question," I said, talking for the first time.

"I am sooooo sorry Bella. I was being stupid and being an idiot..." he told me.

"You got that right," I muttered under my breath. Fortunately, he didn't hear that. He just kept babbling on about how he was an idiot for leaving me and being stupid and all that. I shut him up with a kiss.

"So I'm forgiven?" he asked. I whacked him on the head again. He just grinned like an idiot.

~End of Flashback~

That was the happiest day of my life! Besides my wedding day of course. But I'll tell you that in another story.

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