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Snowflakes Welcome Home, let's go!


Zack sighed as he finally reached his home, brushing back his sweaty blonde curls. The heat of the summer was mind-numbing. His gray button up shirt clung to his lean body uncomfortably, itching and drenched with sweat. He just wanted to get inside, rip off his clothes, and then get a cold beer.

Finally prying open the door, he stumbled into the large flat he shared with the Warrior of Ice, one of the guardians of the queen, and famous doctor, Amy Anderson. He gasped at the coldness of the empty flat, his sweaty shirt freezing against his body, chilling him immediately. Zack swore as he kicked off his shoes, dumping his keys and bag on the dining table. He knew that the tiny woman was really adverse to heat, but this was ridiculous. They could fall sick with such a huge temperature drop between the outside and inside!

Reaching up, he began to unbutton his shirt as he stalked towards the bedroom, searching for the silly woman. Half of him was understood his girlfriend's unusual need for cold, but the rest of him was too tired and too exhausted to think straight. Pushing open the door with his foot, Zack entered the on suite bathroom first. The white tiled room was bright and airy, and he could see the remnants of his morning, his razor still covered in cream and his hair gel tossed to the ground. Sighing, he pulled off his shirt and threw it towards the hamper in the corner. He then reached down and pulled off his socks, throwing them in the same direction.

Zack then walked over to the door leading to the bedroom. He could hear soft music, one of his old Miles Davis albums if he wasn't mistaken. Pushing the door open, he opened his mouth to give his girlfriend a piece of his mind when his eyes caught sight of her and his brain flashed blindingly white.

His sweet, demure, modest Amy was lying on the bed wearing nothing but the skimpiest lace thong he had ever seen. Zack's wide eyes traced the line of her leg, tinted blue from the closed drapes, up to her face, where his darling girlfriend was flicking out her pink tongue, languidly licking a spoon. She then took the spoon and dug out another bite from the carton in her other hand and brought the spoon back up to her mouth, slowly savoring the flavor. A small droplet of ice cream fell off the spoon and onto her skin, and Zack felt all the anger and exhaustion drain from his body as he traced its path down her milky neck and through the valley of her breasts with his eyes.

Amy noticed the fallen spot, stuck her spoon into the carton and then reached down with one silky finger, wiping it off and sticking the tip into her mouth to suck it clean. Zack couldn't contain the groan that escaped his throat at the sight, startling the tiny woman.

Amy sat up halfway, onto her elbows and shot him a surprised smile. Taking in a deep breath, the blonde man walked over to the bed and straddled his petite girlfriend. Setting aside her ice cream with one hand and reaching down with the other, Zack drew her face towards him and kissed her. He swept his tongue over the line of her lips and she opened them, letting him slip his tongue in and taste the rocky road ice cream she had been eating along with the bite of ice that was so elementally her. Finally pulling back, he rested his forehead against hers, just breathing in her scent as she kissed his face.

"How was your day?" she asked in between kisses.

"Horrible." She chuckled softly, reaching for his hair. He slid his hands down her sides, over her strong shoulders and delicate ribs.

"Can I do anything to make it better?" she whispered as her lips reached his temple. He chuckled, rolling over so that he was lying on his back and Amy on him.

"You already have, babe. You already have," he murmured back as he caught her lips with his again. Sweeping his fingers over her hips, he figured he would yell at her later for the cold, but right now, he was content with the hum coming from the back of her throat she kissed him back.


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